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Winter Driving: How to stay safe this season
Nov 19, 2015
Living in a nation spanning across varied terrains and stretching over 5,000 kilometres from east to west, one could say...
Road Tripping in Prince Edward Island
Jul 27, 2015
Prince Edward Island formed some 15,000 years ago when built-up silt from freshwater rivers was uncovered by receding glaciers. This...
How to Plan a Pet Friendly Vacation
Jun 23, 2015
Sometimes it seems to take forever for family holidays to roll around. You have worked hard all year and it’s...
US: Five Dazzling Autumn Drives
Oct 6, 2014
Come the end of September when the temperature begins to drop from the sweltering heat of summer in the United States, the trees go through a beautiful metamorphosis. The endless seas of green begin to turn a wonderful mix of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. This has lead travellers...
The Arts and Blues of Chicago
Sep 30, 2014
Everyone knows that Chicago is the home of the blues, but this vibrant mid-west city has much more to offer
On the Road: Unique Ways (and Wheels) to See a New City
Sep 11, 2014
There are hundreds of ways to see a new city, but there is none more special and easy-going then by private car. However, luxury sedans and limousines have become so common place that they don't really feel special anymore. However, cities around the world are taking some of their most...
Sometimes Getting there is Half the Fun
Sep 2, 2014
Have you ever heard that saying, "Getting there is half the fun"?  Back in the mid 90's my best friend Brent...
Big Screen Bars: Silver Screen Stars
Aug 19, 2014
Ever wish you could find that intriguing bar that you saw in the movies? While many of them exist only in the minds of the film makers, some are actual places that are fun to visit if you have the chance. New York Bar, Park Hyatt, Tokyo It looks like a great...
Australia – Hit The Road, Bruce
May 9, 2014
Across its massive land and all of its 12,000 islands, thousands of possible journeys connect endless unique experiences in Australia. Short or long, by horsepower or horseback – it is journeys that have always created the threads that continue to connect us to each other – the connections that make Australia...
Oh Say You Can See – Driving Maryland’s Star Spangled Scenic Byway
Mar 8, 2014
Maryland's scenic byway system includes 18 designated roads that span over 2,400 kilometres of this beautiful and historic landscape. One of these 18 trails is the Star Spangled Banner Scenic Byway, which is combined with the Star Spangled Banner Trail to take in some of the most historic sites from...
Capital Idea - Week-Ending In Victoria The 'TripStyler' Way
Aug 4, 2013
There’s a certain je ne sais quoi in the air at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Some might call...
Road Tripping - Cross-Border Getaways Across The USA
Jul 4, 2013
Summer is the time of year when Canadians pack up the vehicle and go road tripping. Ideally situated North of the United States, and the world’s longest undefended border, a drive South is an obvious choice when making travel plans. Canadian Traveller has compiled a list of top scenic drives...
Pure Mexico
Nov 7, 2012
  Think Mexico, and you think beaches and margaritas, right? Think again: If plunging into genuine, rich history, off-the-beaten-path real-deal adventure, exploration,
The Pleasures of PV - Public Art, Fine Dining & Hot Adventures Highlight Puerto Vallarta
Jun 28, 2012
It’s arguably the most popular destination on Mexico’s West Coast – and certainly the largest, with hundreds of miles of dazzling beachfront all-inclusive hotels and high-rise condo developments where older, smaller, locally-owned hotels are squeezed into the spaces between the big developments in Puerto Vallarta proper