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For The Curious Traveller
Aug 13, 2012
They may not spring to mind as readily as Spain or Portugal when you think European vacation, but the following countries have fascinating things to share, showing many different faces of Europe.
Heroes, History & Chocolate - Unique Shore Trips Mark Baltic Cruises
May 8, 2012
Not so long ago, only the rich and those with time on their hands could cruise in the Baltic. Today, more cruise lines – big and small – offer itineraries with insight into the history, culture, and traditions of exotic Baltic destinations.
The Up & Comers - Off The Beaten Tourist Path These Countries Are Big On Celebration
Feb 24, 2011
Along the eastern Adriatic shores sit Slovenia (touching the Gulf of Venice), Croatia’s long, diverse coastline, Montenegro and Albania. Bosnia & Hercegovina, without ocean access but with interesting historical and cultural stops, miss out on sun-seeking beach-lovers. Croatia’s archipelago is a sailor’s delight, especially between the Roman town of Split...