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Newest Fall Colours Travel Articles

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US: Five Dazzling Autumn Drives
Oct 6, 2014
Come the end of September when the temperature begins to drop from the sweltering heat of summer in the United States, the trees go through a beautiful metamorphosis. The endless seas of green begin to turn a wonderful mix of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. This has lead travellers...
Illinois - A Land Of Contrasts
Nov 6, 2013
Illinois is a land of contrasts, where whimsical towns lie side by side with scenic byways and some of the most eccentric attractions that the United States has to offer...
Let's Get Lost - 13 Amazing Corn Mazes
Oct 18, 2013
It's fall, which can only mean one thing: Canadian fun-seekers are busy looking for corn mazes to get lost in! Here are 13 of our favourites...
Hiking Through History - Housatonic Heritage Walks
Sep 29, 2013
Recognized as a National Heritage Area, the Upper Housatonic Valley is a collection of communities connected by rolling hills and the meandering Housatonic River...
Comfort In Boston - Comfort Tours' New Boston Tour Takes In Fall Colours & Local Sights
Aug 29, 2012
Known for its popular all-inclusive coach tours to New York City and its entertaining three-city tour to Montreal-Quebec City-Ottawa, Comfort Tours adds to its roster with an itinerary that takes in the sights of Boston as well as Pennsylvania’s beautiful fall foliage along the way.
A Seasonal Walk To The Bank - Tips For Turning Red Leaves Into Green Commissions
Aug 22, 2011
Autumn is a favourite time of year for many of your clients. So different to sailing the high seas or chasing the sun and doing the beach scene. Now, if the fall season behaves itself and turns colourful as it is supposed to do, then we’re talking walks and rambles,
Fall's Top Ten - Tips For Turning Red Leaves Into Green Commissions
Jun 24, 2010
If the fall season behaves itself and turns as it is supposed to we’re talking walks and rambles, hot chocolate, hot wine, heavy sweaters, scarves and trendy hats. Romance. Photography. A time with friends. Well-deserved time alone. A good book, big hearth, comfy chair, colours galore outside the large window...