It is with great enthusiasm that BitNational Inc. opens Alberta, Canada’s first automated Bitcoin exchange service at West Edmonton Mall, North America’s Biggest Mall. Our Robocoin Kiosk is the third Robocoin to launch on the planet and one of the first 25 automated Bitcoin exchange services around the globe.

The Kiosk will be connected to the global market and enable users to buy or sell Bitcoin in a very simple and familiar structure to common ATMs. Cash or Bitcoin is inserted and the opposite is dispensed in an almost instant transaction.

We will initially have someone stationed at the kiosk to provide current information to curious newcomers and Bitcoin enthusiasts alike. Bitcoin is an innovative technology comparable to the invention of the internet and email. It currently supports the infrastructure for the largest super computer on the planet. We believe that providing Bitcoin with a central location gives people the chance to come learn and develop their own opinion on this new technology that has the whole planet buzzing.

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