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Get Your S.H.I.P. Together: The C.R.A.P. That's Stopping You from Achieving Your Sales Goals
You love travel, but face it: passion doesn’t pay the bills. Success is predicated on the ability to sell.
Air Canada Professional Development
Brought to you by Air Canada, as part of the airline’s ongoing efforts to support travel agents.
Questions That Travel Advisors Can Use to Build Emotional Connections with Clients
According to Fogel, 80 per cent of the sales process should be spent in “discovery” mode.
Marrying Creativity with Respect, DestaWed Revolutionizes South Asian Destination Weddings
“In 2016, no one in the South Asian community knew what a destination wedding was."
People Skills that Even the Most Introverted Travel Advisor Can Perfect
“As humans, we're pulled to people who are like us,” said Fogel.

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