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Ahead Of The Curve - Allianz Makes Online Claims A Breeze
Apr 27, 2012
Allianz Global Assistance was recently honoured as a finalist in Insurance-Canada.ca’s Technology Award Ceremony held in Toronto on March 5. The finalist selection was in recognition of the company’s Online Claim Submission tool.
Top Commissions - Keep Travel Insurance Top Of Mind
Oct 26, 2011
Why is it that the highest commission earner in the industry is usually sitting on the bottom rung of the agency’s sales budget? Ask an agency owner about their business mix and you’ll usually extract a response about air, hotel, car, tour, cruise…and eventually insurance and service fees. In fact,
Cruise To Commissions - Sell Insurance For Cruise Clients
Apr 20, 2011
In response to Canadians’ love for cruises, Mondial Assistance is offering two new travel insurance products with value-added enhancements that are specifically designed for cruise vacations. The Kitchener-based company’s new Cruise Comprehensive and Cruise Cancellation products include a Missed Cruise Connection benefit which covers the costs to rejoin a cruise...
The 70/30 Switch Program - Protect Yourself As Well As Your Clients When They Travel
Oct 27, 2010
Before you start reading this page, do me a favour and check the jingle jangle in your jeans. Any coin rattling around in those pockets? I’m looking for about one-hundred thousand dollars.
The Value Of Travel Insurance
Aug 25, 2010
Europe has become the vacation destination of choice for many travellers, with 1.6 million Canadians visiting Europe through the first half of 2006. For most, it’s a trip of a lifetime to which they’ll devote countless hours of planning and spend thousands of dollars – so it’s important to ensure...
The Missed Commission Exercise - Tips & Tricks To Insure You Don't Leave Big Commissions On The Table
Jun 28, 2010
Usually we focus on ‘how to sell’ ideas and we’ve done this many times with the insurance product. This time around, we’re going to focus on how you can develop your personal plan to sell more based on the commission you leave on the table. Without further ado, we introduce...
Anything Can Happen
Apr 1, 2010
TIC Travel Insurance knows that anything can happen to your clients while travelling, yet only about half of Canadians purchase coverage before travelling. All-inclusive travel insurance provides the best protection and is a cheap investment that covers the cost of cancelling or interrupting a trip, replacing lost baggage or seeking...
We're Not Dead Yet - Don't Rest On Your Laurels When It Comes To Selling Travel Insurance
Apr 1, 2010
Well I’ll tell you – let’s hope this promotional idea doesn’t catch on. This promotion has now been squashed and put to bed, however when this type of promotion raises its head you must take a hard look at it and learn from it. What was it all about you...