In any job, there are going to be highlights and there are going to be challenges. There are going to be accomplishments that make us feel on top of the world and issues that come up that make us want to crawl into a hole for days. There are moments that make us laugh until we cry and then the moments that leave us staring off in disbelief. But the beauty of it all is that whatever the situation, we ideally walk away from it having learned something.

CT Magazine wants to hear about your lessons learned. The goal is to share stories with your industry colleagues that may be heart-warming, funny, eye-opening or just pure entertaining.

A few ideas:

- Tell us about the best FAM trip you've ever been on; what made it so good?

- OK, maybe you want to tell us about the worst FAM trip you've ever been on. Why was it so bad and what did you learn from the experience?

- Have you or a colleague ever done something so special for a client that it's the kind of thing you can't help but still brag about at dinner parties?

- Have you ever influenced a change within your office or agency? What was it, why, and what was the result?

- Has your client ever come to you with the most bizarre request or complaint? What was it and how did you respond?

- Describe one of your favourite "I love my job moments."

Again, we want to share your learning experiences so others can learn from them or laugh at them as well. If you have a good one but not comfortable writing it down, let me know and you can dictate it to one of our writers, who will put pen-to-paper for you. Or, if you want to share but prefer your name not be mentioned, we can do that too.

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