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Australia & New Zealand: 10 Otherworldly Wonders
Oct 22, 2015
Oftentimes we travel abroad to admire world wonders, structures constructed by epic feats of human engineering and labour. We imagine standing in...
New Zealand: Four Places to Fall in Love
Apr 9, 2015
Inspiring, breath-taking vistas abound on beaches, in the Southern Alps, on vineyards or lying on your back, looking up at the stars.
Auckland: The Penny Pincher’s Guide
Feb 24, 2015
With a large bank account it’s easy to have a good time, but cheap thrills take a little more work to ferret out.
Australia: Four Incredible UNESCO Sites
Feb 10, 2015
The Great Barrier Reef is the best known of the World Heritage Sites, but these others are equally amazing and worth a visit.
Melbourne: The Barfly Guide
Jan 19, 2015
Australia takes the bar scene to a new level, packing the cities with great places to take a break. Although almost pub will show you a great time, there are some decidedly standout places scattered around Melbourne. If you want a great drink, a fine view or a quirky atmosphere,
South Pacific Islands: Four Amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Dec 3, 2014
More than two dozen sites in the South Pacific have been granted World Heritage status. Here are four you may not have known about... Bikini Atoll Twenty three small islands surrounding a deep...
When the Clock Strikes: Five Unusual Places to Spend New Year’s Eve
Dec 3, 2014
Many places around the world throw a huge party for New Year’s Eve. Greeting the coming year in Sydney or New York City certainly is amazing, but there are some locations that may not be as grand, but are truly spectacular in their own way. Kiribati Only a few of its 800...
Anchors Away - 17 Ferry Rides That Will Leave You Speechless
Nov 15, 2014
Ferries can be more than just a way to get from one location to another - they can often provide the best ways to tour some of the most beautiful and remote locations on Earth. Here are some of our favourites…
Australia: Eco Luxury
Nov 12, 2014
A number of new luxury eco-resorts are combining wilderness experiences with five-star comforts and environmental sensitivity, places where you’ll have a minimum impact on the environment and leave a minimum footprint. Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa in the heart of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area is Australia's newest luxury...
Australia: How to Tie the Knot
Nov 12, 2014
Australia is always a favourite honeymoon destination, whether you want a dreamy resort location, an Outback or wilderness adventure, an exciting city interlude or a combination of different experiences. But getting married in Australia is also easy, making this is a very popular choice for overseas couples who want to...
New Zealand: Hobbit Fans Take Over Middle-Earth
Nov 3, 2014
Gearing up for the final big screen journey to Middle-earth with the December release of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, the third film in Sir Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Trilogy, an army of keen Hobbit fans and their guests converged in New Zealand for The Hobbit Fan Fellowship,
In Hot Water: Five Magnificent Natural Hot Pools
Sep 30, 2014
Canadians are no strangers to the wonders of natural hot springs -- just visit BC and you can choose from dozens of places. Although you’ll never grow tired of these, sometimes it’s nice to see what other countries have to offer and try something new. There are some amazing hot...
International Day of Peace: Five Events that Celebrate World Peace
Sep 18, 2014
Since 1982, the International Day of Peace, created by the United Nations, has been celebrated annually on September w] \st around the world. Sadly, the world cannot make everyday a day of peace, but has settled on a single day of ceasefire so that the war-torn may have but a moment...
New Zealand: Hobbit Attractions
Sep 7, 2014
Many may believe that The Hobbit is set in the fictional land of Middle Earth, but it is actually located right here on our Earth, more specifically, in New Zealand. Author J.R.R. Tolkien was very vivid in the way he described landscapes, so when it came time to take his...
Perth by Phone: The Smart Way to See the Town
Sep 5, 2014
With Perth's setting along the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, it is probably the most outdoorsy of all Australian cities. However, enjoying nature doesn't mean that they have forgone modern conveniences like smart phones. Quite the opposite in fact, many local Perth mobile developers have created a whole army...
New Zealand: Five Hotels That Will Take Your Breath Away
Aug 30, 2014
Most travellers head to New Zealand to experience some of its breathtaking natural beauty. So why visit one of the most...
Shakespeare: All the World's a Stage
Aug 4, 2014
The Stratford Festival has a simple goal: To set the standard for classical theatre – and they achieve that on a yearly basis. The company has been built by searching for the finest talent available and cultivating skill and passion. In this way they have been producing amazing theatre for more...
New Zealand – Touring UNESCO Sites
Aug 3, 2014
Just ask anyone who has been there: New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Currently, it...
Australia: Where to Sample Bush Tucker
Jul 19, 2014
Australians are known for incorporating a variety of ethnic flavors into their cuisine, but bush tucker – the use of native plants and animals – is becoming increasingly popular among restaurant goers, and the Aussie chefs are rising to the challenge. Here are some of the best spots to sample...
Melbourne by Phone: The Smart Way to See the Town
Jul 18, 2014
A trip to Australia, including Melbourne, is always a major undertaking. From many places in the world, it spells for a 20+ hour plane ride. Instead of trying to sleep all that time away, use it to study up on what to do within the city and the best way...
Tasmania – Exploring World Heritage Sites
Jun 19, 2014
Tasmania, located off the southern coast of Australia, is a land of wonder. Visitors flock here by the thousands to frolic on white sandy beaches, explore rustic villages and hike snow-capped mountains.
Tonga – South Pacific Kingdom
Jun 9, 2014
With some 176 unspoiled islands to explore, travellers in search of a slice of South Pacific seclusion can’t fail to be impressed with the Kingdom of Tonga. The country is made up of three major island groups: Tongatapu and ‘Eua in the south, the Ha’apai group in the centre and...
Underwater Adventure - Meet The Creatures Of The Deep
May 29, 2014
Whether you’re a huge fan of sea life, an avid explorer or someone who just enjoys unique experiences, mingling with the denizens of the deep is an experience that shouldn’t be passed up... Sunlight on Water – Honokohau Harbor, Hawaii, US On the Kona side of the Big Island, Sunlight has been...
Queenstown – Snow Is Falling
May 27, 2014
Surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains and the crystal clear waters of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is the perfect snow destination, whether you have an appetite for adventure, mountains and fresh air or are more at home tracking down a delicious meal, fine wine and a roaring log fire. Each June, the region...
Brisbane – The Luxury Guide
May 15, 2014
Brisbane was founded in 1824 as a penal colony – but oh how the times have changed! After Brisbane abandoned its reputation as a penal colony, Brisbane was, for many years, just considered a big old country town. However, the streets and glittering skyscrapers that now mark the city's booming business...
Australia – Hit The Road, Bruce
May 9, 2014
Across its massive land and all of its 12,000 islands, thousands of possible journeys connect endless unique experiences in Australia. Short or long, by horsepower or horseback – it is journeys that have always created the threads that continue to connect us to each other – the connections that make Australia...
The Wildest Ride In Fiji
May 5, 2014
The call of the wild: Viti Levu’s lush rainforest interior. By Tim Johnson When people picture Fiji, they see paradise: beaches as white as icing sugar, warm, inviting, aquamarine waters and palm trees bending gently in the breeze. But dense jungle pierced only by canyons shot through with rushing rapids? While that’s far...
Tree House Hotels – Branch Out On Your Next Vacation
Apr 9, 2014
Looking to branch out on your next stay? In the most beautiful forested areas around the world, hotel entrepreneurs are venturing into an area that was once purely the domain of young children: tree houses. These hotels are usually suspended high in the air and offer some breathtaking views while...
Auckland By Phone – The Smart Way To See The City
Apr 4, 2014
Auckland’s world-class stores, restaurants, bars and galleries are encircled by wine regions, stunning beaches, pristine rainforest and the magnificent Hauraki Gulf. Here are some of our favourite apps to help you navigate Auckland’s many attractions... AucklandNZ AucklandNZ is the official travel app for New Zealand's largest city. The app highlights the city’s...
And They’re Off - Amazing Horse Races Around The World
Apr 2, 2014
There are few things more adrenaline-inducing than the thrill of a horse race. For those looking to indulge in this age-old tradition, ready your bets as they canter down to these iconic horse race meetings... Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky, United States There is no more famous horse race in the United States...
Rockin’ Rod & Rockin’ Reds - Discover Hawke’s Bay New Zealand’s Newest Culinary Secret
Mar 29, 2014
Sipping wonderful wine under twinkling stars on a balmy New Zealand evening with Rod Stewart singing to me – and about 25,000 other fans at the annual Mission Estate Winery Concert...
Cold Hard Cash - 10 Great Money Museums
Mar 13, 2014
There is nothing quite like seeing some cold hard cash up close. However, not everyone has huge wads of cash to gaze upon... But they can make their way to a currency museum to see some big bucks up close and personal. Visitors to these museums can trace the currency...
The Crack-A-Cold-One Guide - Melbourne
Mar 11, 2014
On a hot day there is nothing better than a cold beer. As Australia has no shortage of hot days, it's no coincidence that it also has no shortage of cold beer. In Melbourne, the business of churning out craft beers from microbreweries is really starting to explode, so the...
Here Comes The Bride - Seven Romantic Places To Tie The Knot
Feb 14, 2014
Having your wedding and honeymoon at the same time is a stress free way to ensure your nuptials are the best time of your life – and usually at a fraction of the cost. And with so many romantic locations to choose from, your dream wedding is just a plane...
Pucker Up - Eight Romantic Places To Steal A Kiss
Feb 14, 2014
Whether it’s around the world or closer to home, these gorgeous destinations may just be the most romantic places on earth to steal a kiss with the one you love...
Be Still My Beating Heart - Five Romantic Places To Pop The Question
Feb 13, 2014
By Jenna Matthews The moment you pop the question should be completely unforgettable and awe-inspiring. So why not combine the trip...
A Secret No More - Celebrities & Seafood Are Putting Australia’s Scenic South Coast On The Foodie Map
Feb 13, 2014
Maybe there’s something in the soil mixed with the comfortable climate and fresh sea air, but the tasty terroir of South Coast of New South Wales seems to be one succulent gourmet secret just waiting to be discovered...
From Kava To Cannibals - Hopping From One Perfect Place To The Next In Fiji
Feb 11, 2014
It was a ritual that would become commonplace for me as the week wore on: Sit cross-legged on the floor, facing the chief and his most favoured warrior, both of them adorned with an elaborate costume of colourful flower leis and dry, brown grass. Take the wooden bowl of cava...
The Luxury Travel Guide - Sydney, Australia
Jan 30, 2014
Sydney is a glittering playground of sandstone wearing a skirt of white sand beaches. While many visitors choose to indulge in the sea and the sport that everyone in Australia is so fond of, Sydney has grown into one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities - a multicultural hub that...
Elves In Love - Tolkien Aficionados Make It To Middle-Earth
Jan 16, 2014
A couple who dreamed of visiting New Zealand completed their own ‘unexpected journey’ recently – thanks their own Middle-earth inspired love story and an Air New Zealand Fairy...
Dig In - Christmas Food Traditions Around The World
Dec 24, 2013
While the roast turkey that Canada enjoys every Christmas may seem pretty common place in a lot of other countries, every country celebrates Christmas a little differently...
Joy To The Whole World - 22 Tinsel-tastic Christmas Escapes
Dec 20, 2013
While Christmas is a time to spend with family, the allure of the many unique ways that different cultures celebrate the holiday is often too much to resist. Whether you crave dashing through the snow in a horse-drawn sleigh or making your friends jealous by getting a tan on the...
New Zealand – The Real Middle-Earth
Dec 12, 2013
With the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand will once again be spotlighted on the big screen. And for those inspired to take a trip to the country that brought Middle-earth to life, there are plenty of activities in New Zealand related...
Searching For Something Special To Sip – Australia’s New South Wales
Nov 21, 2013
Stand aside Bordeaux. Sit down Tuscany. The New South Wales towns of Mudgee and Orange are giving the wine capitals of the world a run for their money...
Fiji - Paradise Islands
Nov 1, 2013
It was a ritual that would become commonplace for me as the week wore on: Sit cross-legged on the floor, facing the chief and his most favoured warrior, both of them adorned with an elaborate costume of colourful flower leis and dry, brown grass...
Creepy Cuisine - Do You Dare To Dine In A Haunted Restaurant?
Oct 30, 2013
With 170 years of history to its name, finding a spirit or two roaming the halls of Milano’s Tavern in Melbourne shouldn’t be a huge surprise....
Spooky Stays - Haunted Hotels Across The Globe
Oct 29, 2013
Forget five star luxury and relaxation: at this time of year, thrill-seeking travellers are seeking out the supernatural in the numerous hotels around the world that report ghostly happenings in their rooms and hallways...
Tropical Adventure - Unique Experiences in Samoa
Oct 23, 2013
With its flourishing rainforests, cascading waterfalls and crystal clear waters, Samoa is a lush and lovely collection of islands in the South Pacific that boasts a selection of adventures not to be found anywhere else in the world. Here are just a few of our favourites…
Spokes And Suds - Peddling For Beer In New Zealand
Oct 21, 2013
Beer while biking is a recipe for a bad time – but a nice ice cold beer after a hard day of biking? Well, that’s a perfect slice of heaven...
Paradise Found: The Cook Islands - Your Slice Of Paradise May Be Closer Than You Think…
Oct 3, 2013
Tucked away between Fiji and Tahiti in the very heart of the South Pacific, lie the 15 divinely beautiful atolls, cays and volcanic islands that make up the tropical paradise that is the Cook Islands. Look no further: this is paradise found. We’re talking picture-perfect translucent waters, stretches of sun-drenched...
The Cardboard Cathedral - Celebrating Christchurch's Resilience And Creativity
Sep 16, 2013
After nearly two years of planning and construction, Christchurch's Transitional Cathedral, designed by renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, has opened...
Tantalizing Trails - The Yarra Valley And Mornington Peninsula
Sep 12, 2013
Less than an hour from Melbourne lies one of Australia’s most stylish wine regions, where you can arguably find some...
Three Of The Best - Where To Indulge Yourself In New Zealand
Aug 15, 2013
By Ruth Atherley   While there are plenty of budget and reasonably-priced places to stay on New Zealand’s North and South...
Australia's Hunter Valley - Knocking On Cellar Doors
Aug 10, 2013
Just north of Sydney lies one of the most impressive wine regions on the globe: The Hunter Valley. Wine connoisseurs from...
The Tightwad Guide - Six Fabulously Free Things To See And Do In Australia
Jul 26, 2013
You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time Downunder. Just check out some of these fabulously free treats for tightwads…
Christchurch And Canterbury - Experience The 'Uncrushable Kiwi Spirit'
Jul 21, 2013
The dynamic rebuild plan for Christchurch is in full swing after the destructive earthquakes the city experienced a little over two years ago.
Tasty Tucker - Explore Australia's Culinary Passions
Apr 26, 2013
Food, wine and all the in-betweens are a serious passion for Aussies, who have learnt the techniques, then bent the traditional rules to create impressive wines, spirits, beers and a cuisine all of their own. Some of this is among the oldest in the world. Aboriginal people lived on bush...
The Incredible Remarkables - New Zealand's Most Fantastical Mountain Range
Apr 6, 2013
The Remarkables New Zealand is of course a major skiing destination due to its mountainous terrain and generally high elevation. The snow on these island mountains is crisp and sought-after by serious fans of the slopes. The Remarkables aren’t New Zealand’s most famous skiing slopes, but their proximity to the city...
New Zealand's Wilderness - Tongariro National Park
Apr 6, 2013
Tongariro National Park Tongariro National Park is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest national park in New Zealand, it also happens to be the perfect place for a striking natural getaway. The visual splendour of the New Zealand landscape was immortalized in the Lord of the Rings...
Movie Travel - Discover The Mystery Of The Hobbit In New Zealand
Apr 6, 2013
    To some, New Zealand is simply home.  To many others, it is a land of beauty and mystery. The small country hit previously undiscovered fame with the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies, where the beautiful countryside meshed perfectly with the idyllic wonderland of Tolkien’s fantasy. New Zealand has...
Bottoms Up! - A Tasting Tour Of New Zealand's Boutique Brews
Mar 30, 2013
    New Zealand might be best known for its award-winning wines, but Kiwis are also beer drinkers and have developed a discerning palate that has prompted a boutique brewery boom. While well established and internationally renowned Kiwi beer brands such as Steinlager, Speight’s and Tui continue to thrive, more than 50 boutique...
Twelve Free Aussie Adventures
Feb 22, 2013
Some aspects of travel make it difficult to cheap out. Hotel accommodations, for instance, run along a fairly reliable cost-to-quality curve. However, in some cases cutting costs is as easy as turning left, rather than right. If you know where to go, there are a nearly limitless number of ways...
Snapshots Fall 2012
Nov 21, 2012
  BELIZE Some Things AreWorth It The locavore dining movement has deep roots in Canada, but there are some daily indulgences even those...
O Kiwi, Where Art Thou? - On The Trail Of New Zealand's Elusive Icon
Oct 1, 2012
New Zealand is home to some pretty unusual creatures, including its famous icon, the kiwi. Who knew that a creature with a torso about the size of a cantaloupe would be so hard to find? Canadian Traveller goes in search of the elusive kiwi in the southernmost point of New...
Sun, Sand & Sitges - Spain's Sizzling Coastal Town Is The Place For Hot Beach Action
Aug 29, 2012
For many travellers, the epitome of a vacation is hours upon hours soaking up the sun and sights at the beach. Over the past several years, Sitges has secured a spot on the list of many in-the-know LGBT travellers. It’s proximity to Barcelona makes it a great city/beach destination, as...
6 Free Things To Do In Australia
Aug 17, 2012
Explore the majesty of Uluru on the 9.4 kilometre Base Walk. The walk is dotted with interpretive displays, as well as a network of waterholes and lush woodlands – one of the last things you’d expect to see in the stark desert landscape. There are many other ways to see...
A Smokin' Place - Walking New Zealand's White Island
May 23, 2012
It was a glorious day to be on the water. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, as we skimmed over the waves to White Island, a 90-minute cruise from Whakatane, on New Zealand’s North Island.
Wild About Nature - 4 Places To See Wildlife Up Close
May 18, 2012
Come face to face with some of nature’s most incredible inhabitants in the most intimate and the most spectacular settings on earth.
Bula! - It's The Spirit of Fiji
Apr 30, 2012
You hear it throughout this Pacific archipelago: Bula! Fijians call it in greeting, huge smiles gleaming in their handsome Melanesian faces. It means welcome and it’s meant sincerely.
Only In New Zealand - Uniquely Kiwi Adventures On New Zealand's North Island
Apr 9, 2012
From Gisborne, through the Bay of Plenty and on to Rotorua, our tour of New Zealand’s North Island explored European history and even older Maori culture, outdoor adventure and fine wines – even the beginnings of the country’s tourism industry.
4 Unusual Places to Sleep
Mar 30, 2012
Do you like the top (a forest canopy) or the bottom (under ground)? Discover new places for sleeping around. Underwater Hotels...
Hot Plates In Melbourne - Tourism Victoria's Top Food & Drink Trends For 2012
Mar 21, 2012
The state of Victoria in Australia is home to 90 of the country’s 150 Farmers’ Markets, demonstrating the accessibility of great produce and the industry’s continued focus on farm to plate and using local produce. And dining out, from haute to street fare, is a huge pastime. Here are the...
National Treasures - Australia's National Landscapes Take Your Breath Away
Feb 3, 2012
Sunny beaches, fine wines, the searing Outback, offbeat wildlife. Think of Australia and all these images spring to mind. And then there are the experiences – Aboriginal traditions, surfer culture, urban sophistication.
Adventure Central - View The Cooks From Water, Land & Air
Jan 27, 2012
Some visitors to the Cook Islands happily spend their entire holiday lazing on the beach or gently rocking in a shady hammock with a good book. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you need a bit more excitement, there are plenty more active attractions on the islands.
Widgets, Devils, Ticks & Ayers Rock
Jan 27, 2012
Under a new initiative spearheaded by Tourism Australia, a TripAdvisor micro site will feature Australian tourism products bearing the T-QUAL Tick, the national symbol of accreditation.
Surf's Up - Tree Surfing & Other Adventures In Fiji
Sep 30, 2011
A craving for adventure led me to southern Vita Levu’s Pacific Harbour, proclaimed “The Adventure Capital of Fiji”. The Uprising Beach Resort, not only has dorm accommodations that are ubiquitous to the area, but also beachfront and garden view bures (sleeps up to four) for those, like myself, who fancy...
Heading To Hobbiton - Take A Tour Of The Iconic Film Set
Mar 25, 2011
A new venture between Sir Peter Jackson and Rings Scenic Tours, will allow visitors to access the Hobbiton Movie Set on the Matamata farm location in New Zealand – scene of The Lord of the Rings films and now The Hobbit films. The award-winning Kiwi film-maker responsible for the trilogy...
In The Know - A Local's Guide To Australia's Best Places To Nosh
Jan 11, 2011
Most Australians live in the major state capitals, and everyone has their preferred places to eat, drink and visit. But if you were wanted to do what the locals do during your visit, then there are definitely some things that stand out.
South Pacific Report December 2010
Dec 13, 2010
Since its opening in June visitors have flocked to Te Vara Nui Village in the Cook Islands to experience a traditional and authentic cultural experience.
Almost Sinful - The Cook Islands Are The Last Remote South Pacific Paradise
Dec 10, 2010
When the global recession finally ends, this tiny island nation in the heart of the South Pacific will be waiting on the recovery side, welcoming the world’s superpowers.
The Road Less Travelled - The Out of the Ordinary Australian Outback
Oct 5, 2010
We had to slow to a stop while a python ambled across the road. But that’s getting a little ahead of the story, although I swear it was as big around as a fire hose. “We give way to animals out here,” said my driver, Katie, a Nicole Kidman look-a-like.
Melbourne Bounty - Wine & Food, Flora & Fauna Around Victoria's Great City
Aug 16, 2010
Phillip Island’s Little Penguins are the stars of an evening parade as they head from the sea to their burrows.
Highlights Of Australia - Uniquely Aussie Experiences In Queensland, South Oz & Tasmania
Aug 4, 2010
Australia. The Land DownUnder. Whatever you call it, the country is endlessly fascinating with unique cultures, creatures and scenery. Here’s a rundown on some of the best, and uniquely Australian selling point for your clients, as well as a look at some of the country’s most intriguing regions.
Fiji Me New Brand
Jun 29, 2010
More than 90 North American travel agents and wholesalers gathered in the Fiji Islands January 28 to February 3 for Fiji…an Amazing Place, the first of several Educational Fam trips planned by the Fiji Visitors Bureau (FVB) for 2008. Patterned after the popular television program The Amazing Race, the FVB...
7 Key Ingredients - Cooking Up Commissions Selling The Cook Islands
Jun 28, 2010
Selling islands. What a nice ring to it that has. Selling islands…south sea islands that is, with coves, beaches, palm trees and ancient cultures surrounded by turquoise-coloured water. They’re just lazing around out there waiting to be matched to a customer’s need for a taste of island life – and...
New Website Says “Fiji Me”
Jun 28, 2010
The Fiji Islands Visitors Bureau has launched its new website – www.fijime.com – featuring an interactive map with search functionality for accommodation, activities and events.
Mudholes, Maori & Chardonnay City - New Zealand's North Island, From Gisborne To Rotorua
Jun 28, 2010
Come to New Zealand, the invitation said. Come to Eastland and the Bay of Plenty. Come and discover old European history and even older Maori culture. Come discover great outdoor adventure and fine wines. Come discover where New Zealand’s tourism industry started. And we discovered it all.
Walkabout On Water - Wading Through Australia's Aquatic Adventures
May 1, 2010
For tens of thousands of years Aboriginal people travelled across Australia’s waterways and out to sea in dugout canoes, rafts, and canoes made from tree bark.
Hawke's Bay Has It All - Discover Everything From Wine & Art Deco to Ancient Maori Culture
Apr 1, 2010
Vineyards upon vineyards and cities with Art Deco chic, Hawke’s Bay offers food for the soul and the stomach.