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Christine James, Canada's Woman on Top
On November 27, Christine James, TL Network’s Vice President-Canada, celebrated 20 years with the organization. Ahead of that milestone, Key...
Pipe is Life: Why Travel Advisors Need to Get Fanatical About Prospecting
Ultra-high performers know that they've got to be fanatical about getting opportunities into their opportunity pipeline.
How to Master Self Control (The Number One Trait of Ultra-High Performing Salespeople)
Because there's nothing that will send a prospective buyer running faster than the smell of desperation.

Industry Updates

Hamburg Cruise Days Showcases Germany's Largest Port
Held every two years, Hamburg Cruise Days is the largest public cruise...
Overheard at TL Network’s 2019 EDGE Conference
Here are our key takeaways from the 2019 EDGE Conference, held in...
How does 2018 look from the top?
When it comes to predicting trends and outcomes, you never know what...
A Black Friday way to reward clients
Consider this a loyalty-building exercise
INDABA: "Africa's Stories, Your Success"
More than six hundred attendees joined the 37th annual INDABA travel trade...

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