• Articles on must be UNIQUE and may not currently be published elsewhere online, in whole or partially. All content must be the original intellectual property of the writer.
  • Articles with content that would be better suited for a personal blog will not be published. Diaries are a good example of content that is not suited for
  • Articles containing fiction or poetry are not published on Articles must be informative and provide educational value.
  • Content relating to Gambling, sexual references, drugs, pharmacies, violence, hate, religious objectivity, illegal activities, tobacco and racism are not permitted on
  • We do not currently accept news or current events articles.
  • Keyword stuffing is not allowed.
  • Promotional content is not permitted.
  • Articles soliciting readers to click ads are not permitted.
  • We try to limit the amount of times a user publishes articles on the same or very similar topic, i.e. “eating out in Cancun” and “dining in Cancun”.

Low Quality Articles

Low quality articles are not accepted on Articles that do not meet the quality standards include:

  • Articles that do not provide value to the reader and are geared towards capturing search traffic.
  • Articles that use bad grammar or poorly structured English

Low quality articles are also against Google's terms of service as you can see here ( under the Doorway Pages section.


Articles must be at least 500 words in length and no longer than 1,500 words

Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation uses Canadian English and metric measurements. Proof read your article accordingly.

Please proof your article for appropriate paragraph breaks, capitalization and punctuation.


  • Please ensure the title of your article is properly capitalized.
  • Please ensure that the content matches the title and that your title is not misleading the reader.
  • Do not repeat the title in the article’s headings.

Ads & Links

  • Writers are not permitted to add banner ads or third party advertisements within the content of their articles.
  • While Canadian allows an appropriate number of external links in articles, any links must add value to the content and cannot be to any site(s) with which you, the author, have an affiliation.
  • Broken links are not permitted, please verify that your links work prior to publishing.
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