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10 Good Reasons Why a Vacation Rental is Right for You
Dec 1, 2014
Room to breathe… That’s a luxury that can come at a high price at many hotels, especially when the whole family are travelling together—which is exactly why more and more Canadian travellers are opting for vacation rentals these days. Rental villas and condos provide a fabulously practical and economical way for...
Ideas for Travelling with Kids for First-timers
Oct 25, 2014
Kids add a touch of magic to travel, but for first-time parents they can be a hassle. As with most things child-related, travelling takes some planning and a little extra preparation. Some of these ideas can be applied to many situations and parents will quickly develop their own bag of...
Shakespeare: All the World's a Stage
Aug 5, 2014
The Stratford Festival has a simple goal: To set the standard for classical theatre – and they achieve that on a yearly basis. The company has been built by searching for the finest talent available and cultivating skill and passion. In this way they have been producing amazing theatre for more...
San Diego: The Beach Bum Guide
Jul 22, 2014
With some 27 kilometres of coastline, finding a bit of sand to lay your towel upon is not a problem around San Diego. The weather is almost always beautiful, so head out to the shore to explore these beaches and decide for yourself which one is best. Mission Beach Three kilometres of...
Calgary – A Guide To The Stampede
Jun 1, 2014
An amazing amount of work goes into putting on the Calgary Stampede every year – hours of planning, hundreds of volunteers and years of practice for the performers. It is an event like no other, and should be on the “must-do” list of everyone who has ever thought about going to...
Boston – It Started With A Cup Of Tea
May 27, 2014
It started with a cup of tea and escalated into a full scale revolution that carved out a new country. The Boston Tea Party was an event that forever changed the course of American history. It has since been immortalized not just by the country it created but by the...
London – Dining With The Kids
May 26, 2014
London is an incredible place to visit for young and old, but finding a place to eat that is happy to see the entire family can sometimes be a challenge. When you’re out sightseeing with the kids in England’s capital city, stop at one of these eateries to refuel for the...
London – Exploring the V & A
May 25, 2014
Prince Albert’s legacy to England, the Victoria and Albert is the largest museum of design and decorative arts in the world. With over 4.5 million pieces, planning a trip there is both a delight and an undertaking. Don’t miss the current exhibits, and check out some of these highlights of...
Victoria, BC – The Viking Invasion!
May 19, 2014
A new exhibition at Victoria’s Royal BC Museum is shattering age-old myths about history’s bad boys: the Vikings. On its first North American stop, the Vikings: Lives Beyond the Legends exhibition highlights recent discoveries and provides fascinating insights into the Viking era. Artifacts, interactive computer displays and hands-on educational activities help tell...
Croatia - Watch Your Tan Lines
Apr 22, 2014
Croatia has some beautiful beaches. The rule of thumb for finding the very best ones is to head south. You’ll find the most seductive sandy shores on the Dalmatian Coast – and some of the most pristine beaches are only accessible by boats or through narrow goat trails, which help prevent...
Tokyo – Where To Feed The Wee Ones
Apr 16, 2014
Where do you go to eat when you have kids in tow with your in Tokyo? Grab some chopsticks and try these places... Baby King Kitchen As the sign outside suggests, Baby King Kitchen caters equally to kids, so visitors looking for a kid-friendly restaurant instantly get the feeling they have arrived...
Regina – The RCMP Heritage Centre
Apr 9, 2014
When it comes to being Canadian, the Royal Mounted Police are as Canadian as maple syrup. Saskatchewan’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre celebrates the story of how the Mounties conquered the Wild West of Canada. Located in the beautiful capital city of Regina, the centre is conveniently right across...
Miami By Phone – The Smart Way To Navigate The City
Mar 21, 2014
From transit and food to zoos and celebrities, here are the hottest apps to help you navigate one of Florida’s hottest cities... Miami & Beaches App The Miami and Beaches app lacks an inventive name, but it provides everything visitors need to know about the city. With its "Around me now" feature...
The Beach Bum Guide - 11 Beautiful Beaches In Southeast Asia
Feb 26, 2014
Due to the sheer number of tiny secluded islands and endless stretches of coastline, finding an isolated piece of sun-soaked paradise in southeast Asia is easy. Here are 11 that travelling beach bums simply cannot miss.
It’s Perfect - Vallarta Nayarit Offers Up A Vacation Menu For Vacation-Hungry Canadians
Feb 16, 2014
Pressing the provided snorkel mask snugly to my face, I flopped into the water, joined the group of swimmers and guides from our big catamaran, and headed towards the rocks edging the island in the middle of the Bay of Banderas. We swam, one at a time, through a small,
72 Hours In London - Old Favourites & New Finds In The U.K.’s Vibrant Capital
Feb 15, 2014
Three days in London may seem like too short a time to see all the sights, but you’ll be amazed at what you can fit in – from a stately home in Hampstead to a viewing of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London...
A Secret No More - Celebrities & Seafood Are Putting Australia’s Scenic South Coast On The Foodie Map
Feb 13, 2014
Maybe there’s something in the soil mixed with the comfortable climate and fresh sea air, but the tasty terroir of South Coast of New South Wales seems to be one succulent gourmet secret just waiting to be discovered...
Go Beyond Fast - A Peek At Daytona Beach's Arts, Culture & History
Feb 12, 2014
Ever since the 1950s, car racing has been a major feature of this sunny city on Florida�s Atlantic coast. Today, hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts annually flock to the Daytona International Speedway for blockbuster events like the Daytona 500 and the Rolex 24-hour race. Certainly the Speedway is where the...
Free Fun In Fort Worth - How To Have A Blast In Cowtown Without Spending A Dime
Feb 8, 2014
Say the word ‘Dallas’ and images of oil tycoons, stretch limos and designer gowns spring to mind.... But neighbouring Fort Worth? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, the city has more than its fair share of lavish living – but what it doesn’t have is its own iconic television...
Saddle Up! - See The Real Arizona With The Arizona Dude Ranch Association
Jan 2, 2014
What better way to enjoy the best of Arizona than a dude ranch vacation? Sell your clients a vacation where they can savour the real Western lifestyle, where the world moves at a more relaxed pace, and where horseback riding is an everyday treat...
That Jolly Old Man - Santa Claus Around The World
Dec 25, 2013
The act of children receiving gifts during the month of December is essentially the same all around the world. The character that brings the gifts however is not. In Canada we have Santa Claus, but many countries around the world have quite the unique view on the jolly December gift...
Swap A Sleigh For A Raft - Raft The Colorado River With Santa This Christmas Eve
Dec 23, 2013
On December 24, families can join Black Canyon River Adventures for an unforgettable 20-kilometre ‘Rafting with Santa’ journey on the Colorado River...
Are You Looking For A Life Size Chocolate House? - Then Check Out The Bellagio
Dec 19, 2013
The magic of the holiday season has taken over the Bellagio. The Las Vegas resort’s conservatory and botanical gardens have unveiled a glistening winter wonderland that features moss-embellished reindeers, a life-size chocolate house and a family of topiary polar bears...
Desert Play Time - Family Fun In Mesa
Dec 17, 2013
Travelling with tots? Don’t worry, Mesa has you covered. Whether it’s creating a work of art or panning for gold, Mesa offers an enriching experience for every single family member...
Speed Freak Getaways - 13 Things To Do While Checking Out The Daytona 500
Dec 16, 2013
Every year the Daytona International Speedway draws huge crowds of racing enthusiasts for its variety of events – but no event draws more crowds than Nascar's Daytona 500. The race is held every third Sunday in February, and fans flock to Daytona Beach from across the world just to catch...
San Francisco - Seven Ways To Make The Season Bright
Dec 16, 2013
San Francisco is a holiday destination that is literally glowing with displays, decorations and tree-lighting events. Here’s a roundup of 10 great lightings and displays in the city by the bay...
New Zealand – The Real Middle-Earth
Dec 12, 2013
With the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand will once again be spotlighted on the big screen. And for those inspired to take a trip to the country that brought Middle-earth to life, there are plenty of activities in New Zealand related...
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas - Top Five Holiday Trips for Wildlife Lovers
Dec 9, 2013
A wildlife vacation is inspirational and it can impact how people move through life long after they have returned home. So forget about the computer games and cell phones – international travel can be the best possible gift that you can give a child of any age. Here are five...
Hit The Ice - The Best Outdoor Ice Rinks In The World
Dec 1, 2013
Augustaplatz in Baden-Baden, Germany During the summer months, Augustaplatz is a shallow pond with a massive fountain in front of the...
Giving Something Back – Take Time Out For The Animals In Maui
Nov 24, 2013
A vacation to Hawaii is a dream come true for many people. However, after a few days of relaxing, looking out over the ocean and burying their feet in the sand, many pet owners begin to feel a yearning...
Art In The Park – 16 Of The World’s Best Sculpture Parks
Nov 22, 2013
1. Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway While most sculpture parks pluck fine pieces from a variety of artists, Vigeland Park features...
In The Shadow Of Sherlock – Portland Celebrates The Super Sleuth
Nov 20, 2013
Footprints, splatter patterns and the powers of observation mark the journey through ‘The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes’ at The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)...
I Scream Ice Cream - It’s An Udder Delight In Arizona
Nov 17, 2013
There’s no better way to stay cool under the hot Arizona sun than diving into a delicious, locally-produced ice cream, so when you stumble across a local dairy farmer who produces his own ice cream, you are clearly in for a big treat...
Robin Hood - The Legend Of England’s Prince Of Thieves
Nov 16, 2013
Robin Hood has been the subject of endless ballads, books and films, making him undoubtedly one of popular culture’s most enduring folk heroes. While some of Robin Hood and his band of merry men's escapades may have been exaggerated over time, Robin Hood is indeed thought to be a real...
The Light Fantastic - Massachusetts’ Many Festivals Of Light
Nov 15, 2013
Nothing screams ‘Christmas’ quite like that special moment when the Christmas lights are switched on – and this is something that the state of Massachusetts does with style...
Castles, Kilts & A Missing Monster - Can You Canoe While Wearing A Kilt?
Nov 3, 2013
What do you wear under your kilt? It's an inevitable question with Ross Boardman standing on the front lawn of Glamis Castle in Scotland outfitted in the famous skirt for men, hiking boots, jacket and vest...
Creepy Castles - Haunted Castles Across The Globe
Oct 28, 2013
1. Dracula's Castle in Bran, Romania Officially called Bran Castle, this Romanian castle has earned the reputation for being Dracula's castle.
Creepin' In Kentucky - Scare Yourself Silly In The Bluegrass State
Oct 27, 2013
There’s more to Kentucky than just pasture land and famous bourbon. When Halloween rolls around, the state celebrates with haunted houses, ghost walks, and ‘scream parks’...
Tracks Of Terror - Haunted Trains Around The World
Oct 27, 2013
Across the globe there are some superbly spooky ghost tours that are dedicated to remembering the ghosts of the past, exploring old, abandoned rail yards, and searching for ghost trains that are said to run through stations and then disappear...
West Hollywood - Five Hundred Thousand Freaks!
Oct 26, 2013
Each year hundreds of thousands of Halloween revelers flock to Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on October 31 for...
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ghost Walks Around The Globe
Oct 26, 2013
The world is filled with mystery, and regardless of your stance on the paranormal, plenty of places around the world...
Spokes And Suds - Peddling For Beer In New Zealand
Oct 21, 2013
Beer while biking is a recipe for a bad time – but a nice ice cold beer after a hard day of biking? Well, that’s a perfect slice of heaven...
Let's Get Lost - 13 Amazing Corn Mazes
Oct 18, 2013
It's fall, which can only mean one thing: Canadian fun-seekers are busy looking for corn mazes to get lost in! Here are 13 of our favourites...
World Report - August 2013
Sep 16, 2013
Orlando Treats Agents Visit Orlando’s annual savings program for hospitality and tourism industry employees, Global Hospitality Days, runs through September 30. “Hospitality...
Only In The USA - Spectacular Snow, Outstanding Resorts, Unbeatable Hospitality
Sep 5, 2013
Forget what they tell you in the old Beach Boys’ song…in the USA it’s not all about surfing; it’s about racing up the mountain to spend your day in an altogether cooler way.
Ski Europe - A Powder Hound's Introduction To Skiing Europe
Sep 5, 2013
Skiing in Europe simply smacks of classic, continental elegance: clear, crisp runs, cosy olde-worlde villages, chocolat chaud by a chalet fireside, Bond-esque beauties speeding down the slopes, and the most stylish après options that you can shake a ski pole at.
Ski Canada - A Powder Hound's Introduction To Skiing Canada
Sep 5, 2013
Canadian powder hounds need to ask themselves one important question: why do you think skiers from across the globe are lining up to check out the slopes in Whistler and Banff, Mount Tremblant and Calabogie Peaks?
Take A Social Savvy Vacation - How To Protect Your Home on Social Media
Aug 16, 2013
Nowadays when we take a trip, it is not just our co-workers, family and friends who know about it… Once...
Fabulous And Free - Don't Spend A Dime In San Diego
Aug 9, 2013
Having fun during the summer in San Diego doesn't require a lot of money. In fact, many things are absolutely...
BC Day - 10 Ways To Celebrate BC Without Breaking The Bank
Aug 2, 2013
BC Day almost upon us, and if you’ve neglected to do some advance planning, here are some fabulous, fun and free ways to celebrate all things British Columbia this weekend…
Andalusia's Overlooked Gem - A Visit To Malaga Includes Beaches, Cathedrals, Markets & Picasso
Aug 1, 2013
The beaches are beautiful, the tapas scene is superb, the art is awesome and the city is lively and enticing. Thousands flock to Malaga Airport but most travel on to sun themselves in resorts along the nearby Costa del Sol, missing the city completely.
Yucatan Adventure - Discovering Flamingos, Chiclets & Mangrove Forests Along Mexico's Caribbean Coast
Aug 1, 2013
Cancun pulsates and permeates Mexico’s Caribbean coastal region and excursions emanating from this exuberant tourist Mecca allow nature, culture and adventure to merge into an endemic eco-active experience.
Snap Shots - Seat Tracker, Wallet Blockers, Designer Sleeves
Jul 29, 2013
Thanks to TripIt, there’s now a clever new way to avoid being stuck in the dreaded airplane middle seat.
Keeping The Kids Happy - Family-Friendly Travel in Israel
Jul 18, 2013
From playing on the Mediterranean sand and floating on the Dead Sea, to educational museum visits and stargazing in Negev, Israel offers a plethora of activities to keep all kinds of kids happy on vacation.
Snap Shots - Dracula Tours, A Walk In Seoul, A Night At The Museum
Jul 15, 2013
Something Wicked This Way Comes Scare yourself stupid in Romania this Halloween by following in the footsteps of Vlad the Impaler. Quest...
Snap Shots - Artful In Amsterdam, Tech Detox, Austin F1
Jul 8, 2013
Amsterdam’s iconic De L’Europe hotel is celebrating the reopening of the Rijksmuseum by transforming every room into an art gallery.
Boats, Books & Believers - Three Very Different Ways To Organize Your European Voyage Of Discover
Jul 5, 2013
Anyone who dreams of visiting Europe, whether for the first time or to see something they missed before, need wait no longer. Our strong Canadian dollar makes it the best time in years to cross the pond. With so many special places, however, the most difficult choice will be which...
7 Great Ways to Treat Your Mom This Mother's Day
May 10, 2013
Once again, mom's special day is upon us. The day where her children show her how much they appreciate the fact that she laboured for hours to bring them into the world, put up with their raging teenage hormones, and helped them not walk off a cliff. For this Mother's...
Kid Air - 8 Tips For Air Travel With Children
Mar 22, 2013
Travelling with children can be a hassle for those around you, but ultimately their pain is only a fraction of yours. Whether it's stress, lack of sleep, or just plain embarassment, bringing a kid along for the ride can make any flight worse. It doesn't have to be that way,
Family fun in Connecticut
Mar 12, 2013
    Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities in New England, the beautiful state of Connecticut has plenty of gentle, family friendly opportunities for all ages. Moms and dads, grandparents, and little ones of all sizes can enjoy these fun activities. The Mystic Aquarium in the coastal town of Mystic...
Loving Nature - Nurturing Nature Drives Riviera Nayarit's Development
Mar 5, 2013
By Judy Waytiuk     Its sunset on the Riviera Nayarit’s 300-kilometre-long perfect powder beach, and on a quiet spot marked off by yellow rope laid out on the sand, about four dozen tiny baby sea turtles are wobbling clumsily to the surf. The group of eager tourists who helped release them, one...
World Report - January 2013
Feb 28, 2013
  New Fairmont In Dubai The newest addition to the Fairmont portfolio is on the world’s largest man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, and near to many other man-made record holders like Burj Khalifa, the largest free-standing building in the world. Fairmont The Palm is a spacious development with 381 guestrooms and suites, including two...
5 For The Family - Things For The Family To Do In South Dakota
Jan 3, 2013
By Merle Rosenstein   The rugged scenery and tantalizing terrain of South Dakota attracts families in search of outdoor adventure. America’s oldest mountains, the Black Hills, lay claim to the highest peak in the continental United States east of the Rockies. The awe-inspiring Badlands, a collection of buttes, spires and canyons contrast...
A Perfect Match - Kids & Mexico Just Go Together
Dec 18, 2012
By Judy Waytiuk   Mexico holiday with the kids? Pick a spot – any spot in Mexico’s hottest tourism areas on its Caribbean or West coast. You're guaranteed great beaches, fascinating towns and cities, all sorts of history, culture, and nature to explore, and enough restaurants that even the pickiest eaters will...
An Uncomplicated Place
Nov 26, 2012
A collection of 15 unique beach neighbourhoods makes up the region of South Walton. Sprinkled along a 43-kilometre stretch of...
Real Fun
Nov 20, 2012
In Panama City Beach (PCB), it’s all about the beachfront and a “come as you are” kind of attitude (it’s...
The War Effort - Touring Canada's Military History
Nov 12, 2012
The marks of the First and Second World Wars are still visible in Canada today. Sometimes the marks are literal, the remnants of torpedo damage from U-Boats blockading Newfoundland harbours or sliding up and down the St. Lawrence River. Some of the marks are figurative, left in the family and...
Honky Tonks and History
Nov 8, 2012
The young fellow behind the counter at Gene’s Western Wear and Shoe Hospital in Flagstaff looks and sounds just like...
Pure Mexico
Nov 7, 2012
  Think Mexico, and you think beaches and margaritas, right? Think again: If plunging into genuine, rich history, off-the-beaten-path real-deal adventure, exploration,
Count On Dracula For Halloween Thrills
Oct 31, 2012
  Count Dracula might be the most popular Halloween icon of all time. The bat-winged vampire has inspired everything from movies to muppets, and his iconic accent permeates pop culture. Yet few know the real historical underpinnings of Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula character. The Halloween legend is in fact based (loosely,
Bricks, Blockbusters & Beaches - All Family Fun You Can Handle In Central Florida
Sep 26, 2012
It’s like one of those tales from Hans Christian Anderson. You know the one about the village toy maker who brings magic to his work. Only this one is true.
In Another World
Sep 21, 2012
The rich history of the Pensacola Bay Area – Pensacola, Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key, at the far west of...
Just Right - The Greater Fort Myers Area Offers Boasts A Perfect Blend Of Endless Sunshine & Exceptional Beaches
Sep 10, 2012
There’s no question Mother Nature achieved perfection when she crafted The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel where the quality of the sand is second to none. Pure, white and silky-soft, professional sand sculptors from around the world claim it’s the best on the planet from which to create their...
Kidstuff - Tons & Tons Of Fun For Your Junior Travellers
Sep 3, 2012
From two to twenty, it doesn’t matter what age children you’re toting. The St Petersburg/Clearwater area offers affordable attractions your kids will write (or blog) home about. For generations of vacationers, family bonding has meant fishing piers, miles of beaches and shore-side ice cream shops. And now the offerings have...
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Jul 27, 2012
Arizona is a land of wide-open spaces, ranching and mining history and a rich Western heritage of cowboy traditions. The rough ‘n’ tumble landscape attracted those hardy individuals seeking fortunes in the new frontier. Peppered across the state are remnants of mining camps and ghost towns, stagecoach stops, ranches, historic...
Headin' To The Masai - A Photo Safari Makes Memories Travellers Live For
Jul 18, 2012
The female leopard and her cub caught a small black-faced monkey. They dragged it onto a fallen tree eating it quickly before disappearing into the bush. My driver, Duncan, told me not to pack my equipment. “She’ll come out of the bush on the game trail just up the track,”...
5 Must-Sees In Mexico
Jul 6, 2012
It’s not just the tamales that are hot in Mexico. Mayan cultural experiences, colonial city discoveries and eco-adventures will satisfy your holiday cravings.
Kidstuff! - Family Resorts & Vacations Across The USA
Jun 18, 2012
Getting the family together can be a stress free vacation! The road to success includes understanding everyone’s expectations, providing a variety of activities that appeal to the interests of kids and adults, and planning, planning, planning.
United States
Jun 15, 2012
Be neighbourly and go big on culture, adventure and scenery whether you are visiting the Big Apple, the Big Island or Big Sur. All states are united in making you want to visit America The Beautiful.
There's Something Familiar - Puerto Rico & USVI Are Classically Caribbean & Uniquely American
May 29, 2012
Classically Caribbean and uniquely American, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands are tropical playgrounds where radio stations play American oldies and Caribbean calypso, holidays are toasted with a shot of rum and a Chili Cook Off is as coveted as a Caribbean Food Fair.
Wet & Wild - Wildlife Thrives on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Apr 23, 2012
Strolling magnificent stretches of white sand are just the first step to experiencing the natural side of The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. There are more than 400,000 hectares of nature sanctuaries to explore, and most have paths and boardwalks that allow event the most timid of adventurers to...
Keeping Up Family Tradition - A Round-Up Of March Break Travel Ideas
Mar 2, 2012
For Canadians, a family holiday at March break is a time-honoured tradition. They pack the car or hop on planes to spend time together, away from the frosty weather. While some are looking for time to wiggle their toes in the sand, others are happy to just find any location...
Utah By The Numb3rs - Counting The Ways To Enjoy The Beehive State
Jan 27, 2012
Utah’s dramatic landscape packs a punch with snow-packed peaks, colossal canyons and riveting rock formations. Bordered by Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada, Utah displays significant natural beauty and diversity and offers the best of the Rocky Mountains and the desert southwest.
Birds, Dogs & Dragons - Out & About In Harlingen
Jan 27, 2012
Touted as the best location for birdwatching in the Rio Grande Valley, Harlingen attracts thousands of enthusiasts especially during the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. Recognized by the American Birding Association, the festival features field trips to hotspots, lectures by keynote speakers and educational programs for children.
Only Once - A Year of One-Off Celebrations Across The US
Jan 27, 2012
Everyone loves a celebration. Did you know that 2012 will be a year-long culinary party in Alabama? How about travel to the southwest – with 2012 being the Arizona’s centennial there’s a lot happening in every corner of the state. And there’s more. Just read on and enjoy the party...
Ship Ahoy - Discover The Lure Of The English-Speaking Caribbean
Jan 27, 2012
Christopher Columbus, as we all know, got here first, landing in the Bahamas in 1492 looking for trade routes and treasure to take back to his Spanish employers. He was quickly followed by treasure-seekers, or rather takers, of another sort – the buccaneers, marauders and pirates of high seas legends...
A Sporting Place - Golf, Fishing, Paddling, Baseball & Hockey - Get Beyond The Beach
Nov 25, 2011
Beached out? What to get off the lounger and move in all this Florida sunshine? There is plenty to do, and it is all so accessible you probably won’t know what to do first.
A Different Side Of Florida - Another Pace, Another Time - This Is The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Nov 25, 2011
Sandwiched between Sarasota in the north and Naples in the south, the Fort Myers area, often described as an “unspoiled island sanctuary”, has been attracting tourists since the early 1900s.
Legendary Residents & Residences - Visiting With Notable Citizens & Historic Heroes
Nov 25, 2011
After spending warm winters in the young metropolis of Fort Myers beginning in the late 1800s, world famous visionary Thomas Edison predicted the town would become a major tourist destination eventually attracting millions of people.
Islands In The Sun - A Look At The Communities Of The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Nov 25, 2011
Idyllic weather, a colourful past, wonderful beaches, famous visitors, outstanding dining, wonderful beaches, easy-to-access outdoor adventure, fascinating attractions, wonderful beaches and the grace and charm of “Old Florida” – this is The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel.
Shore Delights - Discover Sun, Sand & Sparkling Cities On The Texas Gulf Coast
Nov 25, 2011
The Texas Gulf Coast stretches 1,004 kilometres south from Brownsville to the Louisiana border. Calm and serene cities and rollicking beach towns offer supreme sunbathing, wicked wildlife watching, historic sites honouring battle heroes, fine architecture, premium shopping and loads of family fun.
Play Hard
Sep 30, 2011
Active travellers may have a difficult time choosing from Arizona’s long menu of sports and adventure activities. Add to that a dizzying choice of places to stay – from rustic ranches to luxury resorts to charming B&Bs – and it means they can give-it-their-all during the daytime, and tuck in...
Relax & Recharge
Sep 30, 2011
The Grand Canyon State’s gentle side speaks to everyone’s need to relax and recharge by indulging in a little culture or self-care. A wide choice of ranch stays, luxurious spas and well-serviced resorts make great destinations for weddings, honeymoons, romantic getaways, reunions and retreats. And there’s a real culture charge...
Aaah, The Beach - Florida's fabulous beaches are the its greatest natural asset
Sep 30, 2011
With hundreds of miles of coastline punctuated by long stretches of silky sand, Florida remains one of the world's top destinations for beach lovers. It took root in the late 1800s when tourists from the northern United States began flocking there for its sub-tropical climate and sun-bathed beaches. Its future...
Water Adventures
Jan 25, 2011
Rather than being a whole lotta beach without any ocean, the Sonoran Desert is dotted with oases, some natural and some man-made. There are not many land-locked states that can claim more than 1,600 kilometres of shoreline. Arizona can, easily. It is widely considered the world’s greenest desert for its...
Things That Make You Go Hmmm
Jan 25, 2011
Bet you didn’t know you can do some of these things in Arizona. The state is full of surprises, some that have been hidden for years, others that seem to pop up on a regular basis to supply new experiences and adventures.
Escapes With The Family In Mind
Jan 25, 2011
Arizona’s amazing demographic diversity means that there is something to capture the imagination of all ages. Kid-friendly attractions and venues with something appealing for adults as well abound in Arizona.
The “Cool” Side Of Arizona
Jan 25, 2011
There’s the kind of cool where soft breezes whisper among the branches of stately pines, and water laps gently at a sandy shoreline. Where lofty altitudes create a naturally cool environment and seasonal snow flurries bring a softness to the terrain. Where chilly nights mean snuggling into a down sleeping...
All Nick All of the Time - Nickelodeon Universe At Mall Of America Has It All
Dec 13, 2010
At Nickelodeon Universe, kids can kibbutz with SpongeBob SquarePants, dance with Dora and Diego, and bounce with Blue and the Backyardigans. And what could be more fun than climbing aboard Jimmy Neutron’s new atomic collider for a test drive or hunting ghosts with Danny Phantom in the mysterious Ghost Zone...
A Mesa State Of Mind - Feeding Mind, Body & Soul In The Desert
Nov 23, 2010
It’s a challenge not to get lost in the shadow of a next door neighbour the size of sprawling Phoenix, but Mesa manages to offer the best urban amenities and the treasures of the open desert.
Hook, Line & Sinker - There's Plenty Of Angling Action On Myrtle Beach Piers
Oct 28, 2010
When they talk about trying their luck in the Myrtle Beach area, they don’t just mean the casino boats. Fishing is a major pastime, and the Myrtle Beach area makes it easy for visitors to toss out a line.
Fun, Fun & More Fun - Discover Speed, Wonder, Water Action & Magic In MB
Oct 28, 2010
There’s more to the Myrtle Beach area than golf. More to it than the beach, too. “Myrtle Beach,’’ one guide book declares, “is all about pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, now, now, now.’’
From Jungle to Reef - Affordable, Educational & Family Oriented Travel in Belize
Oct 5, 2010
The English speaking country of Belize is emerging as an affordable and educational destination for family vacations. The country’s unspoiled landscapes, rich cultural history and colourful locals offer a variety of activities to keep everyone in the family happy. Located between Mexico and Guatemala in Central America there are crystal...
Aug 25, 2010
RCMP Heritage Centre: Opened at the gateway of the RCMP Academy in Regina in May 2007, this facility features a unique, environmentally friendly building, extensive exhibition galleries, interactive media, a multimedia theatre and a variety of on-site interpretation services.
Teed Off! - Golf In Minnesota Is A Whole Lot More Than You Think
Aug 25, 2010
Who knew? Minnesota has more golfers per capita than any other state, and is the only state to have hosted all 13 USGA Championships. And, with more than 480 golf courses, there is a course to suit every level of play.
Aug 25, 2010
Manitoba Museum: The province’s largest attraction features nine interpretive galleries tracing Manitoba’s natural and human history, a planetarium and science gallery.
Universal Orlando Reveals Harry Potter Details
Aug 17, 2010
Universal Orlando Resort, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have revealed details of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, scheduled to open in spring 2010 at Universal Orlando Resort.
Twilight Movie Trails
Aug 16, 2010
Intrepid Travel has announced Twilight Trails, an adventure tour inspired by the best-selling book and movie Twilight. Twi-fans will visit the...
Hobbits Are Back In New Zealand
Aug 16, 2010
With pre-production on The Hobbit, the prequel to the Lord of the Rings movies, gearing up, interest is returning to Matamata, where the village of Hobbiton set was constructed. For young and old(er) hobbit fans, there are tours and activities in and around the area. Hobbiton Movie Set & Farm...
Galveston Island CVB - Gulf & Golf
Aug 13, 2010
Now is the time to plan your client’s vacation getaway or long-stay to the 1,000 kilometres of sparkling coastline in Texas, fronting the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Beaches and coastal habitats in Texas offer exceptional outdoor receation along with more than 250 days of sunshine annually and...
Dream A Little Dream - Carnival's Largest Ship Weighs Anchor
Aug 13, 2010
The largest Carnival Cruise Lines ship ever constructed, the 3,646-passenger Carnival Dream debuted September 21, with a host of innovations. Features include Ocean Plaza, a stunning indoor/outdoor café and entertainment venue; the most elaborate children’s facilities at sea, including a huge Carnival WaterWorks aqua park; “scenic whirlpools” that extend over...
Lucy & Lady Luck - Gaming In Atlantic City Is Just The Beginning
Aug 13, 2010
Atlantic City is known by many names – Las Vegas East, America’s Playground, and AC to name a few – but a name that says it all is “party place.” If your clients are looking for non-stop fun beside the sea, Atlantic City delivers, from family fare to clubbing, pubbing,
British Columbia
Aug 4, 2010
Barkerville: A living history town that was the largest west of Chicago and north of San Francisco in the 1870s. General store, blacksmith, western show, stagecoach rides, gold-panning and mock courtroom sessions featuring \"Hanging\" Judge Begbie. East of Quesnel.
Aug 4, 2010
Glenbow Museum: Western Canada’s largest museum tells the history of the people who lived here, both Aboriginal and European. Calgary. Alberta Birds of Prey Centre: Home to hawks, eagles, falcons and owls. Clients can tour breeding and rehabilitation facilities, see the new babies, hold a specially trained owl or...
A Beautiful Island Paradise - Bountiful Beaches, Outdoor Fun & Caribbean Culture In The D.R.
Aug 4, 2010
In the heart of an archipelago surrounded by Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean sharing the island of Hispaniola, or Little Spain, with Haiti. Washed by the rugged Atlantic Ocean to the north and the calm Caribbean Sea to the...
Voyages of Discovery - Small-ship cruising from the Arctic Circle to the Mississippi River
Aug 4, 2010
As the old saying goes, “big things come in small packages”. It certainly holds true for cruising. Small-ship cruising is becoming increasingly popular with travellers looking for “up close and personal” experiences and personalized service. Whether they are searching for a relaxing, luxurious cruise along the Mississippi or for an...
Highlights Of Australia - Uniquely Aussie Experiences In Queensland, South Oz & Tasmania
Aug 4, 2010
Australia. The Land DownUnder. Whatever you call it, the country is endlessly fascinating with unique cultures, creatures and scenery. Here’s a rundown on some of the best, and uniquely Australian selling point for your clients, as well as a look at some of the country’s most intriguing regions.
Ticket To Buy - A Strong Loonie Makes Destination Shopping Better Than Ever
Jun 29, 2010
Most travellers spend at least some time shopping while on holiday, if only for the ubiquitous t-shirt for the grandkids or a few postcards for friends stuck at home. Then there’s another group altogether, one that is growing as steadily as the loonie: travellers who plan to devote significant time...
By The Sea - Sell The Jersey Shore - Your Clients Will Thank You
Jun 28, 2010
Clients wanting family vacation time? Look no further than the Jersey Shore. With blue skies, refreshing breezes and 203 kilometres of beautiful, white sandy beaches, the Jersey Shore is one of the best fly/drive vacation spots along the east coast of the U.S. From the heart-pumping excitement of Atlantic City’s...
Texas Tourism - Texas' Gulf Coast
Jun 28, 2010
Like everything in Texas, Houston is big. However, there is a saving grace when it comes to sightseeing – many of the city’s museums are in the Museum District and the second bit of good news is that some are ideal for the whole family. The Houston Museum of Natural...
Survey Says - Families Give Cruising Top Marks
Jun 28, 2010
Families take cruises and they cruise often because the price is right, the value for money spent is outstanding and the cruise experience offers unique advantages over comparably priced land-based vacations. Those are the conclusions to be drawn from a just released online survey of more than 1,000 households by...
Surprising Scottsdale - The All-Purpose Vacation Stop
Jun 28, 2010
Scottsdale, Arizona is renowned for its superb golf courses, luxurious, pampering spas, reliable sunshine, and a warm year-round climate. No wonder it’s a favourite winter getaway with Canadians. It also has plenty to offer clients who seek variety in their vacation.
Beyond The Beach - Daytrips In & Around Cancun
Jun 28, 2010
Renowned for its gorgeous white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and year-round sunny climate, Cancun is on everyone’s radar as a beach destination. Water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, parachuting, even riding a waverunner, abound and the hotel strip, more than 30 kilometres long, offers everything from villas and five-star hotels to...
Caribbean Jewel - Barbados Tops The Hit List For Winter Weary Canadians
Jun 28, 2010
The easternmost of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados is bordered to the west and south by golden sand beaches framing the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and to the east by limestone cliffs that stand guard over the rugged Atlantic Ocean. From spectacular scenery, historic sites and eco-tours to world-class...
What's Up Virginia Beach? - Canada Weeks & Restless Planet
Jun 28, 2010
Canadians can stay a little longer in Virginia Beach this year, thanks to the city’s new “Canada Weeks” promotion. Clients can enjoy two extra nights free in Virginia Beach when they book a six-night stay at a participating hotel through September 3 and September 6 through October 1. The 2009...
Lethal Fish, Moon Rocks & Sponge Bob - Exploring The World Around Us Is A Family Affair
Jun 25, 2010
Anytime is a good time for creating family travel memories, but with the summer break approaching many clients will be looking for unique spots to take the kids. We know all the “big parks” but if you are looking for something new, you’ll find no shortage of family-friendly destinations to...
Sea Lions & Cistercians - Find Amazing Family Fun In Northern California
Apr 1, 2010
San Francisco is often called “Everybody’s Favourite City,” a title earned by its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities, and world-class cuisine. This very walk-able city is dotted with landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz and the largest Chinatown in the United States. A stroll of the...
Beyond The Big City - Sell Fly/Drive Vacations Outside Alberta Hotspots
Mar 1, 2010
Calgary, Edmonton, the Canadian Rockies – we all know the iconic Alberta destinations. But what about the rest of the province? Southern, Central and Northern Alberta have plenty to offer, too. There are cowboys, there are dinosaurs, and there are adventures in the great outdoors.
VoluntEars & Magic Cards - What's New In Orlando
Feb 1, 2010
With new attractions and adventures opening at Orlando’s world famous theme parks, 2010 is sure to be an exciting year. And a whole range of new accommodation options – from eco-friendly to luxury – just adds to the mix.
Legendary Adventure - Family Fun In North Dakota
Feb 1, 2010
Clients looking for a family destination? Why not sell them at trip to North Dakota? The state has put together a series of Legendary journeys that are based on the larger-than-life exploits of famous historic figures like Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, George Custer, Sitting Bull and Theodore Roosevelt, all of...
A Roller Coaster Ride - Click The Turnstiles To Theme Park Sales
Dec 1, 2009
The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for theme parks across the continent and around the world, too. However, what goes down, must come up! And so it is with theme parks as they head into 2010. The year 2009 had slight increases over 2008 and...
The Whales are Coming
Dec 1, 2009
The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center offers 2-to-2.5-hour whale watching boat trips from late December through -March, narrated by a trained Virginia Aquarium educator. The packages accommodations, and admission aboard a whale watching boat trip, the Virginia Aquarium and its 3D IMAX® Theater.
Nickelodeon Universe
Dec 1, 2009
Nickelodeon, the #1 entertainment brand for kids, and Mall of America, the premier shopping destination in the U.S., joined forces to create a one-of-kind theme park. Located in the centre of Mall of America, Nickelodeon Universe features 208 hectares of unique attractions and entertainment, including 24 great rides for guests...
SoCal, So Cool - Discovering Southern California's Other Attractions
Dec 1, 2009
Sunny Southern California. The phrase conjures up images of beaches, movie stars, theme parks, um, traffic. Sure clients still want to see Muscle Beach, Hollywood and the Disney parks, but there is more, much more to see and do. And one of the best ways to do it is aboard...
The New Phoenix - Downtown Rises Up & Resorts Are Always Changing
Dec 1, 2009
It all starts with all the new developments in downtown Phoenix. More than US $4 billion dollars in public and private funds is being invested in Phoenix’s urban core in developments that include the recently completed light-rail system, the expansion of the Phoenix Convention Center, the construction of the largest...
The Other Florida - Panama City Beach Offers Fun, Sun, Sand & A New Airport
Dec 1, 2009
Once a classic seaside town, Panama City Beach is in the midst of a revitalization anchored by an airport, set to open in 2010, new oceanfront spas, restaurants, shops and accommodations. Of course, the main attraction remains the beach. Long renowned for its spectacular white-sand beaches and predictably sunny weather,
Paradise Found - Mesa Has It All - Sports, Cultural Attractions & Family Fun
Nov 1, 2009
With months of cold, dreary winter looming on the horizon, now is the time to start thinking about sunny, south-of-the-border escapes. This year put Mesa on the top of your list of hot spots to sell your clients. Arizona’s third-largest city is an increasingly popular tourist destination for travellers of...