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How to make a webinar work for you


In many cases, webinars are a supplier’s choice method for providing travel advisors with useful destination information, sales tips and product updates. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the next webinar you attend. 

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How to make the most of travel industry events


It’s the nature of the biz; the travel industry is a social industry and one that depends on major functions to connect with and educate partners on products and destinations. Our calendars can become overrun with events – breakfast, lunch and dinner – which is a big time investment. So how can you maximize return? We’ve put together this tip sheet to help.

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Networking & relationships: tips from the prosBoardroom

Love it or hate it, networking is a professional necessity, no matter the size of your business. And while the idea of creating opportunities with strangers can seem a daunting concept, in the tourism business, where relationships can make or break a business, meeting new people is really only the beginning...

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Finding new clients 1-0-1

Finding new clients 1-0-1

Are you eager to expand your client base but struggling to find new opportunities? It may be easier than you think. We explore these opportunities and show you how to get started.

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5 tech tools successful travel agents will be using by 2017

Tech tools

With new apps and online services for travel-enthusiasts being brought into the world every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of choices – or get left behind entirely.

But technology is never designed to intimidate – rather, its purpose is to help improve and enhance our work. And while some travel apps and sites are enjoying their time in the spotlight by making the trip planning process easier for consumers, there are also tools being developed with the goal of enhancing agent-to-client communication and assistance.

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How to respond to consumer doubts in travel agents


A travel advisor’s greatest competition to consumer doubts is themselves. In the proliferation of the “do it yourself” world it is easy to forget the worth that the client receives from a knowledgeable travel advisor. Every day an advisor deals with some form of objection during the selling process, how does this relate overall to doubts consumers may have about booking their travel with a professional travel advisor?

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How to make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Computer

Of all the social platforms to maintain and develop, LinkedIn is the only one solely dedicated to professional networking. 

You may be using the platform to build your network, engage with your existing connections, seek new opportunities or recruit new employees. It is a great platform to promote yourself as an expert in your field and connect with prospects, trade support personnel, and colleagues, not to mention keep up to date on industry news and access insights from leaders in business and travel. 

But how can you as an entrepreneur and business professional make the most of LinkedIn?

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