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CT Magazine has one main goal: to help Canadian travel professionals sell more. 

Currently in it’s 30th year in publishing, CT Magazine was refocused and redesigned in 2016 and now brings articles on business and career development, sales acumen, sales education, and industry insight. 

Within its monthly pages, online, and through curated and thoughtfully-written weekly eNewsletters, CT promises to bring you relevant information that you can put into practice today to increase your sales skills, and to grow your business and career.

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What Now? – Mike Baginski Takes on the Week eNewsletter: One of the Canadian travel industry’s favourite personalities, this Friday morning eNewsletter from Associate Publisher, Mike Baginski, will inform and entertain you with his veteran’s-eye view of this rapidly-evolving industry we’ve all chosen to call home.

How to with Terrilyn: Highlighting articles from industry updates to professional development.

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