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Steve Crowhurst: How to Sell Arizona
Oct 6, 2014
ARIZONA ROCKS! Every time Arizona comes to mind I want to get into the car and head out on the highway, due south. It is a driving type of holiday for those who can and do. For others, it is a touring holiday, escorted all the way and then you can...
On The Go
Apr 1, 2014
By Steve Crowhurst, CTC Alright, here we GO and anytime you see the word GO in the name of a country, you know you have a marketing opportunity. The keyword is GO and that gives us the marketing ideas for how to sell Tobago and at the same time feature the...
Ringing In Commissions
Mar 31, 2014
Need a new niche? Here's one that's ongoing with up to 50 potential additional sales over time. That would be 50 anniversaries to be celebrated and travel is always part of that equation. This niche is as old as dirt. The theme and format has changed from a grunt and animal...
Selling By The Letter - Don’t Neglect Your BFFFs, BPTVs, BBFKs & BFRs When You’re Selling FLA
Feb 7, 2014
Family travel has been hitting the headlines for some time now, as has generational selling – so we’re going to combine family travel with generational selling to produce an exciting new niche that will generate some big data and even bigger commissions – and the only heat map you’ll be...
It’s All About You - The Power Of Selfies, 2fies & Velfies
Jan 1, 2014
Well now. Who woulda thought, eh? Those old self-timing cameras where you turn the dial for so many seconds, release, run, pose and wait for the click. A selfie. Then known as a self-portrait. The difference between the two is based on the definition afforded to the word selfie as...
It’s Juan Of A Kind - Make A Canyon Full Of Commissions Selling Utah’s Canyon Country
Dec 9, 2013
By Steve Crowhurst Okay. I’m sold! Just watched the six-minute video on the Utah Canyon Country home page and it’s a...
Feed The Need - Satisfy Your Client's Appetite For A Mexican Vacation
Dec 4, 2013
It’s true. Canadians do feel vacation starved. They are indeed hungry for more and they want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as an evening snack, too. A recent 2013 study by Expedia delivers the message that the country needs more vacation time...
Nov 27, 2013
Let’s reap more sales by selling to the continuous source of clientele who are still ready to travel, see the sights, do something a little more adventurous. Of course you guessed right away – I’m referring to the Baby Boomer generation...
How To Sell Texas - Taking Texas To The Masses The Video Way
Nov 5, 2013
Time to go Texas Social and make use of some of the marketing tools that the team at TravelTex.com have put together. We’re goin’ to work on Takin’ Texas to the Masses and we’ll do that the video way....
HOW TO SELL ARIZONA - Licensed To Sell
Oct 5, 2013
Mascot Marketing With Harry Zona BY STEVE CROWHURST, CTC When it comes to marketing travel, I’m all over graphics, images, cartoons and...
Postcard Marketing - With A New Twist Old Tools Can Still Boost Commissions
Sep 16, 2013
Hey don’t leave the page yet! Postcards are big when it comes to marketing travel. If you have lived 173 years you might remember the first postcard that was introduced in Austria, then Germany and then the UK sometime in the mid 1800s. Back in that day, the postcard was...
Runaway Weddings - Sell Your Clients On Eloping To The Cook Islands
Sep 16, 2013
Mention weddings and honeymoons to most travel agents and you’ll hear all about Mexico and the Caribbean and that’s good, but we want more. We want different. We want out of the usual and we don’t do normal. So we look for places that tell the right story in their...
Skiing - Your Piste De Resistance Niche Market - Two-Way Sales Boost Your Sports Travel Commissions
Sep 16, 2013
What goes up, must ski down! What ski’s down, can add some serious swoosh to your commissions and perhaps offer you a new and exciting niche to try. Another excellent thing about the ski vacation is this: you can sell both outbound and inbound. This niche is a two-way sale.
How To Sell - Ski Vacations
Sep 3, 2013
Your Piste De Resistance Niche Market By Steve Crowhurst, CTC What goes up, must ski down! What ski’s down, can add some...
Postcard Marketing - With A New Twist Old Tools Can Still Boost Commissions
Sep 3, 2013
By Steve Crowhurst, CTC Hey don’t leave the page yet! Postcards are big when it comes to marketing travel. If...
Pie In The Sky - Commissions Soar When You Sell The Right Category
Jul 31, 2013
There are 11 “things to do” categories, 50 states in the United States plus six non-state regions and territories: American Samoa, District of Columbia (US capital), Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico (commonwealth) and the US Virgin Islands – so, doing the math (56 x 11) that drives an opportunity...
The Luxe Life - Choose Your Product, Choose Your Suppliers & Choose Your Clients Then Sell Luxury Travel
Jul 4, 2013
Well one thing is for sure, you do not have the luxury of NOT selling luxury! That said, one man’s luxury is another man’s cheap seat. You have to get to grips with what luxury means to your client – and there will be numerous scenarios, levels and price ranges...
Take Pride in What You Sell - Create Commissions With A Marketing Plan For Your LGBT Clients
Jul 4, 2013
The world is turning in the right direction when it comes to our gay brothers and sisters. The uptight straight world is relaxing a little more. Not a 100 per cent, but it’s getting there. More places becoming gay friendly, more countries allowing gay marriages for both local couples and...
Go, Shoot, Edit, Upload - Making Money From Your Holiday Snaps
May 29, 2013
You, me, we…we like taking travel photos. Now with our digital devices we can shoot anything and everything a thousand times and there’s no waiting for those prints to come back from the photofinishing plant. Excellent. Well it would be excellent if you were using your photographs for what they...
Bagging Commissions - Sell Shopping Trips Across Canada, In The US & Around The World
May 29, 2013
There are a number of ways you can engage the shopping tourist and the niche shopper – but first we should take a closer look at the personality of each. The shopping tourist always fits in a bout of shopping no matter which country, village, place or destination they’re visiting.
Have You Had A BVeeBVee? - Planning Your Clients' Best BVI Vacation
May 29, 2013
Before we get into planning your client’s BVIBVI (pronounced BVeeBVee – meaning Best Vacation In BVI) we should start with how you might attract your client’s attention and then have them go that one step further and ask you for more information. This attraction is called “the lure”. Yes, just...
Mobile Money - Make The m-Commerce Revolution Work For You
May 1, 2013
Sometime ago, on this very SWS page, I’d written that mobile or m-commerce will eventually be the first line of marketing for travel agents. I’ve also written that in the not too distant future, each child born will receive their “number” and that number, a series of digits, will be...
Everything's Up In The Air For 2013 - Take A Second Look At Selling Air Travel
Jan 29, 2013
How did that happen? Another year done and dusted. It just makes it all the more apparent that time is not on our side. It is the one thing that you cannot store up, bank or save. You lose it if you don’t use it – which brings me to...
Pushing The Right Button - Elevate Your Commissions Selling All Utah Has To Offer
Jan 29, 2013
By Steve Crowhurst, CTM   Utah’s tourism slogan is Life Elevated, which says to me let’s get on that life elevator and go to the top floor. Why would we do this? You know, it’s because that’s where the view is. The view is always at the top and from the edge.
Go Big Or Go Home - There's Only One Way To Sell Texas - BIG
Nov 7, 2012
By Steve Crowhurst, CTM   How to sell Texas? Well now there’s a challenge. So much, too much and much, much more. Thousands of places to see, things to do…fascinating, undulating, pulsating…can’t take it all in.  Roads galore, well travelled, less travelled and hey even roads that take you all the way...
Selling The Garden Isle - Plant Your Marketing Plan Now And Reap Kauai Commissions
Nov 7, 2012
By Steve Crowhurst, CTM   Hey come on – let’s put some moola in your hula! Time to conjure up some Kauai commissions and to do that we’ll explore the following easy-to-do sales and marketing ideas.   You will know by now that I always explore destination websites and planning guides and guide books,
Digging For Dollars - How To Mine The Field Of Genealogical Research
Aug 29, 2012
“Hi, my name is Steve and I’m addicted to genealogy! Oh man. This is bad. It’s got me in its grip. I can’t stop. Every night I sit there, searching for my long lost rellie and he doesn’t even have a name yet. What am I to do?”...
The Reno Tahoe Social Club - Monetizing What You're Socializing
Aug 29, 2012
I’m sure you are fully engaged with your e-mail, website and a business page on Facebook. I’m also betting you are a dab hand at blogging and vlogging and keeping your mature clients and your other generational clients engaged socially. If not, here’s where you go to top up on...
The CT Connection - Making Better Use Of Your CT Connection
Jun 28, 2012
I’ve been writing my Selling With Steve column for close to ten years now. The new design and format of Canadian Traveller Magazine and the revamped website are full of innovative ideas written and created just for you. For this issue I’m going to sell you on making better use...
The Luxury Travel Mindset - Upgrade Your Skills To Upsell Your Clients
Jun 28, 2012
When it comes to selling luxury there are one or two things you need to know, accept and do. The first do is actually a don’t do. Let’s start there. What you must never do, unless you are very wealthy, is to sell luxury travel based on your own lifestyle...
The Straight Goods on Selling LGBT - Listen, Learn & Develop Your Share Of A Very Lucrative Market
Jun 28, 2012
How do you sell to a gay customer? Where can you find them, attract them, and how the heck do you close them? If you’re a gay travel agent, you should, it is assumed, know all about how to do this thing. If you’re straight then you’ll never attract a...
Marketing Your AirXpertise - Fall Back In Love With The Airline Seat & Boost Your Commissions
Jun 28, 2012
I’ve written it before and I write it again – the airline seat is (most of the time) the first experience of your client’s trip. How they board, fly, enjoy the in-flight service, land and exit are all extreme moments of truth. The ultimate key to a satisfactory flight is...
Bagging New Commissions - Fill Your Own Shopping Bag Selling What Everyone Loves To Do
May 30, 2012
Can travel counsellors learn anything about sales and service from a shopping trip? You bet! At one time I managed a travel agency in a department store. That’s when and where I learned about merchandising. It’s where you learn about colour, design, layout, placement and slogans that woo you to...
A Couple More Ideas - Turn Ideas Into Profits
May 30, 2012
Last month I presented 25 ideas for you to ponder, and hopefully turn into a profit, in conjunction with the very successful 25th Anniversary issue of CT. This month I thought I’d add three more for you. Here you go:
Bio Fuel - What's Fuelling You & What's Fuelling Your Bio
Apr 27, 2012
If you tend to ad-watch like I do, you’ll be noticing more than few products being fuelled by something or someone. Fuelled by You. Fuelled by Our Customers. Fuelled by Innovation. The focus for this SWS is to find out what’s fuelling you and specifically what’s fuelling your bio?
The Game Is Up! - Gaming Game Plan Is No Gamble
Apr 11, 2012
Hey, we know what you’re up to, or would like to be up to! You want to make more money. Of course you do. So why not put your chips where your mouse is and start marketing a very promotable niche market? Gaming
On The Cutting Edge - 25 Great Sales Tips To Build Commissions Now & Always
Apr 11, 2012
It’s been 25 years since Canadian Traveller started delivering destination information to Canadian travel agents and I think it’s worthwhile to look back and take stock of the changes we’ve all experienced and to contemplate where we all sit and think about marketing and selling travel in the present day.
Gather Your Clan - Then Gather Your Commissions Scottish Commissions
Apr 11, 2012
Ah, Scotland! Believe it or not my second cousin Ben and his wife Jo just named their daughter Isla after that very same place in Scotland!
Take 2 & Call Me In The Morning - Timely Tips To Tee Up Some New Sales With Tablet Devices
Mar 2, 2012
Are you ready for the next buzz word that will require your attention? Yes of course you are. You know about E-Commerce (electronic) and you know about F-Commerce (face-to-face) and you know about M-Commerce (mobile) and so now there’s one more coming at you fast and furious, just like the...
Sell The Love - There's Money In Marriages - Get Your Share With These Timely Tips
Mar 2, 2012
WOW! A entire CT issue themed for Weddings & Honeymoons! And just in time, too, as now is about the time you should be marketing your expertise as a wedding planner, a honeymoon arranger or both. Let’s go and make some cake, light some lights, dance the dance and sell...
A Capital Idea - There's More Than One Europe In Your Commission Plan
Mar 2, 2012
As you read through this Europe Guide you’ll come to realize, as if you didn’t know, there’s more than one Europe to think into your plan. There’s all of Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Euro Zone and the European Union! Hang on…nope, we’re good. Thought one more country had...
Appy New Year - Selling Your Smart Phone Know-How To Your Clients
Jan 27, 2012
I haven’t decided yet. It’s a matter of sticking with my old world phone or cranking it up a social notch and buying a smarter phone than my current one. The iPhone is on the front burner at the moment.
Rail Rocks - Don't Pass Up Selling Rail Don't Pass Up Commissions Selling Rail Travel
Jan 27, 2012
As you know, time flies and when you ride the rails you can actually hear it clickety-clack past as you take in the scenery. What you can also hear passing by is an excellent source of commission if you’re not tapped into selling this mode of transportation that has been...
Ask & You Will Receive - Polling Your Clients Is The First Step To Success In 2012
Dec 21, 2011
Wondering what 2012 will bring? I’m sure you are. One thing you can rely on – all you need to know is perched right now in the hearts and minds of your existing customers. All you have to do, to start planning your Success Strategy for 2012, is to access...
The Luxe-Word
Dec 21, 2011
If you love lux’ then you’ll love the fact that luxurious has now gone LUXSERIOUS. It’s true and it seems that Marival Residences and World Spa has put their name on all things seriously luxe, elegant and sumptuous. For instance Marival don’t do rooms, but they can offer you a...
Come Fly With Me - Making Money On The Latest Airline Buzz
Nov 25, 2011
Well what could be better? You’ve just been handed a couple of wonderful leg-ups in term of marketing ideas, words and phrases and TV shows.
Mum's The Word - Selling Mesa To Moms Is The Way To Boost Family Travel Commissions
Nov 25, 2011
Family travel is segment of the trade that you can always count on as being there when you want to sell it. It’s growing in all sorts of directions from soft adventure to cruising.
Worth Shelling Out For - Collect A New Source of Commissions From The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Island
Nov 25, 2011
Now here’s a vacation spot your clients will want to shell out for. Not only do the city fathers of The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel want to share their wonderful area with you, they also allow you to enjoy treasures from the beach itself. More on that in...
The Ultimate New Niche? - Tap Into MMA & Fight For More Commissions
Oct 26, 2011
If you are trying to find a new niche that will put you way out there, perhaps a little too far, or even in the third left field to the right – I’ve got one for you. Read on.
Pyramid Power Sales Plan - A Timeless Plan To Boost Egyptian Commissions
Oct 26, 2011
Over the centuries Egypt has adapted and changed to almost anything that can happen to a country and its people. Yet again it has proven to be resilient as a country, and as a people the Egyptians are fast tracking their place in the world of most visited countries. They...
Where In The World? - The World Is Your Product, Study It Well
Sep 30, 2011
The discussion is still on about how many countries there are in the world and the number moves from 190, 195, up to 200 then 210 and in some world traveller association circles the number rises to an incredible 800. This number mashes together countries, territories, islands and all sorts...
Arizona ASAP - Create Your Always Sell Arizona Plan
Sep 30, 2011
You may know by now that I always send you to the tourism board’s website to look for catchy phrases that are so well written that they can be used as a sales tool, a title, a heading, slotted into an ad, or newsletter or press release. So, I did...
Selling The Sizzle - Fire Up Your Commissions With The Cuban Sizzlin' Sales Plan
Aug 22, 2011
The Cuban Sizzlin’ Sales Plan is about to unfold, right here and before your very eyes! Perhaps you’ll need to make yourself a cup of Cuban coffee and sip along to the scintillating beat of generating new business, Cuban style.
Change Your Tune - Don't Lose Focus On What You're Selling & Who You Sell It To
Aug 11, 2011
By Steve Crowhurst, CTM This month I delivered a Power Speaker workshop at the Vacation.com conference in Las Vegas. On the way home via Calgary I had a wait at the gate. I was tired and not really into tapping my laptop, so I looked around as I often do to...
Picture Perfect -
Jul 29, 2011
For this How to Sell America I’m going to focus on “A picture is worth a thousand clicks!” That’s right. You’re going to sell America through imagery using those classic shots of classic places to get the ‘you gotta be here’ message out to your clients.
It's Not Who You Know… - Going Social Means It's How Many You Know
Jun 17, 2011
That’s an old one isn’t it? It’s not who you know, it’s what you know! Or was it the other way round? It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you! Aha, I think that was it – nope, that was an updated version. I got it. It’s not what...
Selling The Seat - The Airline Seat Is Still The Most Crucial Part Of A Vacation
Jun 17, 2011
With all the recent events around the world you could be suckered into believing you cannot fly anywhere safely and securely. When you check where Canadians actually fly to, (and I’m referring to heavily flown routes, not the one-off trips to places beyond the average tourist’s reach) it really is...
I Need Spain - Need Commissions? Take Inspiration From Spain's Marketing Slogan
Jun 8, 2011
You have to hand it to Spain…they have created a wonderful website that will attract you, guide you and educate you, too, if you look beyond the words and read between the lines. Do that and you will discover more than enough tour ideas to turn into some serious money.
Gen Next - Restock Your Team With Passionate Youngsters You Have Sold On The Business
May 24, 2011
What are we going to do? We’re losing old timers and we’re losing faith. Where are all those travel agents who are supposed to be lining up to fill the shoes of those about ready to retire? Where are those who are passionate about travelling the planet – people like...
Make The Most Of Five Dragons - It's Easy To Sell Asia Now & Build Exotic Commissions
May 24, 2011
Where can your culture vulture customers go and actually be close to as many languages, races, religions, dialects, sights and sounds as Asia? Not too many places, or continents, that’s for sure. China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailaind – so close, yet so different. The Grand Tour of these five...
They Said It - Asia
May 24, 2011
Air Canada is one of the leading North American carriers flying to five cities in Asia, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo, from three Canadian cities, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, with a total of 61 flights a week.
Tech-Savvy Marketing - How To Use I-Pads & FaceBook To Generate Viral Referrals
Apr 20, 2011
For some agency owners and travel counsellors the digital world is getting all a bit too much. For those who like to live and market on the edge, life is getting very exciting. Almost every day we hear or read about some new technology that puts the last version back...
What's Your 2011 Famcation Plan? - Take Control Of Your Career Education
Mar 25, 2011
On this page, it’s all about selling something – that something ranges from you, to a price to a place, to a destination, a country…. Sell! Sell! Sell! I recall a certain John Henry saying to me at one time. It was the battle cry back then. Still is actually,
Outside The Brochure - Generating Niche Business With Nolitours & Transat Holidays Products
Mar 22, 2011
In 2010, between January and November, 576,926 Canadians went south to the Dominican Republic for their vacation. What a great start to an article, eh? Always good to know the who, the where and how many fellow Canadians are going there. They’re already going! Bonus. All you have to do...
A February Ramble - Random Thoughts On The Business Of Selling Travel
Feb 25, 2011
You know I’ve been thinking hard on this one. I think it’s a case of the old becoming new again. There was a time when travel agents were indeed agents – agents for steamship lines, airlines when they came into being and so on. They were still agents when a...
Tie The Knot - Marry Into A World Of Commissions Selling Weddings & Honeymoons
Feb 24, 2011
Would you like to sell a renewable product? Say “I do” and you can marry into a world of commissions that will flow into your bank account as the life of each just married client unfolds. A few recent statistics tell us that 80 per cent of women will marry...
Join The EC & Profit! - Everyone Can Make Money Selling Europe
Feb 24, 2011
With your help, 2011 is going to be a boom year for Europe! That means you too can join the EC…the European Commission! YEAH! Okay, that was a test. The EC stands for European Community (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Economic_Community) but if you sell it you will make European Commissions! Call it EC². Everyone...
Smelling The Roses - The of Art of Selling SLOW Travel
Feb 23, 2011
Isn’t it time we all relaxed a little? I think so. Life just zips along and suddenly you’re staring into your bucket with an incomplete list. You had things to do, places to see, people to meet. Well one thing’s for sure – we can’t do it all. What we...
Up, Up & Away - Turn Airline Seats Into Hot Commission Generators
Feb 23, 2011
Despite all the economic challenges and the recent H1N1 virus, spread more by the media than by contact, coughing or the wee piggies themselves, that ole airline seat is still top of the list for getting from A to B. One forecast states that the global airline industry will reach...
On The Right Track - Hop Aboard The Train To More Commissions
Jan 26, 2011
I wasn’t raised on rail so much as I lived near the tracks from about the age of 12. We could hear the trains clickety clacking their way to Victoria Station, London and then some years later I was riding those same trains up to Victoria myself when I worked...
Spice Up Your Sales - India Has All The Ingredients To Boost Your Earnings.
Jan 26, 2011
A good friend of mine in the UK, Urvesh Parvais and I Skyped last week. It was an exciting call. Urvesh had just heard that his application for a stall in the Borough Market of London had been approved. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. Urvesh sent me...
Sell America? Yes You Can! - Pay Attention To Your Ps & Your Commissions Will Roll In
Jan 25, 2011
So you want to sell more America eh? Well, what better example can you follow than that of President Obama’s call to action – “YES WE CAN!” I’ll tweak that statement to a Canadian Traveller call to action of: “Yes YOU can!” and that will set the selling mood for...
Selling Arizona
Jan 25, 2011
Do you have the MAP? You do? Excellent. Is it a MAP of Arizona? A plan to market and sell Arizona? No? Okay then, let’s remedy that fact and help you plan your MAP and build your Marketing Arizona Plan that will lead you to some GORGEous commissions.
The King & EYE - Hop Aboard The Royal Wedding Bandwagon & Earn
Jan 13, 2011
Yes it’s true. I’ve been keeping an eye on the future King William and of course the other eye is on Kate! If you don’t like Royalty I’m sure you love royalties – so read on. Now is the time to start planning your wedding and honeymoon strategy. Why not?
The Rules Of Engagement - A Workplace Code Of Conduct To Live By
Dec 13, 2010
Going into 2011 what will be your rules of engagement? What will keep your team focused on selling your preferred destinations, preferred suppliers and giving you the best of themselves? You know it’s a little tougher out there these days.
Commissions For Life - When You Sell Barbados You Sell A Lifestyle
Dec 13, 2010
Oh how I wish every travel agency website home page delivered this type of message to each and every visitor. The team behind the BTA Barbados Tourism Authority knows how to woo you into clicking further. Check this welcoming script hot off the BTA home page.
Socialize Or Monetize - The Truth About Twitter, Facebook & Your Business
Nov 23, 2010
WOW! What was that number? 19 million Canadians are on Facebook. Holy friend-me! Now wouldn’t that be something to chase? Or would it? Should you Facebook or should you not?
Game On - More Than A Niche, Safaris Are An Africa Money-Maker
Oct 27, 2010
Do you have ‘been there done that’ customers? How about newbie adventurers who want to start their travels with a thrill?
The 70/30 Switch Program - Protect Yourself As Well As Your Clients When They Travel
Oct 27, 2010
Before you start reading this page, do me a favour and check the jingle jangle in your jeans. Any coin rattling around in those pockets? I’m looking for about one-hundred thousand dollars.
Out Of The Pigeon Hole - Look Beyond The Obvious & Sell All Niches In All Destinations
Oct 27, 2010
CT is all about delivering destination knowledge so that you can top up the old brain with new and exciting information that then becomes your sales script for when you target a customer or they target you.
How To Make Your MBA Pay - Great Commissions From Selling Myrtle Beach Area
Oct 27, 2010
By Steve Crowhurst, CTC That’s right. After reading this How To Sell column, you will be able to put the letters, MBA after your name. True. You might even want to add the word Specialist. But let’s get back to your MBA and how you can earn it. The following is...
Heavenly Commissions - Get Into The Habit of Selling Faith-Based Travel
Oct 27, 2010
Okay, now you’re talking! This is a niche all agents should have faith in and be selling religiously. There’s a 50-50 chance your clients are religious and those are pretty good odds.
Where In The World Have You Been? - Making Money Off Your Own Travel Experiences
Oct 5, 2010
Whenever I lead off a workshop I always like to challenge my audience with a “where have you been?” question. Prior to that question I usually make a statement that goes something like this: “I’ve been to 40 plus countries, who can beat that!” I say it as if I’m...
Healthy Commissions Selling Arizona
Oct 5, 2010
How about getting yourself hitched to a niche that marries zen-styled vacations, peace of mind for your clients and a piece of the action for you? Quit sparring with low cost, no frills, no commission junkets and start selling spa vacations to Arizona. Here’s how and here’s why.
The Benefits Of Selling Features - Learn To Sell Features: Your Benefit Will Be More Money
Aug 29, 2010
Yeah I know, I’ve got it all back to front. But then again, we are supposed to be thinking outside the usual aren’t we? There is a time and place to sell features and there are plenty of benefits to doing so. In the world of well travelled people who...
The Bucket List March 2008 - Selling “Do It Now” Travel
Aug 25, 2010
This is a gimme. I’m sure those of you who are fleet of “make-a-buck” creative thinking are all over this. The movie called The Bucket List (http://thebucketlist.warnerbros.com/) could be a winning niche market.
Must Do Marketing - And When To Do It
Aug 16, 2010
Throughout the year every counsellor is thinking of how to get business, right? Err, hello! You…yes you…I saw you look away. You thought I wouldn’t catch that dodgy eye movement didn’t you?
Let's Rake It In Like Everyone Else - Following The Find-A-Buck Strategy
Aug 13, 2010
Pretty soon you’ll be advising clients how to save on airline baggage fees by wearing all their clothes in a layered fashion. How many suits can a man wear at one time? Can a female flyer sport five dresses and ten blouses? I’ve got a mental image forming – I’m...
Going for the Lion's Share - Safari-Savvy Agents Can Bag Big Commissions
Aug 13, 2010
Do you have ‘been there done that’ customers? How about newbie adventurers who want to start their travels with a thrill? Well whoever you have sitting in front of you here’s a type of vacation that is sure to deliver. Let’s explore how you can enter the world of Safari...
Selling The Nation - 24 Ideas To Get You On The Road To More U.S. Commissions
Aug 4, 2010
When you hear and read about America and the events it has experienced and endured, you have to award more than a few medals to those that call it home. This land is vast, fast and it attracts climatic conditions that both favour and deter tourism. Overall this nation is...
Back To The Future - Developing Ancillary Sales
Jun 29, 2010
There seems to be a lot of chatter in the vendor community, especially among the airlines, about how to maximize revenues from ancillary sales – something travel agents have done for years. As I read recent articles about this push, I thought it a good idea to give our retail...
More Commissions, Less Emissions - How To Become The Neighbourhood GREEN Machine
Jun 29, 2010
Green. It’s the colour of travel, tourism and yes, commissions. Who knew, eh? Well, actually quite a lot of people did. It really wasn’t a politician who discovered it – but now that those that govern have green-lighted everything that’s green, I guess the chequered flag is up! That means...
The Money Train - Get On The Right Track To Big Commissions
Jun 29, 2010
When you live in certain parts of Canada, it’s hard to understand why anyone would sell a rail tour, holiday, excursion or “trip to the coast”. Coming from countries like Japan, India or countries in Europe, well you grow up with them clackety clacking enroute to somewhere – or as...
Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained - How To Get A Grip On Adventure Tourism
Jun 28, 2010
Just as I was finishing the new book Alone Against the Arctic – the personal story of Anthony Dalton’s survival after capsizing off Port Hope, Alaska during his solo navigation attempt of the Northwest Passage, the TV popped a newsflash about the death of Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who...
Full Disclosure Selling - Ditching The Fine Print
Jun 28, 2010
Every so often, an industry player stakes their claim and things change. Back in the ’80s it was Uniglobe that created the concept of ‘limited product/maximum revenue’ that helped move the trade towards working closely with a small number of preferred suppliers and focusing sales for greater returns. In the...
The Missed Commission Exercise - Tips & Tricks To Insure You Don't Leave Big Commissions On The Table
Jun 28, 2010
Usually we focus on ‘how to sell’ ideas and we’ve done this many times with the insurance product. This time around, we’re going to focus on how you can develop your personal plan to sell more based on the commission you leave on the table. Without further ado, we introduce...
Your Career is YOUR Responsibility - Take Charge & Boost Your Job Performance
Jun 28, 2010
Whether you’ve just joined the industry, changed departments, been promoted, taken on a new role or been advised to ‘suck it up and make it happen’, it’s always good to revisit a few past, present and future truths about holding down a travel trade position.
Are YOU Dancing With The Stars? - Routines For Becoming A Sales Champ
Jun 28, 2010
By the time you read this, the star dancer has been announced, made a speech and waltzed off with the sparkly globe. So here’s the question for January 2008 – what did you learn, other than where to put your left foot, when trotting after a fox? Tell me you...
Sell Me On Social - Looking For Sales In Online Places
Jun 28, 2010
a know I love it all. Anything creative and related to the business of travel that can generate a new sale, I’m there in the front row. Tell me more. Show me how. I’ll go from there. Turn it to my own use and generate some Web 2.0 moola. There’s...
The Mesa Mission Is Commission - Selling Travel To Mesa Is Easy & Profitable
Jun 28, 2010
As Mayor of family-friendly Mesa, Keno Hawker will tell you, Mesa is now bigger than Miami, Oakland and Atlanta – boasting an eclectic mix of museums, culture and heritage set in a Sonoran Desert oasis. A link on the Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau website, www.visitmesa.com, will zip you to...
SHAM WOW Service - It's Always Worth Polishing Your Service
Jun 25, 2010
My wife and I had purchased nine, small California Lilac plants to extend the hedge in the front garden. At ten bucks each we could add a living fence between us and our neighbours. All smiles at the garden centre when we bought them. All growls when we returned with...
The Sky's The Limit - Sell Your Knowledge As Well As That Seat On The Plane
Jun 25, 2010
Could you become the Seat Selection Guru? The Baggage Guru? The Route Guru? One thing is for sure, being in the travel industry ain’t dull! It’s been through all manner of challenges over the years. At the time of writing we have United Airlines and Continental Airlines merging to create...
Think Luxe, Sell Luxe - Top-End Products Reap Top-End Commissions
Jun 25, 2010
How could there be a luxury market when the world continues to experience economic challenges, climatic disasters, eco-disasters, war and starvation? Well, the answer is this – the luxury market is there, has always been there and will continue to be there as and when you can build and boost...
Fall's Top Ten - Tips For Turning Red Leaves Into Green Commissions
Jun 24, 2010
If the fall season behaves itself and turns as it is supposed to we’re talking walks and rambles, hot chocolate, hot wine, heavy sweaters, scarves and trendy hats. Romance. Photography. A time with friends. Well-deserved time alone. A good book, big hearth, comfy chair, colours galore outside the large window...
An LA Pick-Up - Mix & Match Attractions For LA Commissions
Jun 24, 2010
It’s that time of year again. Yes it’s LA time. This year we’re facing a few more challenges and of course we have a few more opportunities to talk about, too. Times are tough. Your customers need a picker-upper! The cost of gas and the cost of food and the...
Customer Service Situations Part Deux: Jose - Making More By Selling More
Jun 24, 2010
In Toronto recently, needed food, went to the café in the hotel...walked in and waited by the counter to be seated as the sign advised. A customer was paying her cheque, the person behind the counter acknowledged me with a nod and asked “How many?” and then that was it.
Spring Clean Your Site - Delivering Marketing, Merchandising & Customer Service Via The Web
May 1, 2010
I’ve been touring quite a few agency websites recently looking for one or two corkers. And there are one or two corkers for sure. There are also, unfortunately, an awful lot of mediocre, ho hum, lame duck sites that need a spring clean.
Baggin' Extra Commissions - Shopping Is A Niche You Can Really Enjoy
May 1, 2010
Need a new niche? Need a niche that you too might just love to participate in? This idea might appeal more to women than men…but then there are men (like me) who also like to shop. Well look anyway! As a travel experience, shopping is right up there. Although you...
They Said It
May 1, 2010
Recently Canadian Traveller interviewed the leading Canadian tour operators selling Kenya safaris to find out what you should know to sell Kenya effectively. And boy did they talk. From favourite sellers to favourite memories, one thing is clear – Kenya is indeed magical. Find out for yourself:
What's Your KSP? - Develop Your Kenya Sales Plan & Bag More Commissions
May 1, 2010
When it’s time to research an article I usually include a click to National Geographic. There’s always something of interest hiding in the archives or recently added. I typed in Kenya and hey! If I ever did know this I’d forgotten it. Kenya, I found out, was the chosen spot...
The SKYpe's The Limit -
Apr 1, 2010
You know from previous articles and my workshops that I like Skype. I have worked with travel agents and suppliers alike suggesting they use this wonderful and FREE tool to enhance their customer relations, agent relations and to develop group business or make sales calls, or run a training session...
We're Not Dead Yet - Don't Rest On Your Laurels When It Comes To Selling Travel Insurance
Apr 1, 2010
Well I’ll tell you – let’s hope this promotional idea doesn’t catch on. This promotion has now been squashed and put to bed, however when this type of promotion raises its head you must take a hard look at it and learn from it. What was it all about you...
Selling the Travelicious! - Europe Offers Some Very Tasty Commissions
Mar 1, 2010
Well this has to be a winner of an opportunity for all good travel agents. Wait for it. Thinking Europe. Thinking 2010. Thinking Germany. Holding a stein. Thinking Munich…you’re getting close. Yes, yes, yes – BEER…of course. It’s Oktoberfest 2010! Are you ready for it? Here are the dates: September...
It's About The Service
Mar 1, 2010
As I go about my business I am always pulled into customer service situations that we can all learn from. Here’s a recent batch and all from the same week if you can believe it.
March Up the Wedding Aisle - Boost Your Commissions, Say “I Do” To This Niche
Mar 1, 2010
Are people still doing this? Sure they are. And it’s a renewable resource isn’t it? Yes it is. Have we moved from the one in two marriages ending in divorce? Hope so. Been there done that – she took the t-shirt! So we can have some fun with this segment...
Championship Commissions - Become A Golf Trip Planner & Tee Up A New Source Of Business
Mar 1, 2010
Oh boy this should be a fun niche market to promote about now. The Year of the Tiger! Who Wood have thought it, eh? So as you celebrate the year of the Tiger, a bit of smart marketing could lead you to some championship commissions.
Go Big, Go Deep - More Than A Niche, Adventure Travel Earns Hard Commissions
Feb 1, 2010
Life is one big adventure all by itself isn’t it – and then you can travel too! What a world we live in. And what a selection of suppliers we have represented in this article. You’ve got a variety of places and destinations to sell and types of adventures to...
Put Your Stamp On This Niche - Posting More Commissions Is Easy
Feb 1, 2010
Stamps? Postage stamps? Are they still used? Does anyone care? Well I do for one and I’ve cared about stamps since my time in the post department at Horizon Holidays, Hanover Street, London, UK where I started my travel trade career. Back then I would collect the stamps from overseas...
About Us Marketing - Tell Your Story Well On Your Website
Jan 1, 2010
If you have a website then chances are you have the standard tabs and links ranging from Home to Contact Us. Somewhere between the Home and Contact Us tab is the About Us tab, where as a consumer I can read all about the people who would be planning my trip...
A Roller Coaster Ride - Click The Turnstiles To Theme Park Sales
Dec 1, 2009
The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for theme parks across the continent and around the world, too. However, what goes down, must come up! And so it is with theme parks as they head into 2010. The year 2009 had slight increases over 2008 and...
The Simple-Ology Service Model - Simplify Your Agency Service Model & Win More Business
Nov 1, 2009
As I travel I am always learning from my own service experiences. Many times I will not complain as I truly want to experience the full on “no service for you” package. Some service situations are small in issue but big on the repeat scale as in, “Let me tell...
Selling On The High Cs - Big Commissions Await The Intrepid Cruise Counsellor
Nov 1, 2009
Selling cruises and generating high commissions means you will, as a front line travel counsellor, face one too many competitive stalls, squalls, storms and hurricanes. Alongside these trading hiccups you’ll also be tested by economic peaks and valleys, plus a variety of piratical practices under the guise of terrorism. To...