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Cindy Carter


AFFILIATION:  WestJet Travel Support team

How long have you been a WestJet ‘owner’ and in what capacities?
I have worked in the industry with various travel agencies, in different capacities, for almost 30 years. I started at WestJet on July 1, 2013, as a call centre agent and moved to the Travel Support Team (TST) when it was launched in October, 2014. In TST I am currently working on a special project in sales providing technical support and assistance to travel agents for WestJet Agent and WestJet Vacations. I also provide the same type of support to BIZ WebLink admins, travellers, and travel arrangers.
What exactly is WestJet’s Travel Support Team?
We are a team of dedicated agents who have been trained to assist travel agents for WestJet, WestJet Vacations and BIZ WebLink Travel arrangers on bookings and procedures that cannot be self-served online. 
What kind of things do you and team members do to support agents?
The Travel Agent Support Team is available to assist with many types of bookings that may not be available for booking through the travel agent website or the GDS.  Some examples of this are reservations for unaccompanied minors, bereavement travel, complex open jaw FIT packages, etc.
What is the most common kind of file you deal with?
Every call is unique in and of itself – there really isn’t a common kind of file.  How quickly can you respond to agent issues? We have 115 agents (but not all at once!) ready to answer your call with a dedicated line that allows for much quicker response times. We also have a dedicated support team to assist us with escalated issues or concerns.
Is there any particular kind of support you can provide that people may not expect/ know about? 
Our agents really care. For instance, while WestJet Vacations offers industry-leading change and cancellation policies to allow changes or cancellations up to 21 days prior to departure, there are sometimes sudden cases such as bereavement, or a life event, etc., and the guest has not purchased insurance. The travel agent may reach out to us for help, and we will work with our WestJet Vacations Ops Service Team to see if an exception can be made to change or cancel that package inside the 21-day cut off.
What kind of client feedback do you typically receive?

The feedback we receive is very positive.  Our travel agents have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the service we are providing, and our leaders always share feedback and Kudos with the entire team.  We love it!
What do you love about your job?
I love that I have been given the opportunity to make a difference in every encounter I have with our travel agent partners and guests, and fellow WestJetters alike. I love our caring culture and that I am empowered and entrusted to ensure that our guests’ experience is a remarkable one. 
How do agents get in touch with the support team?
Our dedicated telephone number is 1-877-664-3205. Our hours of operation are Monday – Sunday, 6 a.m.-7 p.m. MST  
Is there anything else we should know about the program/team that maybe we don’t?
You can also find valuable information on our Travel Agency Resource site at  www.westjettravelagents.com.
Cindy was chosen by WestJet to be profiled in CT Magazine. Why?
Cindy is a high performer on (WestJet’s) Travel Support Team. Specifically, she has gone above and beyond in a special project role covering for a sales coordinating and was very helpful supporting new initiatives such as the WestJet Agent implementation from a technical support perspective and she has been active in identifying, triaging, logging and following up on IT related issues.
- MICHELLE DASILVA, Team Lead-Sales Support, WestJet Airlines

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