Ironed shirt? Check. Big smile? Check. Coffee stain? Uh oh.

Don’t turn people away before you even open your mouth! Visual first impressions, or nonverbal communication, is a huge part of how you communicate with others. This includes your expressions, body language, etc. Here’s how you can master the first impression:

Step 1: What’s your vibe?

In other words, think about how you relate with others. Show off your personality by being friendly, shy, loud, outgoing or whatever you choose to identify yourself as. But make sure you listen to what others have to say, and cater to their expectations. Your vibe is your flow, and if you want to make a great first impression, you need to flow with others.

Step 2. Remember names.

Call people by their name. Again, listen. At this step, as you’re asking questions about their life and listening to their stories, you’re also ‘interviewing’ them. People will leave the interaction with a more positive perspective when someone is genuinely interested in their life. It’s not about you, its about them. And remembering names is the best way to show how much you care.

Step 3: The world is your friend.

You just talked with someone for a short bit of time, but you’re on first name basis and know their life story. That means you’re in the clear! Instead of talking to them like an awkward stranger, treat them like a refreshingly close friend. Now there is no tension, you had a casual conversation, you know their name, and you have a comfortable vibe that shows your personality!

People like to be remembered and called by their name. Use these steps to work on your nonverbal communication and approachability and you will be set for a welcoming first impression. People will leave you wanting more because it was such a positive interaction! First impressions are huge and will be remembered for life.



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