anamay food
Credit: Anamaya Resort

Beet and carrot carpaccio with pesto goat cheese.

Retreat centre and eco-lodge commits to regional agriculture by supporting local farmers offering Farm-to-Table meals

Anamaya Resort, an exotic retreat centre and eco-lodge in Montezuma, Costa Rica, focuses on good health and wellness for all its guests by promoting clean (and delicious) eating. Uniquely Costa Rican meals made with farm fresh organic foods daily fuel a variety of unique vacation escapes and adventures for guests while supporting local farmers and enhancing the region's agriculture.

In addition to offering a range of packages that include yoga programs, activities, retreats, and workshops, Anamaya Resort co-owns and operates an organic farm called Rancho Delicioso. As the primary source of food for the eco-lodge, produce is picked and served same day for incredibly fresh dishes.

"At Anamaya, it's about healthy living inside and out, in everything we do. It is so important to us to offer our guests a variety of fresh organic and gourmet food choices over the course of their stay," said co-founder and Torontonian Kelsey Matheson. "Using ingredients from Rancho Delicioso farm in our daily dishes helps us reduce our eco footprint and means we never run out of ideas for satisfying and nutritious recipes."

Serving guests three fulsome meals each day in a bright and airy shared dining room means eating is a social affair at Anamaya. Snacks of fresh fruit and green smoothies before morning and evening yoga practice round out the daily offerings. Other food focused highlights for guests include weekly cooking classes with the chefs, a farm and agriculture tour at Rancho Delicioso and a recently launched Farm to Table initiative created to celebrate and share organic, local food options with guests from around the world.

Designed to get people excited about fresh ingredients and home cooking, Farm to Table events feature a multi-course dining experience hosted outside at the farm, helping to support local farmers and introducing both tourists and the community to the taste of farm fresh ingredients. Guests are amazed by the taste comparison to store-bought ingredients trucked or flown in from other countries.

In partnering with Rancho Delicioso, Anamaya has committed to researching how to cultivate vegetables that have never been successfully grown in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Information gathered is published online to benefit local residents who currently have to purchase the majority of their produce from farms in the central valley of Costa Rica.

The farm provides Anamaya with a variety of items weekly, including eggs, zucchinis, passion fruits, papayas, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, cassava and bunches of kale, spinach and many herbs. In turn, the resort makes an effort to actively participate in taking care of the environment. Not only is food delivered directly to Anamaya, all kitchen scraps are taken back to Rancho Delicioso to make compost and feed farm animals.

Other lesser known and unusual edibles that boast a range of health benefits are grown locally and served at the eco-lodge including: cuadrados (a type of banana/plantain species); giant grenadillas (from a wild passionfruit vine); green papaya (shredded, boiled, and used like pasta); amaranth, which is like quinoa but grows in a tropical climate instead; Moringa Leaves, high in protein, iron and fibre and one of few trees with leaves and flowers that are edible to humans; and purslane, a tasty wild weed that has the highest levels of omega-3 oils of any plant.

Anamaya's chefs and Rancho Delicioso volunteers delight guests with new recipes cooked using ingredients produced on the farm, including weekly features like Arepa Mini Pizzas, Beet and Carrot Carpaccio, Yucca patties, and freshly made goat cheese with farm herbs.

Anamaya Resort is located in Montezuma, Costa Rica, steps away from epic waterfalls in one of the world's most tropical beach towns. Upcoming retreats feature fitness and dance workshops, acro yoga and jewelry making and design. Visit for schedules, availability, pricing and more information.

For more information on Rancho Delicioso please visit:


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