Every family dreams of going to Disney World for their summer vacation. The kids are happy to go on rides and see their favorite characters, while parents are happy to relax and enjoy the fun. The problem is that many families think they won't be able to afford their dream vacation. With the right amount of planning, every family can save money to cut costs during their Disney trip so they are able to afford this fun getaway. Florida Sunshine Vacation Rentals wants your family to have the vacation of a lifetime so they're sharing these five insider secrets on how to save money on your Disney vacation.

1. Purchase discount tickets

Instead of purchasing full price tickets at the park or through the Disney website, check out all available options online first. You can buy discount Disney tickets through authorized sellers like The Official Ticket Center, which gives you the best value for your money with their special Disney World Packages. These packages are made to accommodate different budgets and they even come with special upgrades for Free Days. Passes are available for one day, three days, five days, and eight days, plus taxes are included in the prices.

2. Rent a vacation home near Disney instead of booking a hotel

When you're looking for a great place to stay that won't break your budget, avoid staying at a Disney World Resort hotel and opt for renting a vacation home near Disney. You can choose from several options like condos, private houses, and luxurious townhouses, which offer more space, more privacy, plenty of amenities, and they are more affordable. With just one vacation rental home, your family doesn't have to share one cramped hotel room and you can have your own kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, backyard, etc. The luxury Florida rental homes near Disney even come fully equipped with all appliances, TV's, free Wi-Fi and cable.

3. Make your own meals.

Food at the park is extremely expensive, especially when you're feeding a family of four or more. All of the restaurants in the park require reservations to be made way in advance and their menus are overpriced. Skip the restaurant food and pack homemade (or vacation home/hotel made) sandwiches and snacks. They're healthier and much cheaper than the fast food at the park. Breakfast can be eaten at your vacation home near Disney, lunch can be packed and brought with you, and at the end of the day, treat everyone to dinner at a restaurant!

4. Create DIY costumes.

Kids love going to Disney World to get outfits that make them look like their favorite Disney character or princess. There are shops at the park that will make your child over from head to toe, but they will also charge you an arm and a leg. If you know your children are going to beg you to buy them a costume, think ahead and either purchase a Halloween costume (they're cheaper when it's not October) or make one yourself. Consider telling your kids that they are each allowed to buy one accessory at the park to complete their costume, like a hat or pair of slippers. Similarly with souvenirs, the shops can be expensive so buy souvenirs outside of the park to keep the kids satisfied.

5. Pick up the Orlando Entertainment book.

This coupon savings book gets updated each year with thousands of coupons for everything from local restaurants, shopping, services, movie tickets, travel, etc. You'll find tons of great discounts that your family can use during your vacation. When you purchase the book with digital access you also get mobile-redeemable coupons and online printable coupons. You'll get to enjoy tons of savings and discover all the cool things you can do once you've left the park for the day. Find amazing savings on miniature golf for the family, dinner shows, magic shows, exhibits, helicopter rides, and more.

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