If you believe in a world full of fairy tales and magic, Tracey Guay might be your long-lost best friend. As an award-winning Disney travel specialist, she has clients whisked away to the Magic Kingdom quicker than you can say those three enchanted words.


When it comes to making dreams come true, Tracey Guay is like a fairy godmother. As a travel consultant and self-titled ‘Magic Maker’ at CAA Niagara, there is no one who puts the personal touch into a Disney vacation like Guay.

“I have dined with princesses, been sprinkled with pixie dust and danced with pirates all in a quick afternoon,” she says. “It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been, I’m still enchanted by the magic and can’t wait to share that magic with my clients.”

In fact, Guay loves sharing her passion for Disney so much that, in the process, she has revolutionized the CAA Niagara company as a whole; when client after client came in search of the famed ‘Magic Maker,’ the company knew they had to develop a sub-brand. Hence, Enchanted Vacations by CAA Niagara was born, with Guay at the helm.

Guay says that the wave of interest she’s produced in Disney comes down to being emotionally connected to the product and having a strong desire to make her clients’ dreams come true.

“I’ve had many clients shed a tear at my desk over the years because it’s such an emotional experience tied to the family and the heart,” she says. “It tugs at my heartstrings too and when I’m not experiencing my own Disney vacation, I live vicariously through my clients. I’ve been known to shed a tear right alongside them.”

But she hasn’t always set out to make Disney dreams come true. She started her career in the travel industry as an office assistant for a local tour operator, Rainbow Tour and Reception. While her job was mainly administrative, Guay was also a licenced local tour guide and would fill in when needed. Her love for the business did not go unnoticed and shortly thereafter, a friend who owned an agency offered her a job, along with mentorship. The rest, as they say, is history, and Guay went on to become a certified travel agent before joining CAA.


While Guay stresses that choosing a speciality is extremely important for new travel professionals, she knows that it’s easier said than done. How does she know? “I didn’t really choose my speciality – it chose me,” she says. Long before she was a travel advisor, she found herself planning a family vacation to Disney World. She was dedicated to making it the most memorable trip possible for her young children and she succeeded, though she attributes the success to the science of good planning.

“It was such an incredible vacation because of my knowledge and planning,” she says. “Shortly after, I was hired as a travel agent and my love for Disney had grown…I was hooked. As I started to grow my client base I became known as the go-to for Disney vacations.”


“Learn and absorb as much as you can from as many sources as possible,” is the advice Guay offers her peers. Whether learning from websites, books, training or through client experience, she believes that to stay motivated in education, it all comes down to having a personal love for the product. With so much information available in our digital world, clients can find it overwhelming and knowing the latest and greatest is what she attributes to her success.

“Clients will seek out a destination or product specialist for their knowledge and expertise, which will save them not only time, but give them value for their money – which gives high satisfaction,” she says.


At the end of the day, the most important thing to Guay is ensuring her guests have an unforgettable experience. As she repeatedly mentions, happy customers are repeat customers. And this travel advisor is proof that there is no better way to promote a product than to experience it yourself.

“I personally know the moment I walk down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and smell the sweet smells, I’m home,” she muses. “I’m devoted to giving my clients that same magical feeling as they take their trip of a lifetime and see the expression on their children’s faces. Drawing from my own experience and making client’s dreams come true is so rewarding.”

And given that Guay has been to Disney more than 50 times in her life, if you receive an out-of-office notice from her, you’ll know where she’ll be.



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