This fall, Key Notes On Travel partnered with Dan Chappelle, aka The Wealthy Travel Agent, to present a series titled Bulletproof Your Travel Business.

During session III, an in-depth Q&A, Chappelle discussed the importance of following up with prospective clients. This is what we learned about overcoming your fears of pestering clients.

KNOT member-submitted question:

"What is the best strategy for following up with prospects without feeling like you are pestering them?"


Answer: “Sales happen after the fifth contact.”

According to Chappelle, it’s entirely your responsibility to put aside your concerns about "bothering" clients.

“If you don't want to feel like you're pestering them, that's your problem, not theirs. They've reached out to you in some way, shape or form. They've contacted you for information about a trip and you've done the work on your end,” he said.

Chappelle then explained that 80% of sales happen after the fifth contact.

“You use a combination of calling, leaving a voicemail, actually talking to them or email. And if you have their permission, text them,” he said. “Life gets in the way. What may have been a priority that day becomes less of a priority [the next]. Your job is to keep it in front of them so that it remains a priority.”

Finding the right words

As for the messaging, Chappelle offered some suggested scripts.

“You don't just call and say, 'Hey, I'm following up with you.’ You call up and you say, ‘Hey, Mary, this is Dan at ABC Travel. I'm calling about the trip you and I discussed a couple of days ago. You wanted the opportunity to talk to your spouse about this. I have a great trip itinerary. It's very relevant to what you wanted.’ Put some sense of urgency in there, because hopefully, you held something for them to guarantee the price.”

Make an emotional appeal

Chappelle also emphasized it’s important to appeal to your client’s emotions, too. To do that, he suggested addressing "the why."

Why did they want to take this trip? Everybody has a deeper reason than ‘I want to go see Norway' or 'I want to go to the Caribbean for the sun.’ There's usually a deeper reason for [travel],” says Chappelle.

To remind clients of "the why" he offered the following language: "'Hi, Jane, this is Dan at ABC Travel. I'm calling about the trip that we discussed yesterday. You wanted the opportunity to talk to your spouse about it. I'm so excited to be able to give you the opportunity to go to see your husband's great grandfather's house in Norway. I know he's been very excited doing that. Let's go ahead and get that settled up...’"


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