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Fast Facts: India 2011 - Important India Travel Info

Published: Jan 25, 2011
GirlsCredit: IndiatourismGetting There
• Air India: offers daily service between Toronto and India via Heathrow; four flights to Amritsar in Punjab; and three flights to Delhi.
• Emirates: Canadian passengers fly from Toronto to Dubai, where they can board one of 215 flights per week that connect to 10 destinations in India. Flights to Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Khozikode and Kochi offer executive and economy class seats, while flights to Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai feature, first, executive and economy seats.
• Etihad: Operates three flights a week from Toronto to Abu Dhabi and 38 connections to India.

Getting Around India
• Kingfisher Airlines: Flies to 67 destinations in India.

Visitor Visas: will normally be granted effective from the date of issue. Tourist visas are non-extendible and non-convertible.
Student Visas: can be obtained on furnishing proof of admission to recognized universities/institutions in India.
Employment Visas: can also be obtained upon furnishing proof of employment with companies in India.
Business Visas: are normally granted for three or six months.
Permits: Some places in the north and northeast of India require special permits for travel. Find out about these places and complete the paperwork necessary to travel to such places. Most permits are easy to obtain.
Airport Departure Tax: There is a departure tax of 500 rupees upon leaving India. If flying to Nepal, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, the tax is 250 rupees.

Currency: The Indian rupee is divided into 100 paisas. There are coins of 50 paisa, one rupee, and two and five rupees. The notes are in denominations of five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 rupees. Before changing money, check the notes carefully for any damage.
Traveller’s Cheques: A transaction fee is deducted each time you convert traveller’s cheques, so bring larger denominations
Credit and ATM Cards: Visa and MasterCard are increasingly accepted in India, although street vendors and small shops will not accept credit cards. Some places accept American Express.

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