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Florida: 11 Pensacola Bucket List Activities
Oct 26, 2015
Sugar-fine white sand beaches. Emerald coloured waters. A warm breeze blows in from sea. We get why Canadians visit Pensacola -...
A Guaranteed White Christmas in Pensacola Florida
Oct 8, 2015
Not everyone dreams of a snowy Christmas. In fact, a good number of Canadians shirk the white stuff in lieu...
It's Gulf-to-Table Fresh on the Emerald Coast
Sep 30, 2015
We've been hearing the buzz term farm-to-table for a few years now. While eating a locavore meal is on point, it...
Where the Wild Things are on the Emerald Coast
Sep 30, 2015
Canadians flock to Florida's Emerald Coast for fun in the sun, but we’re not the only creatures doing so. Joining...
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...in Florida
Sep 24, 2015
As Canadians, nearly all of us dream of a white Christmas and New Years. What such romantic notions rarely include are...
Daytona Beach: Here's what's Fresh for Fall
Sep 22, 2015
For the rest of the world, summer means it's time to wheel out the luggage and travel the world. For...
10 Florida Beachfront House Rentals for Less than $90 per Night
Sep 11, 2015
Think you can't afford to rent a private waterfront beach house? Think again! When you work out the economics of...
Fall Into Florida's Emerald Coast this Autumn
Aug 21, 2015
Canadians wait all year for the warmth of summer. We wait for the sun to kiss our cities, to thaw...
Chasing the Sun - Sensational Sunrises & Sunsets of Daytona Beach
Mar 1, 2015
Are these sunsets getting you excited?  Want to learn more about visiting Daytona Beach? Read our feature on Daytona Beach out in our Florida Guide or visit the official Daytona Beach trip planner. Previous Next...
The One Daytona Project: 365 Days of Shopping and Entertainment
Feb 27, 2015
The sprawling development site across from the Daytona International Speedway may not look like much now, but it is actually...
Cinema & Sensory Gardens: Arts and Culture in Daytona Beach
Feb 20, 2015
For art and culture seekers on vacation in Daytona Beach, the city is more than a treasure trove of sun and sand.
Keeping it Real in Pensacola
Feb 19, 2015
As winter drags on the idea of taking a break somewhere warm becomes very appealing. Sure you can find some...
It's Easy to be a Foodie in Daytona Beach
Feb 13, 2015
Daytona Beach may not be top of mind for culinary exploits but we'll tell you why it should be.  Through several...
Hitting the Links in Daytona Beach
Feb 6, 2015
Daytona Beach isn't just for snowbirds, high octane fans and beach bums. A subtropical climate and world-class golf facilities make this central city in the Sunshine State a premiere golf destination.
Northwest Florida: Quit Quarrelling… Family Travel can be Fabulous!
Feb 4, 2015
You’ve been there before… The kids want to go to the water park, your parents want to check out some wildlife watching, and your other half? Your other half wants to bury their head in the sand! Keeping everyone in the family happy on vacation can be something of a juggling...
Historic Daytona Beach Delights
Jan 30, 2015
Daytona Beach is famous for so many reasons but we're exploring its historic Bulow Plantation, Ponce de Leon lighthouse, Rockefeller connection and more.
Daytona Rising Project at Daytona International Speedway
Jan 28, 2015
It's no small task to remodel 40 million tons of steel, but Daytona International Speedway is getting a major renovation and fans have many reasons to be excited about it.
5 Festivals in Daytona, Florida
Jan 26, 2015
Between high octane races down at the speedway and cultural festivals at the water's edge, Daytona Beach always has something to do. Each year, the city attracts millions of visitors for its festivals and other events, but of course the bright sunshine and beautiful beachfront might also be responsible.
Daytona's New Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art To Attract Enthusiasts
Jan 22, 2015
Daytona Beach and its Museum of Arts and Sciences are proud to welcome the Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art to its eclectic collection of cultural treasures. While the Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art will display a collection of Florida-themed oil and watercolour paintings that date back...
Florida: Five Good Reasons to Let a Fish Influence Your Vacation Plans!
Jan 7, 2015
Whether it’s wiggling on the end of your line or lying on your dinner plate, the humble fish is a big part of any Florida vacation. What else would you expect from ‘The Fishing Capital of the World’? Yes, fish is a serious business in Florida, whether you’re catching it or eating...
Florida: Five Places to Fall in Love on the Emerald Coast
Dec 17, 2014
The stunning Emerald Coast in northern Florida is a place that sends a siren's calls out to lovers. The deep emerald...
10 Reasons New Smyrna Beach Needs to be on Your 2015 Bucket List
Dec 10, 2014
Take a peek at anyone's bucket list and you will find that almost every one includes paying a visit to one of Florida's beautiful sandy beaches.
Emerald Coast: A Guide to Florida’s Finest Beach Towns
Nov 26, 2014
Florida, the Sunshine State, has around 1,770 kilometres of beautiful sand beaches lining the coast. It hosts some of the best beachfront in the United States, but few places along the Florida's shores are better than the Emerald Coast. This stretch of beachfront on the Florida panhandle has sand so...
Florida: Holiday Happenings
Nov 26, 2014
Trade in the cold, slushy snow for white powdery sand this holiday season. With an abundance of sunshine and more than 800 miles of beautiful beaches, it is no wonder travellers from around the country flock to Florida for a sunny December. With all the activities happening around the state,
Florida: Fresh and Fun Flavours
Nov 18, 2014
Acres of citrus groves and miles of coastline offering access to the freshest seafood may have put the Sunshine State on the culinary map, but Florida also brings a host of other flavours to the table. Florida is a paradise for foodies who crave locally sourced, farm-to-table and fishing-boat-to-table fare. The state’s...
Anchors Away - 17 Ferry Rides That Will Leave You Speechless
Nov 15, 2014
Ferries can be more than just a way to get from one location to another - they can often provide the best ways to tour some of the most beautiful and remote locations on Earth. Here are some of our favourites…
Fun Things to do Off the Beaten Path in Daytona Beach, Florida
Nov 12, 2014
For most visitors to Daytona, they don't wander too far from the beach except maybe down to the Daytona International Speedway to catch a race or two. However, there's a whole city behind the golden sand and refreshing ocean spray. Those who are looking to go off the beaten path in...
Orlando: ‘Made for Canadians’ Deals Offer Savings Of Up To 50 Percent Off
Nov 12, 2014
With Colder Weather Predicted in Canada, Travellers Can Enjoy the Sunshine with 75 Destination-Wide Deals Travellers can escape to Orlando this winter with special savings designed exclusively for Canadians. While the Farmers’ Almanac forecasts colder-than-normal weather for eastern Canada this year, Orlando offers sunshine and warmer temperatures for those looking to thaw out. Visit...
Florida’s Emerald Coast: The Fish Lover’s Guide
Nov 4, 2014
The Emerald Coast is the hottest destination on Florida's gulf coast when it comes to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. While cities like Fort Walton, Grayson and Panama City host some decent beach fishing and charters, Destin is the gem of the region. The billfish pulled into Destin port...
Florida’s Emerald Coast: The Eco Guide
Oct 27, 2014
The Emerald Coast is lined by white sand beaches that emerge from thick pine forests and wetlands before tapering away into the endless horizon of emerald-green water from which the area gets its name. Essentially, it is an area that begs visitors to explore its natural beauty. While some towns...
Florida’s Emerald Coast: Meet the Animals
Oct 20, 2014
For those looking to get wild on the Emerald Coast, they don't need to be sport fishers to get up close to some of the native wildlife. Not only does the area host zoo's to allow visitors to get up close and personal with native and exotic wildlife, but it...
Florida: The Penny Pincher’s Guide
Sep 4, 2014
In the state of Florida, there are a lot of things to do, but most of them require some substantial funds to experience.
Discover America: The Vines Less Travelled
Sep 3, 2014
By Josephine Matyas Across the spectrum of US wine destinations, California’s Napa and Sonoma certainly grab the most attention, but no matter what part of the country your clients are heading to, they’re sure to find vineyards, tasting rooms and wineries aplenty. For example, Arizona has three main wine trails, including the Willcox...
Tampa Bay: Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!
Jul 10, 2014
If you’re looking for a break from all the amusement parks while visiting Florida, take some time to wander through a few of the amazing animal parks near Tampa Bay. Here are some of our favourites... Safari Wilderness Ranch Much closer than Africa, your safari tour travels through 260 acres of wilderness to...
Tampa – Explore By E-Boat
May 23, 2014
Everywhere there is water, there are always boats. However, in Tampa Bay, Florida they don't just have fancy yachts and zippy speed boats but they also have their own distinctly styled e-boat. No, the e-boat isn't some crazy online adventure that one can conduct from the comforts of their sun...
Universal Orlando – Mouth-Watering Fine Dining Options
May 10, 2014
Only at Universal Orlando can you soar above Hogwarts with Harry Potter, swing above the streets with Spider-Man, and help Shrek save Princess Fiona in Shrek 4-D... But did you know that you can also sample some of the best fine dining options that the Orlando region has to offer? So, after...
World Report - Las Vegas & Florida
Apr 25, 2014
Las Vegas: Not Your Average Buffet With the introduction of the first Chef’s Table within a buffet, Bellagio raises the bar in buffet dining. This unique V.I.P. table experience includes a skilled chef team preparing the finest culinary dishes tableside. Upon arrival to Bellagio Buffet, guests will bypass the main line...
Great Breaks - March Deals for Canadians Across The U.S.
Mar 28, 2014
By Josephine Matyas There has been much media coverage about the drop in the Canadian-U.S. exchange rate, making holidays south of the border potentially more expensive for Canadian travellers. States and attractions have stepped forward with special deals to entice Canadians heading south for the March break – every little bit...
Miami By Phone – The Smartest Way To Navigate The City
Mar 21, 2014
From transit and food to zoos and celebrities, here are the hottest apps to help you navigate one of Florida’s hottest cities... Miami & Beaches App The Miami and Beaches app lacks an inventive name, but it provides everything visitors need to know about the city. With its "Around me now" feature...
Playing With Food - 11 Great Kids’ Restaurants In Orlando
Mar 3, 2014
Travelling with young people is a lot of fun, but finding a place to eat that they find acceptable can be a challenge. When vacationing in Orlando, try these great places that cater to the younger members of the family. ‘Ohana As soon as you walk in to the Polynesian themed restaurant...
Perfect Shores - You Gotta Love Florida Beaches
Feb 22, 2014
By Donna Carter The sun has barely risen but from my hotel room window on Sanibel Island I can see there are already people on the beach, all of them bent over the sand in a posture widely known as the “Sanibel stoop.” It’s good that I know the island is...
Artful Pleasures - Indulge Your Cultural Tastes With Florida's Vast Array Of Museums, Performances, Exhibits & Festivals
Feb 21, 2014
By Donna Carter I 19ve just drunk a small cup of water from the freshwater spring at the Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth Archeological Park in St. Augustine. When the Spanish explorer landed here in 1513, he believed the spring to be the fabled fountain of youth but apparently it...
"The Little Woman Who Started This Great War" - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Harriet Beecher Stowe
Feb 21, 2014
Her book changed what the world knew about slavery, but did you know how truly fascinating her life was? Here are 10 simple, but amazing facts about Harriet Beecher Stowe, the woman who wrote Uncle Tom 19s Cabin. 1. She Had A Remarkable Family Beecher Stowe 19s father a prominent minister and...
The Great Outdoors - Florida Boasts A Bounty Of Nature-Based Attractions
Feb 19, 2014
By Donna Carter Jerry is feeling much better today. It has only been hours since the 200-lb loggerhead sea turtle underwent a procedure at the Ponce Inlet Marine Science Center to remove a fishhook he had mistaken for food. As soon as he is fully recovered he will be returned to...
Simply Sun-Sational - Florida Is The Ultimate Vacation Playground
Feb 18, 2014
By Donna Carter The Sunshine State has certainly earned bragging rights for the countless attributes that make it the leading vacation destination for sun-seeking Canadians. As the saying goes, “when you’ve got it flaunt it” and Florida has plenty to flaunt: perpetual sunshine, a sub-tropical climate, endless beaches and a vast...
Endless Days Of Childhood - The Fun Never Ends At Florida's Theme Parks
Feb 17, 2014
By Donna Carter There are full-grown men wearing mouse-ear hats and little girls dressed up like Cinderella. There are human-size cartoon characters circulating among the crowd: a pair of chipmunks, a duck in a sailor suit, two adorable mice and a floppy-eared dog. The music filling the air is, When you...
Northern Exposure - Discover Historic Towns & High Tech Festivals In North Florida
Feb 15, 2014
From Pensacola’s vibrant street life, to swimming with manatees on the nature coast, northern Florida blends history with nature – and then adds a good-old-fashioned dash of Southern-style hospitality for good measure...
Where Arts Meet Nature - South Florida Is The Place To Experience Arts, Culture & The Great Outdoors
Feb 14, 2014
Think South Florida and you think Miami, of course. Red-hot nightlife, world-class performing arts, superb shopping – the city is hot, hot, hot. But there is much more to discover. Like the Fort Myers Film festival, or Bradenton’s Village of the Arts...
I Love Lucie - The Jewel Of The Treasure Coast
Feb 13, 2014
Just a two hour drive north of Miami, St Lucie County comprises of the cities of Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie, and the endless beaches of idyllic Hutchinson Island...
The Centre Of Attention - From Light Speed to Laid Back, Central Florida Has A Pace For Every Personality
Feb 12, 2014
Sure there are beaches in Central Florida. Lots of them, with miles of white sand and perfect blue waters. But there are also theme parks galore with rides that will get your heart pumping and artistic endeavours that will touch your soul. There is fine dining, cosmic adventure and off-road...
Go Beyond Fast - A Peek At Daytona Beach's Arts, Culture & History
Feb 12, 2014
Ever since the 1950s, car racing has been a major feature of this sunny city on Florida�s Atlantic coast. Today, hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts annually flock to the Daytona International Speedway for blockbuster events like the Daytona 500 and the Rolex 24-hour race. Certainly the Speedway is where the...
Good Vibrations - Each Beach Town In The St. Pete/Clearwater Area Has Its Own Unique Vibe
Jan 10, 2014
You could be forgiven for thinking you are in Crete or Corfu rather than Florida when you wander through the historic riverfront town of Tarpon Springs, which lies just 20 minutes north of Clearwater...
Dig In - Food-Based Travel Across The United States
Jan 6, 2014
Culinary tourism is a growing trend that appeals across a wide swath of demographics: age, income, gender, education. Everyone loves to nibble, to taste and to explore culinary pathways. And a holiday to the U.S. offers up lots of regional variety. Come along as we explore some tours and trails...
Ring In The New Year - 10 Spectacular Celebrations In Tampa Bay
Dec 28, 2013
Make this New Year’s Eve an experience to remember with any of the 10 spectacular celebrations throughout the Tampa Bay area. From aquatic adventures and fireworks cruises, to rooftop revelry and fiery Flamenco dinner shows, there are plenty of ways to ring in the New Year in Tampa Bay...
Seasonal Stays - Holiday Hotels That Delight
Dec 21, 2013
A hotel lobby is not simply for checking in and checking out. At this time of year they are canvases for the Christmas imagination, as stunning yuletide creative concepts burst to life…...
Speed Freak Getaways - 13 Things To Do While Checking Out The Daytona 500
Dec 16, 2013
Every year the Daytona International Speedway draws huge crowds of racing enthusiasts for its variety of events – but no event draws more crowds than Nascar's Daytona 500. The race is held every third Sunday in February, and fans flock to Daytona Beach from across the world just to catch...
October 2013 - World Report Round-Up
Dec 3, 2013
Universal Orlando Resort is offering Canadians an exclusive 40-per cent hotel discount on a 4-night or longer stay at one of Universal Orlando’s three AAA Four Diamond on-site hotels...
Gilding The Lily - What’s New In Already-Perfect Beaches Of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Nov 28, 2013
When you’re already blessed with gorgeous, sandy beaches, lovely seas and a laid-back community bracketed by nature, what can you do to gild the lily? In the case of the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, you sit back and let the heavens come to you...
Guided City Tours - Walk, Bike Or Ride A Segway Across The U.S.A.
Nov 7, 2013
Enjoy the beauty of Florida’s Fort De Soto Park (in the St. Petersburg area) with a family-friendly, free one-hour nature walk...
Let's Get Lost - 13 Amazing Corn Mazes
Oct 18, 2013
It's fall, which can only mean one thing: Canadian fun-seekers are busy looking for corn mazes to get lost in! Here are 13 of our favourites...
World Report - Malaysia, Florida And Cruising
Oct 15, 2013
Visitors to Malaysia can download a free application for their smartphones that puts a complete guide of Malaysia in the palm of their hand. The “Malaysia Trip Planner,” gives travellers personalized and practical information on Malaysia, and all there is to see and do...
Always Fresh - What's New & What's Still Hot In Florida Family Vacations
Oct 7, 2013
Always something new. Always a fresh twist on perennial favourites. That’s how the Sunshine State maintains its prominence among the world’s family holiday spots...
Winter's Coming - Where To Go, What To See & What To Do On A Winter Long-Stay Vacation
Oct 6, 2013
When winter hits Canada, some Canadians simply choose to pack their bags and head to somewhere warm. You need not go that far – check out the U.S...
Florida 2013 - The Sunshine State
Sep 24, 2013
Empire of the Penguin: The coldest theme park attraction in the world. This is the largest expansion to date across all SeaWorld parks. SeaWorld Orlando.
Hot To Trot - Dance Vacations On Florida's South Coast
Sep 1, 2013
Florida's south coast is primarily known for sun and sand. However, there’s a new trend taking off in south Florida,
The Smart Alternative - Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Aug 14, 2013
If you were to envision paradise, what would it be?  Miles of sandy beach? Warm waves breaking over your feet?
Summer Nights - Discover Tampa Bay When The Sun Goes Down
Jul 17, 2013
When the sun goes down over Tampa Bay, the average temperature is a pleasant 26 degrees celsius, making the summer evenings the perfect time to discover all of the attractions that the region has to offer.
Snap Shots - Dracula Tours, A Walk In Seoul, A Night At The Museum
Jul 15, 2013
Something Wicked This Way Comes Scare yourself stupid in Romania this Halloween by following in the footsteps of Vlad the Impaler. Quest...
It's Easy Being Green - Eco-friendly & “Green” Destinations Across The US
Jul 4, 2013
Travellers are thinking about the environment: the impact of their travel choices, where to go and what to do to leave the smallest footprint. This is where travel professionals come in – a little reading, some research and you’ll be well on your way to making suggestions that are good...
Mega Value - The Mills Boasts Plenty Of Value & Plenty Of Fun
May 29, 2013
If you enjoy shopping, then you will love The Mills with its mega outlet, value retail and entertainment offerings. Found in...
From Denim To Designer - Macy's Celebrates All Things American
May 29, 2013
The name Macy’s needs no explanation. In 1858, it started out as a small, dry goods store on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City. Today, it has become one of the largest retailers in the world with over 850 stores and furniture galleries within...
World Report - January 2013
Feb 28, 2013
  New Fairmont In Dubai The newest addition to the Fairmont portfolio is on the world’s largest man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, and near to many other man-made record holders like Burj Khalifa, the largest free-standing building in the world. Fairmont The Palm is a spacious development with 381 guestrooms and suites, including two...
Northern Shores - From The Emerald Coast To The Historic Coast, Northern Florida Is In A World All Its Own
Jan 31, 2013
  By Graham Templeton   Did you know St. Augustine is the oldest European settlement in North America? It was 500 years ago the Spanish landed and the state of Florida has celebrated ever since. What’s to celebrate up here? How about historic sites, both Spanish and aboriginal? What about miles and miles...
Doing Dali - From Sublime To Intriguing, Discover Florida's Cultural Treasures
Jan 31, 2013
  By Donna Carter   With the Sunshine State’s worldwide reputation for theme parks and beaches, first time visitors are often surprised to discover a vibrant arts and culture scene that includes a wealth of top-notch museums, opera, theatre, performing arts, world class symphony and a number of fascinating cultural attractions.     Remember “The Big...
Southern Arts - From Swamp Buggies To Art Villages, Discover Southern Florida's Many,
Jan 31, 2013
  By Graham Templeton   Think South Florida and you think Miami, of course. Red-hot nightlife, world-class performing arts, superb shopping – the city is hot, hot, hot. But there is much more to discover. Like the Fort Myers Film Festival, or Bradenton’s...
It's Always Sunny - Florida's Warmth Covers Much More Than The Weather
Jan 31, 2013
  By Lindor Reynolds   Postcards from Florida inevitably feature long, smooth beaches, groves of perfect orange trees, a grinning cartoon sun or stretches of pastel-hued hotels. The clichés are true, of course, because Florida is filled with natural attractions and manmade wonders to lure visitors. But Florida is much more than ever-expanding theme...
The Great Outdoors - Head Beyond The Beach & Discover Florida's Natural Attractions
Jan 31, 2013
    By Lindor Reynolds   Florida is a paradise for sports fans, wilderness enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. Whether you want to attend a game played by your favourite professional team, paddle a kayak through a secluded park or sit quietly to bird watch, Florida has what you need. If you’ve got the interest, the...
Centre Of It All - Central Florida Is THE Place For Hot & Cool Adventures
Jan 31, 2013
  By Graham Templeton   Sure there are beaches in Central Florida. Lots of them, with miles of white sand and perfect blue waters. But there are also theme parks galore with rides that will get your heart pumping and artistic endeavours that will touch your soul. There is fine dining, cosmic adventure...
You'll Be Amazed - Dinosaurs & Dolphins, Lions & Mice - Florida Theme Parks Have It All
Jan 31, 2013
  By Lindor Reynolds   Let’s face it: The Mouse dominates the Florida amusement park scene. Walt Disney World is synonymous with Orlando to many visitors and for good reason. It’s the world’s most-visited entertainment resort, drawing millions of visitors annually. But Walt Disney World isn’t the state’s only amusement park. Travel a...
Sand-Sational Playground - Endless Sunshine & Silky Sand Are Just The Start Of A Florida Vacation
Jan 31, 2013
By Donna Carter     Whoever coined the phrase, “life’s a beach,” had to have been thinking of the Sunshine State. With 2,880 kilometres of coastline dotted with hundreds of awesome beaches, Florida is truly a beach lover’s paradise. Moreover, no two are exactly the same meaning there’s plenty of diversity and choice.
By Dali, They've Got It - St. Petersburg/Clearwater Host One Of Florida's Top Arts & Culture Scenes
Dec 24, 2012
By Donna Carter   Sun, sea, sand and a bounty of outdoor activities are a given for this pair of communities that occupy a peninsula on Florida’s central West Coast. Rimmed by Tampa Bay on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west, the area’s sub-tropical climate has long been...
Offshore Bliss
Nov 29, 2012
Floridians from more congested parts of the state regard Lee County as a favourite vacation spot and Canadians are starting...
An Uncomplicated Place
Nov 26, 2012
A collection of 15 unique beach neighbourhoods makes up the region of South Walton. Sprinkled along a 43-kilometre stretch of...
Real Fun
Nov 20, 2012
In Panama City Beach (PCB), it’s all about the beachfront and a “come as you are” kind of attitude (it’s...
10 Destinations For The Nerd In All Of Us - Part 2
Nov 16, 2012
For part 1, click here.   Pythagoras’ achievements may have been entirely his own, or they might have been the compiled findings of his entire order - we really don’t know. What we do know is that the name of Pythagoras was used to publish and popularize some of the most revolutionary...
The World's Luckiest Place
Nov 15, 2012
The towns of Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island anchor the busy 39-kilometre stretch of coastline known as the...
Settling In
Nov 1, 2012
  Long-stay vacations in the U.S. provide good options for a host of reasons. While you’re hibernating, oops, chilling out in...
Florida 2012 - Sunshine State
Oct 22, 2012
The largest expansion project in Magic Kingdom history features attractions and experiences in an area that will nearly double the size of Fantasyland. Highlights include: flying high with The Great Goofini or with Dumbo the Flying Elephant; and Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station. Under the Sea ~ Journey of...
Bricks, Blockbusters & Beaches - All Family Fun You Can Handle In Central Florida
Sep 26, 2012
It’s like one of those tales from Hans Christian Anderson. You know the one about the village toy maker who brings magic to his work. Only this one is true.
Just Right - The Greater Fort Myers Area Offers Boasts A Perfect Blend Of Endless Sunshine & Exceptional Beaches
Sep 10, 2012
There’s no question Mother Nature achieved perfection when she crafted The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel where the quality of the sand is second to none. Pure, white and silky-soft, professional sand sculptors from around the world claim it’s the best on the planet from which to create their...
A Night On The Town - Berlin's Nightlife Is Wild, Sexy & Offers Something For Everyone
Sep 5, 2012
Berlin is one of those European cities filled with history, culture and parties. It has also had a thriving gay scene for nearly a century, with the notorious Eldorado club attracting gay icons like Marlene Dietrich and Christopher Isherwood back in the 1920s. Berlin is one of those European cities...
Kidstuff - Tons & Tons Of Fun For Your Junior Travellers
Sep 3, 2012
From two to twenty, it doesn’t matter what age children you’re toting. The St Petersburg/Clearwater area offers affordable attractions your kids will write (or blog) home about. For generations of vacationers, family bonding has meant fishing piers, miles of beaches and shore-side ice cream shops. And now the offerings have...
Exhibit A - World-class Museums Across The United States
Aug 20, 2012
If there is one type of attraction that spans the entire continent, it has to be museums. Every town, city and state – no matter the size – has one, two, three…or dozens.
Game On - Get In The Action Or Watch The Pros In St Pete
Aug 3, 2012
Throughout the year St Pete/Clearwater hosts world-class sporting events. You can watch the action or get into the game. Your choice.
Legendary Residents & Residences - Henry Ford & Thomas Edison Were Among Florida's First Snowbirds
Jul 25, 2012
After spending warm winters in the young metropolis of Fort Myers beginning in the late 1800s, world famous visionary Thomas Edison predicted the town would become a major tourist destination eventually attracting millions of people. At that time, such an idea may have seemed inconceivable, however, this was the man...
Loving It Up - Honeymoon Locations Across The US
Jul 4, 2012
There are as many different honeymoon styles as there are destinations. Casual and laidback (think dude ranch getaway or barefoot beachwalks at sunset), or formal, with all the bells and whistles – hundreds of high-end properties would fit the bill quite nicely.
Kidstuff! - Family Resorts & Vacations Across The USA
Jun 18, 2012
Getting the family together can be a stress free vacation! The road to success includes understanding everyone’s expectations, providing a variety of activities that appeal to the interests of kids and adults, and planning, planning, planning.
United States
Jun 15, 2012
Be neighbourly and go big on culture, adventure and scenery whether you are visiting the Big Apple, the Big Island or Big Sur. All states are united in making you want to visit America The Beautiful.
Cheer On The Team! - Baseball Spring Training Happens Here
May 15, 2012
By Josephine Matyas After a long winter, baseball fans are looking for signs that their beloved game will start again soon.
Wet & Wild - Wildlife Thrives on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Apr 23, 2012
Strolling magnificent stretches of white sand are just the first step to experiencing the natural side of The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. There are more than 400,000 hectares of nature sanctuaries to explore, and most have paths and boardwalks that allow event the most timid of adventurers to...
No Longer A Secret - Uncover All Of St Pete/Clearwater's Charms
Feb 24, 2012
Are you wearing your sunglasses? If not – put ‘em on. Beginning in 1967 Mother Nature showered St Petersburg with consecutive days of sunshine, earning it a well deserved place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
US Report
Dec 21, 2011
You can now take a boat cruise from Captiva Island to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. The cruise explores the Caloosahatchee River and its cultural and ecological importance and includes lunch at a private club and a tour of the Estates.
Ah Venice - Explore Fort Lauderdale, The Venice Of America
Dec 21, 2011
With its remarkable bounty of attributes, this Gold Coast city that began as an 1800s fort town is a modern vacation venue with countless blessings, both natural and otherwise. First, its southeast coast location between Miami and Palm Beach guarantees year-round sunshine and a balmy sub-tropical climate – the perfect...
Fort Myers: 8 Places To Watch The Sun Set
Dec 9, 2011
There is nothing quite like watching the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico from the beaches of Florida’s west coast. Set along some of the finest, whitest and softest sand in the world, the beaches and waterways near Fort Myers and Sanibel Island are the perfect place to experience...
A Sporting Place - Golf, Fishing, Paddling, Baseball & Hockey - Get Beyond The Beach
Nov 25, 2011
Beached out? What to get off the lounger and move in all this Florida sunshine? There is plenty to do, and it is all so accessible you probably won’t know what to do first.
A Different Side Of Florida - Another Pace, Another Time - This Is The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Nov 25, 2011
Sandwiched between Sarasota in the north and Naples in the south, the Fort Myers area, often described as an “unspoiled island sanctuary”, has been attracting tourists since the early 1900s.
Legendary Residents & Residences - Visiting With Notable Citizens & Historic Heroes
Nov 25, 2011
After spending warm winters in the young metropolis of Fort Myers beginning in the late 1800s, world famous visionary Thomas Edison predicted the town would become a major tourist destination eventually attracting millions of people.
Islands In The Sun - A Look At The Communities Of The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Nov 25, 2011
Idyllic weather, a colourful past, wonderful beaches, famous visitors, outstanding dining, wonderful beaches, easy-to-access outdoor adventure, fascinating attractions, wonderful beaches and the grace and charm of “Old Florida” – this is The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel.
Here Comes The Sun - Six Sunsational Spring Break Spots
Nov 25, 2011
After a cold Canadian winter, families long to soak up some sun and get busy on the beach. Here are six super spring break suggestions that families will warm up to.
Stone Crabs Are Just The Beginning - Head To Florida's The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, Fall Festivals Are In Full Swing
Oct 26, 2011
Stone Crab season opens on October 15 in The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. So? It’s just one of the many, many events that highlight Islands Fallfest, a collection of festivals, shows, exhibitions and competitions that dominate the fall season on Florida’s southern Gulf Coast. This is the fourth...
Make A Splash - Get Out, Get Wet In St Pete's Deep Blue Seas
Oct 26, 2011
There’s no getting away from it. Anywhere you go in St Pete/Clearwater you’ll be surrounded by water. The peninsula where the cities lie is bounded by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Tampa Bay on the other. No matter your destination you’ll have to cross a bridge to...
Treasure Hunt - Hidden Shopping & Dining Gems Only The Locals Know
Oct 26, 2011
Taking time out from the beach to refuel and recharge is essential. Nothing energizes a shopaholic more than a standout session of retail therapy and fantastic food.
No Longer A Secret - Uncover All Of St Pete/Clearwater's Charms
Oct 26, 2011
Welcome to St Pete/Clearwater, one of the best-kept secrets on Florida’s West Coast. With 56 kilometres of award-winning beaches, world-class art and culture, and an abundance of outdoor activities, it’s no wonder our little piece of paradise is a favourite getaway for Canadians. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians flock...
Surreal & Serene - St Pete's Cultural Offerings Soothe The Soul & Stimulate The Senses
Oct 26, 2011
We may as well start at the beginning. And for the St Pete/Clearwater area, the beginning is located at Weedon Island Preserve. This low-lying peninsula consists of tidal marshes, pine scrub forests, incredible views of the Bay and ancient Indian mounds dating back more than 3,000 years. The preserve was...
Home Away From Home - Grand Ladies, Superior Small Lodgings & Condo Rentals Fit The Bill
Oct 26, 2011
After the day’s beach adventures, or artistic explorations, it is always nice to have a comfortable place to come home to. And the St Pete/Clearwater area has something for just about every taste and budget, from world-class resorts to family-friendly properties. Settle into a Superior Small Lodging retreat, stow your...
2011 US Report
Oct 26, 2011
Renting a car at Miami International Airport (MIA) is faster and easier with the MIA Mover, a two-kilometre, elevated people mover system that connects passengers from MIA to the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) and the Miami Rental Car Center (RCC), a four-level facility housing the operations of 16 major rental...
Gone Fishin' - Drop Your Line At Great Fishing Holes Across The US
Oct 26, 2011
Some destinations are blessed with shorelines, rivers and lakes teeming with catch – a magnet for those that love the outdoors, whether spending all day casting a line into the water, or just dabbling in a little catch-and-release while on vacation.
Aaah, The Beach - Florida's fabulous beaches are the its greatest natural asset
Sep 30, 2011
With hundreds of miles of coastline punctuated by long stretches of silky sand, Florida remains one of the world's top destinations for beach lovers. It took root in the late 1800s when tourists from the northern United States began flocking there for its sub-tropical climate and sun-bathed beaches. Its future...
It's Family Time - Exploring The Wonders Of Both Central Florida Coasts
Aug 22, 2011
Sun, fun, thrills, adventure, relaxation, culture and gators – what more can you ask for in a family vacation? Our family fun started in Orlando, continued to the east coast and then ended in the Gulf Coast. Fifteen days of non-stop fun and relaxation all in one trip.
A Reel Good Time - Our Film Buff's Guide To Travel Across The US
Apr 20, 2011
The lure of the Silver Screen can be irresistible. For those mesmerized by the glitz and glam of films and television, many U.S. destinations can deliver a taste of Hollywood at film festivals, along film trails and on film locations immortalized on the big screen. So, without further ado, “the...
The Beat Goes On - Music Festivals Across The US
Mar 25, 2011
Whether following an official music trail or settling into a lawn chair at an outdoor music festival, listening to tunes is a hot attraction for many leisure travellers. Music tourism is alive and well – you can sell it with a focus on the enjoyment of experiencing new and interesting...
Dance, Dance, Dance - Miami's Live Music Scene Is Hot, Hot, Hot
Nov 23, 2010
With its white sand beaches, blue skies and 135 kilometres of Atlantic coastline Miami is a tropical playground. By day Miami moves at a brisk pace with a never-ending array of outdoor pursuits. At night, visitors can move to the throbbing rhythms of Miami’s famous DJ dance clubs.
Universal Orlando Reveals Harry Potter Details
Aug 17, 2010
Universal Orlando Resort, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have revealed details of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, scheduled to open in spring 2010 at Universal Orlando Resort.
The Best Of Native American Tourism - Sell Clients on Culture, Heritage, Shopping & Gaming
Aug 16, 2010
The sights, sounds and events of Native American culture are perfect for the traveller with inquisitive and adventuresome tastes. America is home to hundreds of unique indigenous nations, reservations, pueblos and villages. That’s a gold mine for tourists interested in history, culture and landscape…not to mention shopping and gaming.
Florida - Sunshine State
Aug 4, 2010
Salvador Dali Museum: New museum set to open in downtown St. Petersburg in January 2011. Double the size of the former Museum to showcase even more of the largest Salvador Dali’s collection outside of Spain. Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.): Opened the Healing Winds Visitor Education Center...
Only In The U.S.A. - A Run-Down Of On-Of-A-Kind Events Across The States
Jun 28, 2010
Your clients won’t want to miss out on the most important “one-of-a-kind” events happening in the U.S. in 2009. There are some very unique events that may peak their interest and start you planning early for their special trip. Whether they love family fun and big dreams, the arts or...
Revival Of The Fittest - Celebrating The Rebirth Of Sunny Isles Beach
Jun 28, 2010
When billionaire real estate mogul, Donald Trump, opens a hotel anywhere in the world, it’s a sure-fire indication the place is a vacation hotspot or well on its way to becoming one. Consequently, when “the Donald” opened one of his Trump International resorts on Sunny Isles Beach in 2004, it...
Where Worlds Meet - Miami's New Marketing Campaign Welcomes The World
Jun 28, 2010
Miami is Where Worlds Meet, according to a brand new US $2 million global marketing campaign launched by The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, American Airlines and The Beacon Council, Miami-Dade County’s official economic development partnership.
Speed City - Daytona Beach Is A Lot More Than Motor Sports
Jun 24, 2010
Every year since the 1950s, car racing enthusiasts have descended on Daytona Beach for blockbuster events at its famous International Speedway, one of the world’s most notable tracks. Today, an annual series of high-profile races like the Daytona 500 and the Rolex 24-hour race attract hundreds of thousands of avid...
Living On The Edge - Gulf States Feature Beaches, Mardi Gras & Sun, Sun, Sun
Feb 1, 2010
What do Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas have in common? Apart from the obvious fact that these states face the Gulf of Mexico, have beautiful beaches and easy access to fresh seafood, many areas along the gulf coast are havens for those wanting to escape cold winters.
VoluntEars & Magic Cards - What's New In Orlando
Feb 1, 2010
With new attractions and adventures opening at Orlando’s world famous theme parks, 2010 is sure to be an exciting year. And a whole range of new accommodation options – from eco-friendly to luxury – just adds to the mix.
The Other Florida - Panama City Beach Offers Fun, Sun, Sand & A New Airport
Dec 1, 2009
Once a classic seaside town, Panama City Beach is in the midst of a revitalization anchored by an airport, set to open in 2010, new oceanfront spas, restaurants, shops and accommodations. Of course, the main attraction remains the beach. Long renowned for its spectacular white-sand beaches and predictably sunny weather,
11 Nearly Free & Entertaining Things to do in Sunny Daytona Beach
Nov 24, 1985
Bored in Daytona Beach? We don't believe you. Why? Because we know there's no shortage of things to do. In...