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Australia: How to Tie the Knot
Nov 12, 2014
Australia is always a favourite honeymoon destination, whether you want a dreamy resort location, an Outback or wilderness adventure, an exciting city interlude or a combination of different experiences. But getting married in Australia is also easy, making this is a very popular choice for overseas couples who want to...
A Rockin' Collection
Apr 5, 2014
Each Colin Cowie Wedding Collection includes everything needed for the ultimate love affair, so couples can rest assured that all amenities are included and the final cost is set upfront. All Inclusive Collection, the brand who represents the world's only all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels, has partnered with celebrity wedding and event...
Pack The Dress; Leave The Stress
Apr 5, 2014
If they've been dreaming of beautiful beach with 360-degree Caribbean views, Occidental will not disappoint. Planning a destination wedding can be...
River Deep, Mountain High
Apr 4, 2014
What bride doesn't want a breathtaking backdrop for her photo opportunities? She's a gutsy bride-to-be; a true Canadian girl at heart. She wants all of the sophistication of a traditional big day, but with the untamed beauty of the Canadian Rockies as her oh-so-breathtaking backdrop. You should point her in the direction...
Love Me Tender
Apr 4, 2014
 A Las Vegas wedding attracts fun-loving clients. Wise men say only fools rush in...but if that's true, there must be a lot of 'fools' out there, because some 100,000 marriage licences are issued in Las Vegas every year. So if you have a client who just can't help falling in love...
An Infinite World Of Romance
Apr 4, 2014
Sensual sunsets: Cuba is the perfect destination for a romantic wedding. An infinite world of romance... That doesn't sound too bad, does it? And it's sure to get your bride-to-be clients thinking. Because an infinite world of romance is just what Meliá's Cuba Hotels are offering, along with some fantastic free ceremony...
Wedded Bliss By The Boardwalk
Apr 2, 2014
One-of-a-kind views in a setting that is second to none at the Pier Shops at Caesars. Atlantic City has been named the 4th Most Romantic City in the United States by OpenTable, the online restaurant reservations site that connects diners with restaurants worldwide. Who knew? The OpenTable Most Romantic Cities Index was...
Happily Ever After in the Caribbean
Apr 1, 2014
By Melanie Reffes There are weddings and then there are really memorable weddings and although taking the plunge in the Caribbean is reliably memorable, choosing a venue that’s a tad less predictable than barefoot on the beach at sunset offers pretty good odds you’ll never forget your anniversary. Whether it’s the...
Here Comes The Bride - Seven Romantic Places To Tie The Knot
Feb 14, 2014
Having your wedding and honeymoon at the same time is a stress free way to ensure your nuptials are the best time of your life – and usually at a fraction of the cost. And with so many romantic locations to choose from, your dream wedding is just a plane...
Paradise Found - From Beach Bums To Snow Birds The Cook Island Appeal To Everyone
Sep 16, 2013
Nestled between Fiji and Tahiti at the very heart of the South Pacific lie the 15 extravagantly beautiful atolls, cays and volcanic islands that make up the tropical paradise of the Cook Islands.
'Sí, I Do' - The Definitive Guide To Tying The Knot In Mexico
Jun 29, 2013
A destination wedding is the ideal way to combine adventure and romance, giving the happy couple a chance to get married in a dream setting.
Loving Nature - Go Local On The Bay Of Banderas & Discover Turtles, Crocs & A Tourist Paradise
Mar 28, 2013
By Judy Waytiuk     It's sunset on the Riviera Nayarit’s 300-kilometre-long perfect powder beach. At a quiet spot marked off by yellow rope laid out on the sand, about four dozen tiny baby sea turtles are wobbling clumsily on little flipper-feet to the surf. We who helped release them, one three-inch-long baby...
The Real Hawaii - Finding Hawaiian Culture, Resort-Style
Mar 28, 2013
By Janice Strong     I have to admit, I’m not much of a beach person. I sunburn too easily, the sand gets into everything…. You get it. So when I was planning my trip to Maui I was looking to get beyond the beach, lovely though it may be. I wanted to...
Happily Ever After - Take A Vow To Say “I Do” in the Caribbean
Mar 28, 2013
    By Melanie Reffes   Raising the romance bar with lobster dinners, champagne breakfasts and massages pour deux, the Caribbean oozes passion around every palm tree. From weddings and honeymoons to vow renewal celebrations and anniversary trysts, nothing says romance sweeter than a getaway in the tropics. Whether it is a seaside ceremony...
Your Wedding, Your Way - It's Never Been Easier To Customize Your Marriage
Mar 28, 2013
  These days, everything is about personalization. Even the oldest traditions in our society are subject to tinkering based on individual tastes, and weddings are no exception. From Vegas to Africa, more and more people are looking for an exotic wedding, and to take part in the growing trend of destination...
Loving It Up - Honeymoon Locations Across The US
Jul 4, 2012
There are as many different honeymoon styles as there are destinations. Casual and laidback (think dude ranch getaway or barefoot beachwalks at sunset), or formal, with all the bells and whistles – hundreds of high-end properties would fit the bill quite nicely.
I Do, I Do! - Weddings & Honeymoons Are The Fastest Growing Niche in Mexico
Jun 4, 2012
Destination weddings account for $18 billion a year in Mexico tourism dollars. Honeymoons tack another ten billion onto that figure, and most couples who love Mexico enough to marry there will return over and over again.
Getting Hitched On The High Seas
Mar 2, 2012
Couples’ massages, dinner by candlelight and strolling along in the moonlight – cruise ships are a hotbed in the romance department as more people are opting to get married at sea.
Ridin' Into Tucson - Saddle Up for Ranch Adventures, Clear Skies & Desert Weddings
Mar 2, 2012
The thing about Tucson is that it seems to do everything well. Ranches and resorts run the gamut from working cattle farms to luxury retreats.
Make it Myrtle - Head To The Grand Strand For Romance, Relaxation & Family Fun
Mar 2, 2012
Myrtle Beach, one of the fastest growing vacation destinations in the United States, attracts an average of 15 million visitors each year.
I Do Aloha-Style - Walk Down The Aisle In A Marriage Made In Hawaii
Mar 2, 2012
Do you dream of exchanging vows on the sands of Kauai at sunset, or saying ‘I do’ on a private estate on Molokai with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop? How about surfing your way to holy matrimony on Oahu or living happily ever after following a wedding at Disney’s...
We Did It! - Weddings, Honeymoons Or Just Sparking, The Caribbean Is The Place To Be
Mar 2, 2012
Whether you’re still smitten with an old flame or igniting sparks with a new one, romance runs rampant in the Caribbean. Graced with mountain-rimmed coves and tie-dyed sunsets, finding passion in the Caribbean is breeze.
CAYMAN ISLANDS Wedding Made Easy
Aug 17, 2010
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has launched a new website, www.caymanvows.ky, designed to showcase its wide range of wedding experiences, connect couples with service providers and inspire them to find their own unique wedding style.
Ay, Caramba, I Do! - On A Beach, In A Hacienda, Get Married In Mexico
Jun 25, 2010
Pick a spot – any spot. Beachside romantic, colonial elegant, chic city style – there is a Mexico wedding to suit every couple and every budget. There are even websites devoted entirely to Mexico weddings and honeymoons.
March Up the Wedding Aisle - Boost Your Commissions, Say “I Do” To This Niche
Mar 1, 2010
Are people still doing this? Sure they are. And it’s a renewable resource isn’t it? Yes it is. Have we moved from the one in two marriages ending in divorce? Hope so. Been there done that – she took the t-shirt! So we can have some fun with this segment...
Island I Dos - Weddings & Honeymoons On Antigua
Nov 1, 2009
The island of Antigua is rich in everything you’d ever want to experience on a romantic getaway: powder white beaches, friendly people, tempting meals and picture-perfect Caribbean sunsets. With so many elegant resorts to choose from, there’s a surprising array of settings for exotic weddings, intimate honeymoons and anniversary celebrations...