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British Columbia: Five Cozy Hideaways
Sep 16, 2014
When life becomes challenging, sometimes the best thing you can do is find some out-of-the-way place that will let you relax and recharge. With its mix of mountains, coasts and islands, British Columbia has some of the most beautiful spots anywhere for relaxing and reconnecting with that special someone or yourself. Sonora...
Mumbai: The Luxury Guide
Sep 11, 2014
No one goes to Mumbai for a vacation full of rest and relaxation. Mumbai is a city of chaos and glamour with a certain duality between its people. It is one of the very few places in the world where visitors can be wowed by staggering wealth one minute before...
Santa Fe: The Luxury Guide
Sep 4, 2014
Santa Fe, New Mexico is a rich blend of Native American, Latino and Western cultures. It is a city where fine arts are nurtured, zesty Southwestern food reigns supreme and adobe is still the preferred building material for most homes. While it is all together a modern city, the city...
Prague: The Luxury Guide
Aug 26, 2014
Windy cobble stone streets, medieval architecture spared by the ravages of war and a city that arguably hosts some of the best culture in the world, this can only be Prague. Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has served as home to revolutionaries, Bohemian kings, invading Axis powers...
Venice: The Luxury Guide
Aug 23, 2014
The serene city of Venice is a maze of stone palaces that seemingly float on water. It is a romantic city of canals where cars are banned and the only way to get around is to walk or take any number of the floating transportation. It inspires images of some...
Seoul: The Luxury Guide
Aug 14, 2014
For centuries as the centre for Korean politics, business and art have made Seoul abuzz with energy and enterprise. From palaces like Gyeongbokgung to the fine art that fills the galleries in the Samcheongdong district, Seoul is a traveller's paradise. However, this isn't some ancient town, Seoul's younger residents love...
Nairobi: The Luxury Guide
Aug 8, 2014
Nairobi has become a twentieth-century mecca for adventurers and colonials since it sprang from Kenya's swampland. It is a near perfect juxtaposition of skyscrapers and safaris where visitors can often spot the rare black rhino or the protected elephants just outside the modern cityscape in Nairobi National Park. Red robed...
Washington DC: The Luxury Guide
Jul 24, 2014
Many can't see past Washington, D.C. for its glorious marble memorials and Capitol Hill politicking. For those who have never been to the national capital of the United States, it is simply a spot for the historic landmarks and the frustrating business of running a country. However, there is a...
Stockholm: The Luxury Guide
Jul 17, 2014
After Sweden's induction into the European Union in 1995 and the swift IT boom of the late 90's, the country's capital of Stockholm emerged from its cold, Nordic shadow and became a truly international city. The city is something of a wonder in and of itself, being hailed the "Venice...
Vancouver: The Luxury Guide
Jul 10, 2014
In what is consistently ranked one of the world's most livable cities, Vancouver lures in visitors with its cosmopolitan flair, multicultural vitality, and the abundance of natural beauty surrounding the city. The city is ringed by forested mountains which taper off into sandy beaches that create a stunning natural backdrop...
Luxury Guide to Dallas
Jul 1, 2014
While Austin may be the capital of Texas, it is Dallas that embodies visitor's impressions of the state, where everything is bigger and bolder. Dallas, or "The Big D," is a glittering oasis of towering skyscrapers that juts out from the vast Texan prairie. While Dallas offers the quintessential Lonestar...
Tokyo - The Luxury Guide
Jun 30, 2014
Between Tokyo's kaleidoscopic lights and the 13 million people that live, work and play in the city, it can be a little daunting to visitors. Tokyo's maze of neighborhoods offers up everything from the serene cherry blossom groves and temples from traditional Japan to the inventively modern bullet trains and...
Dip Into Desert - La Quinta Rolls Out The Summer Sizzle
Jun 23, 2014
La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST, a Waldorf Astoria Resort and quintessential desert oasis boasting 41 swimming pools, cuts loose this summer with a new line up of packages and programs.  From ‘dive-in’ movies to rock-bottom golf rates, new spa treatments and extended check out, the resort salutes summer...
Toronto - The Luxury Guide
Jun 21, 2014
Toronto, Canada's largest city, is an easy city to like. It is an economic and social powerhouse with a vibrant art and culinary scene as a result of a mix of 200-plus distinct ethnicities that have melted together in one of North America's most diverse cities. With shopping that rivals...
Philadelphia – The Luxury Guide
May 29, 2014
Philadelphia still remains that same old City of Brotherly Love, but it has been on an upward trend of development recently. New beautiful places are springing up all over the place, it’s undergoing an impressive culinary renaissance, and there is something of a colonial cultural revival going on. As the...
Hanoi – The Luxury Guide
May 22, 2014
Hanoi isn't one of those cities that people often think of when it comes to a luxurious stay. However, from the beautiful architecture of the French Quarter to the endless coastline and strong culinary traditions, there is a lot to see and do in the city. And although Hanoi is...
Brisbane – The Luxury Guide
May 15, 2014
Brisbane was founded in 1824 as a penal colony – but oh how the times have changed! After Brisbane abandoned its reputation as a penal colony, Brisbane was, for many years, just considered a big old country town. However, the streets and glittering skyscrapers that now mark the city's booming business...
Boston – The Luxury Guide
May 8, 2014
Boston is a town of dualities. It has fully embraced all things modern without letting go of its colonial past. Modern skyscrapers are nestled next to historic hotels, while rich marketplaces line the cobblestone streets. Boston – or Beantown – has all that beautiful New England charm without sacrificing the...
The Luxury Guide - Houston
Apr 24, 2014
As we all know, everything is bigger and bolder in Texas. Houston is a city that definitely knows this and lives by it! Everything in Houston is just that much bigger, bolder and better – but it is still a city with strong roots. Many of the original buildings from the...
Reykjavik – The Luxury Guide
Apr 17, 2014
Iceland, known as the land of fire and ice, was dubbed the most peaceful country in the world in 2013, and after a short visit it’s easy to see why these two labels are a point of pride for this incredible country. The capitol city of Reykjavik has a small...
Barcelona – The Luxury Guide
Apr 10, 2014
Barcelona is a feast for the senses. The architecture is vibrant, the temperature always feels just right and the smell...
Johannesburg – The Luxury Guide
Apr 3, 2014
From High Fashion To Flea Markets In Johannesburg, there is no shortage of stylish boutiques for the discerning visitor. The city has a huge high fashion scene. Fashion lovers should head to the Eastgate Centre in the Northern suburbs, where international boutiques like Abigail Keats and Stuttafords International store play host...
Paris – The Luxury Guide
Mar 27, 2014
With its cobblestone streets and street side cafes and quaint shop window display, Paris simply oozes old-world charm. And for luxury travellers, it’s a city that’s also at the cutting edge fashion, art and culinary scenes. Here’s what this traditional and trend-setting city has to offer the traveller who appreciates...
San Francisco – The Luxury Guide
Mar 20, 2014
With its hilly streets and beautiful houses, San Francisco is consistently voted one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The ‘City by the Bay’ is full of culture, blending both a bohemian and cosmopolitan experience. Shopping, San Fran Style When it comes to shopping, there are two distinct districts for...
Pucker Up - Eight Romantic Places To Steal A Kiss
Feb 14, 2014
Whether it’s around the world or closer to home, these gorgeous destinations may just be the most romantic places on earth to steal a kiss with the one you love...
Be Still My Beating Heart - Five Romantic Places To Pop The Question
Feb 13, 2014
The moment you pop the question should be completely unforgettable and awe-inspiring. So why not combine the trip of a...
The Luxury Guide - Sochi, Russia
Feb 13, 2014
Even before Sochi won its bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics, it was very much a resort town in Russia.
The Luxury Guide - Rome, Italy
Feb 6, 2014
Each year millions of visitors from around the world flock to the Eternal City of Rome. Although ancient landmarks like the Coliseum and the Vatican grace the skyline, below is a city that has found a balance between preserving the past and embracing modern trends in food, fashion and luxury...
A Relaxation Mecca - Discover Scottsdale’s Soothing Vibes & Calming Attractions
Feb 6, 2014
The sun smiles on Scottsdale. It’s more than the 300 days of sunshine in a year. It’s how the warmth of the rays creates a certain vibe and feel: laidback and carefree, with notes of escape and getaway. Scottsdale can boast a certain status as a “relaxation mecca” – a...
The Luxury Travel Guide - Sydney, Australia
Jan 30, 2014
Sydney is a glittering playground of sandstone wearing a skirt of white sand beaches. While many visitors choose to indulge in the sea and the sport that everyone in Australia is so fond of, Sydney has grown into one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities - a multicultural hub that...
The Luxury Travel Guide - Belfast, Ireland
Jan 28, 2014
Belfast is the gem of Northern Ireland, with a magical mix of classic Irish charm and modern flair. Historically, Belfast...
Seasonal Stays - Holiday Hotels That Delight
Dec 21, 2013
A hotel lobby is not simply for checking in and checking out. At this time of year they are canvases for the Christmas imagination, as stunning yuletide creative concepts burst to life…...
Fiji - Paradise Islands
Nov 1, 2013
It was a ritual that would become commonplace for me as the week wore on: Sit cross-legged on the floor, facing the chief and his most favoured warrior, both of them adorned with an elaborate costume of colourful flower leis and dry, brown grass...
Seduced By St Lucia - 7 Reasons To Fall In Love With St Lucia
Oct 11, 2013
If you have a sweet tooth, prepare to be amazed: October is Chocolate Heritage Month in St Lucia. “Travellers are in for a sweet surprise when they visit St Lucia during Chocolate Heritage Month,” says Tracey Warner-Arnold, deputy director of tourism for St Lucia...
Three Of The Best - Where To Indulge Yourself In New Zealand
Aug 15, 2013
By Ruth Atherley   While there are plenty of budget and reasonably-priced places to stay on New Zealand’s North and South...
You Don't Have To Be Rich - Sell Your Clients On Luxury Travel - It's More Affordable Than They Think
Jul 4, 2013
Airport Butler is YVR’s latest Meet & Greet Service. Premium and customized to elevate your airport experience, the professional concierge staff is all accredited for post security access and know the airport inside and out. From the time they arrive to the time they depart, Airport Butler’s clients have our...
Waitomo - New Zealand's Subterranean Wonderworld
Apr 6, 2013
    Just a short distance from Matamata, the stand-in for Hobbiton, is a place depicted to be even nearer than that: Waitomo, or the site of several scenes from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies. In The Hobbit, this is the site of a dangerous show-down at the entrance...
Waitomo - New Zealand's Subterranean Wonderland
Apr 6, 2013
Just a short distance from Matamata, the stand-in for Hobbiton, is a place depicted to be even nearer: Waitomo, or the site of several scenes from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies. In The Hobbit, this is the site of a dangerous show-down at the entrance to a...
The Real Hobbiton - New Zealand's Matamata
Apr 6, 2013
Matamata     First-time visitors to Matamata might think that the idyllic little hamlet that stood in for the subterranean shire of Hobbiton had little to do. The movies certainly depict the place as empty of activities, save the occasional community feast and birthday party. One wonders where to even stay the night,
Movie Travel - Discover The Mystery Of The Hobbit In New Zealand
Apr 6, 2013
    To some, New Zealand is simply home.  To many others, it is a land of beauty and mystery. The small country hit previously undiscovered fame with the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies, where the beautiful countryside meshed perfectly with the idyllic wonderland of Tolkien’s fantasy. New Zealand has...
Verdi, Verdi Good - 7 Gorgeous Opera Houses Around The World
Apr 5, 2013
  Opera has a special place in history, a mixture of musical expression and political intrigue, nationalist architectural projects and celebrity performances. Opera has been at the centre of more than one military dispute, whether due isolationist fears about its influence or the simple fact that the opera hosted most assassinations...
Happily Ever After - Take A Vow To Say “I Do” in the Caribbean
Mar 28, 2013
    By Melanie Reffes   Raising the romance bar with lobster dinners, champagne breakfasts and massages pour deux, the Caribbean oozes passion around every palm tree. From weddings and honeymoons to vow renewal celebrations and anniversary trysts, nothing says romance sweeter than a getaway in the tropics. Whether it is a seaside ceremony...
Travel Tech - 10 Cutting-Edge Solutions To De-Stress Your Vacataion
Mar 15, 2013
        Chargers and portable power solutions are perennial favourites on lists like this, and they will only become more common in the future. They are the gadgets that support all the other gadgets, but funnily enough many of them seem designed to do nothing but sit at the bottom of a...
Going To The Source - For The Best In Fashion, Head Straight To Italy
Mar 9, 2013
    Italy’s large and influential fashion industry is based in Milan, but has expanded widely to include Florence, Rome and of course, the rest of the world. Italian designers have famously created a range of men and women’s clothing lines, handbags and shoes. Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani,
Home Away From Home - ResortQuest Vacation Rentals Bring Comfort On The Road
Feb 28, 2013
    Hotels are great. They can be exotic, extravagant and exciting, offering new experiences and extra-special services. They can also offer cosy comfort in a strange place. But if you are looking for that true home-away-from-home stay, choose a vacation rental where you can kick back in comfort knowing the place...
Pleasures Of Paradise - Living the Good Life in St. Lucia
Jan 21, 2013
By Melanie Reffes   Simply defined, guilty pleasures are those indulgences that we really like but think twice about getting like that pricey pair of shoes, a brand new car and yes, a luxury vacation in the Caribbean. West of Barbados and south of Martinique, St. Lucia is that kind of guilty...
Rootin' Tootin' Beach Towns - The Texas Gulf Coast Is All About Fun In The Sun
Jan 9, 2013
By Tim Johnson   Garth Brooks, the best-selling country artist of all time, sings a song called I’d Rather Have Nothing, about banishing his heartache in a rum-soaked paradise – a sort of “Margaritaville” for the cowboy singing set. “Got in my truck and headed for Kansas/Morning found me in Port Aransas/Sipping...
Off to the Movies! - Locations and Film Tours
Jan 7, 2013
By Josephine Matyas   Everyone loves the movies. Letting your clients know about famous film locations at their holiday destination is definitely “value added.” Whether signing up for an organized film site tour or just cruising by spots that may be familiar from the big screen, movie lovers are sure to come...
Fun Ahoy - Kids & Cruises Are A Natural Fit
Dec 27, 2012
By Aaron Saunders   In the old days of cruising, sailing with the kids meant exactly that: dragging the little ones in tow with you every step of the way. Today’s kids, however, are plugged in and turned on – and that requires a little more diversionary creativity. Fortunately, cruising today offers...
Night Moves - SoCal After-Dark Is All About Fine Foods & Fun
Dec 19, 2012
By Merle Rosenstein   By day, California’s Southern Coast tempts winter weary travellers with golden sand beaches, soothing surf and outdoor adventure. At night, the entertainment options are endless. Sun seeking snowbirds can dance to a salsa beat on LA’s Sunset Strip. Or, tune into live jazz in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.
Only In Jamaica
Dec 13, 2012
  With an intoxicating cocktail of natural beauty, seaside resorts, vivacious nightlife and friendly locals, Jamaica has earned legions of adoring...
The Other California
Dec 3, 2012
  California – hmmmm – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Napa Valley…? Right, most of us have never heard of a surprisingly appealing region just an hour’s drive up the coast from the madness of LA. VenturaCountyWest encompasses rich farmland, rugged mountains, miles of sandy beaches and the unique Channel Islands. This is...
Offshore Bliss
Nov 29, 2012
Floridians from more congested parts of the state regard Lee County as a favourite vacation spot and Canadians are starting...
World Report - October 2012
Nov 27, 2012
  HONG KONG Visiting Asia’s World City Since it was reclaimed by China in 1997, Hong Kong has only become more important to Chinese-Western trade, making it a crucial bridge between cultures and one of the premier hubs for world travel. Any world-class metropolis will inevitably develop world-class attractions, and Hong Kong is...
Coming Soon To An Airstrip Near You
Nov 26, 2012
The hot topic that got a lot of tongues wagging at this year’s Future Travel Experience (FTE) was the impending launch of inter-galactic travel, poised to take place as early as 2014 or 2015. Held for the second consecutive year at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, FTE focuses on how innovation can...
Real Fun
Nov 20, 2012
In Panama City Beach (PCB), it’s all about the beachfront and a “come as you are” kind of attitude (it’s...
10 Destinations For The Nerd In All Of Us - Part 2
Nov 16, 2012
For part 1, click here.   Pythagoras’ achievements may have been entirely his own, or they might have been the compiled findings of his entire order - we really don’t know. What we do know is that the name of Pythagoras was used to publish and popularize some of the most revolutionary...
The World's Luckiest Place
Nov 15, 2012
The towns of Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island anchor the busy 39-kilometre stretch of coastline known as the...
Honky Tonks and History
Nov 8, 2012
The young fellow behind the counter at Gene’s Western Wear and Shoe Hospital in Flagstaff looks and sounds just like...
Pure Mexico
Nov 7, 2012
  Think Mexico, and you think beaches and margaritas, right? Think again: If plunging into genuine, rich history, off-the-beaten-path real-deal adventure, exploration,
Settling In
Nov 1, 2012
  Long-stay vacations in the U.S. provide good options for a host of reasons. While you’re hibernating, oops, chilling out in...
Airborne Cuisine, Gulf Style
Oct 31, 2012
Qatar Airways is an up and comer. The small Gulf airline has been expanding rapidly over the last few years,
The Price of Peace of Mind
Oct 31, 2012
  When it comes to insurance, travellers only have one concern: will the help be there when it’s really needed? Allianz...
$elling With $teve - YouTube And You
Oct 31, 2012
The way I see it is this. There are four major social media marketing tools for travel agents and they...
Off the Beaten Path
Oct 25, 2012
Despite being one of the most popular itineraries in the world, many Eastern Caribbean cruises seem to offer the same...
Forever Green
Oct 23, 2012
When Canadian golfers think “golf getaway” it’s natural for them to think of Arizona. Take more than 330 days of...
Mexico City: More Varied Than You Think
Sep 24, 2012
    Starting this summer, the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City launched a promotional campaign in the United States to showcase...
Customize Your Vacation
Sep 21, 2012
My ideal Caribbean vacation may look completely different from yours. While I want a quiet getaway with some spa treatments...
All-Inclusive, Plus, Plus, Plus
Sep 21, 2012
Did you know you can still FIT a packaged, all inclusive? Sure you can, and Sandals is one of the...
The Luxury Travel Mindset - Upgrade Your Skills To Upsell Your Clients
Jun 28, 2012
When it comes to selling luxury there are one or two things you need to know, accept and do. The first do is actually a don’t do. Let’s start there. What you must never do, unless you are very wealthy, is to sell luxury travel based on your own lifestyle...
Culture And Kick-Back - A Two-Tiered Vacation Virtually Risk Free
May 2, 2012
Afraid of making that bucket-list trip to Egypt for fear of political unrest or personal security? You might be surprised to learn that Mexico currently shares the same Travel Warning – exercise a high degree of caution – as many tourist areas in the land of the pharaohs.
4 Incredible Journeys
Apr 10, 2012
They always say it’s not the destination that counts but the journey. In these cases it really is the trip that is the adventure.
A World Apart - Marival Residences and World Spa Is In A Class By Itself
Dec 21, 2011
When is comes to redefining the term all-inclusive resort, Marival Residences and World Spa in Nuevo Vallarta on Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, is way ahead of the pack. Combining indulgent luxury accommodations and the belief that inclusive really means inclusive, Marival has created a vacation experience that continues to delight its...
Voyages of Discovery - Small-ship cruising from the Arctic Circle to the Mississippi River
Aug 4, 2010
As the old saying goes, “big things come in small packages”. It certainly holds true for cruising. Small-ship cruising is becoming increasingly popular with travellers looking for “up close and personal” experiences and personalized service. Whether they are searching for a relaxing, luxurious cruise along the Mississippi or for an...
Pearl Of The Antilles - Cuba Is More Than Cigars, Rum & Music
Jun 28, 2010
The Gulf of Mexico harbours the Caribbean’s largest island, only 140 kilometres south of Florida. Cuba, also known as the “Pearl of the Antilles”, boasts almost 4,000 islands and islets that are spread across the Caribbean Sea. The tourism industry is the country’s main livelihood, bringing in billions of dollars...
Surprising Scottsdale - The All-Purpose Vacation Stop
Jun 28, 2010
Scottsdale, Arizona is renowned for its superb golf courses, luxurious, pampering spas, reliable sunshine, and a warm year-round climate. No wonder it’s a favourite winter getaway with Canadians. It also has plenty to offer clients who seek variety in their vacation.
Think Luxe, Sell Luxe - Top-End Products Reap Top-End Commissions
Jun 25, 2010
How could there be a luxury market when the world continues to experience economic challenges, climatic disasters, eco-disasters, war and starvation? Well, the answer is this – the luxury market is there, has always been there and will continue to be there as and when you can build and boost...