food truck

Spring has finally arrived here in Canada and so have the Panache Mobile food trucks, courtesy of Auberge Saint-Antoine.

Panache Mobile 1, located at an Ile d’Orleans vineyard with breathtaking views of Montmorency Falls, opens on May 17th for the summer season, and will serve dishes such as lobster rolls, gazpacho, truffle French fries, and green bean salad.

Off the back of the success of Panache Mobile 1, comes Panache Mobile 2, located on the Promenade Samuel De Champlain with sweeping views of the Saint Lawrence River. Guests of Auberge Saint-Antoine can walk a short ten minutes from Old Quebec to the food truck, where they can snack on lobster rolls and pulled pork sandwiches from the brand new terrace. This year, they will also be serving wine and beer.

For something a little different, the hotel also has Café de la Promenade at the western entrance to the Promenade Samuel De Champlain. Guests can enjoy ice cream sundaes, gelato, smoothies, salads and sandwiches.

Panache Mobile 1 is open on weekends in May, seven days a week in June, July and August, and again only on weekends in October (closing for the season on October 13). Panache Mobile 2 opens for business on June 7, on weekends in June, and 7 days a week in July and August, weekends only in September and October (closing for the season on October 13). Café de la Promenade will open June 1 daily in June, July and August, open weekends in September and October, and closes on October 14.

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