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5 Places In Cuba That Will Make You Want To Leave Your Resort For Good
Sep 1, 2015
"Where are you from?" The friendly Cuban man asked us as we walk past him on a crowded backstreet in...
Saint Lucia: The Luxury Guide
Aug 18, 2015
St. Lucia is typically renowned for its unspoiled beauty that shines through its green mountains, wild orchards and fishing villages.
40 Reasons to Make the Bahamas Your Next Holiday Destination
Jun 18, 2015
  Without its own tropical region or territory, the Caribbean is Canada's holiday playground. This is especially true for Ontario, Quebec and...
Jamaica: The Penny Pincher’s Guide
Jun 11, 2015
Beautiful and mysterious, Jamaica gained fame as the birthplace of reggae, but also holds a plethora of natural jewels. The brilliant colours of the Caribbean are echoed in the turquoise waters, golden beaches, emerald-green mountains and deep-blue lakes. With so many reefs, rainforests and rivers, visitors will never run out...
Jamaica: Fabulous Coffee Plantations
Mar 30, 2015
The Blue Mountains that cover a large portion of the island are a humid, damp region that’s perfect for growing coffee.
Haiti for the Independent Traveller
Mar 13, 2015
Haiti - it is one of the more confusing destinations in the Caribbean for most travellers. Most of what people...
Puerto Rico: The Luxury Guide
Mar 4, 2015
Although only a fraction of the size of most countries, Puerto Rico pulses with enough life and culture to rival any nation. While Puerto Rico is renowned for its beautiful natural landscape, between the pig roasts, salsa and reggaeton-blasting nightlife and lasting historical sites, the active visitor will not want...
Jamaica: The Foodie Guide
Feb 25, 2015
One of the most unexpected things travellers to Jamaica will find is a surprising lack of independent restaurants. After all, Jamaica...
Caribbean: Four Places to Celebrate Mardi Gras
Jan 27, 2015
Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, refers to the events during Carnival season beginning after the Epiphany and culminating the day before Ash Wednesday. Historically it refers to the practice of eating particularly rich and fatty food before the ritual fasting of Lent. Today, Mardi Gras is synonymous with alcohol binges...
Havana: The Barfly Guide
Dec 17, 2014
The barfly in Havana walks in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and knows what he knew - the only way...
Christmas in the Caribbean
Dec 8, 2014
If it is a white Christmas you're dreaming of then the Caribbean can provide. Not with ice and snow but rather crystal clear water and white sand. Taking a trip to the Caribbean is sure to fulfill all those warm holiday wishes, if those wishes happen to be bright sun...
Jamaica: One Jerk at a Time!
Nov 19, 2014
Jamaican cuisine is world famous and people travel from around the globe to taste its authentic flavours at the source.  Travellers can experience the island's foods firsthand by visiting various food festivals and events throughout the year. Jamaica's most famous culinary export, jerk cooking, is front-and-centre at these events and sure to tantalize...
Anchors Away - 17 Ferry Rides That Will Leave You Speechless
Nov 15, 2014
Ferries can be more than just a way to get from one location to another - they can often provide the best ways to tour some of the most beautiful and remote locations on Earth. Here are some of our favourites…
Cuba: Where to Go Salsa Dancing
Oct 25, 2014
Although the beaches are a great way to enjoy Cuba, you can easily spice up your adventure by exploring the nightclubs and adding a little salsa.
Place Your Bets! Crab Racing in Grenada
Oct 20, 2014
We had been house sitting in Grenada for 5 months when we heard that there was a bar on the island that held hermit crab races every Monday night. We just had to check it out! "These crabs have come all the way from Canada, Germany, England, Trinidad and Italy for...
Cuba: Hemingway Sites
Oct 13, 2014
Although Hemingway was from the United States, he fell deeply in love with Cuba; so much so, he often referred to himself as a "Cubano Sato," or an average Cuban citizen.
Dancing Feet: Five Cities That Will Get You Up and Moving
Sep 21, 2014
Music is both universal and regional, with certain styles calling to mind specific countries and cities. Who doesn’t think of the mysteries of Turkey and Persia when they hear belly-dancing music? Or the United Kingdom when watching the curiously elaborate Morris Dancing? Music colours our perception of a place just...
Caribbean: Private Island Hotels
Sep 18, 2014
The Caribbean is already one of the top spots to take a vacation, but did you know that you can make it even more amazing by staying on a private island? These awesome island retreats may take a little longer to get to, but once you are there you’ll experience the...
Caribbean: Where to Find Luxury in St Barth's
Sep 10, 2014
The Caribbean Islands are warm and inviting, drawing thousands of visitors each year. Some are attracted to the laid-back lifestyle, while others are looking for an elegant holiday full of pampering and luxury. Saint Barthelemy, affectionately known as St Barths, is one of the most exclusive islands and a haven...
St Bart's: The Best Beaches to Fall in Love on
Aug 31, 2014
St. Bart's is filled to the brim with white sand shoreline that serves as a choice vacation destination for lovers.
Underwater Adventure - Meet The Creatures Of The Deep
May 29, 2014
Whether you’re a huge fan of sea life, an avid explorer or someone who just enjoys unique experiences, mingling with the denizens of the deep is an experience that shouldn’t be passed up... Sunlight on Water – Honokohau Harbor, Hawaii, US On the Kona side of the Big Island, Sunlight has been...
The Caribbean - Happily Ever After
Apr 27, 2014
Trains, Boats & Great Houses – The Wedding Options In The Caribbean Are Endless By Melanie Reffes There are weddings and then there are really memorable weddings and although taking the plunge in the Caribbean is reliably memorable, choosing a venue that’s a tad less predictable than barefoot on the beach at...
AAA in the Caribbean - Discover Action, Adventure & Activities For Everyone
Mar 27, 2014
By Melanie Reffes From a trek and a triathlon to soaring high on a zip line, kicking your cardio into high gear is as much a part of a Caribbean holiday as a lazy afternoon on a hammock. Vacation envy is no longer just about tan lines (or the lack of...
Let’s Get This Party Started – Nine Great Caribbean Carnival Celebrations
Mar 5, 2014
1. Trinidad And Tobago The carnival celebration in Trinidad and Tobago is easily the most famous celebration in the Caribbean. Though native...
Yo-Ho-Ho And A Caribbean Adventure - 17 Pirate Places In The Caribbean
Mar 3, 2014
While looking for modern-day pirates is dangerous and ill-advised, there is just something so alluring about the swashbucklers of the 17th and 18th century. There was no more popular place for piracy during the times of the famous Calico Jack or Blackbeard than the Caribbean. The seas were rich with...
The Long And Winding Road - Eight Destinations Where You Can Relive Beatlemania
Feb 16, 2014
It has been 50 years since Beatlemania kicked off with the band's journey across the pond. Over the subsequent years, The Beatles blazed around the world and created some of their most memorable music. Following that trail takes Beatle-junkies not only to a slew of locations that were immortalized in...
Here Comes The Bride - Seven Romantic Places To Tie The Knot
Feb 14, 2014
Having your wedding and honeymoon at the same time is a stress free way to ensure your nuptials are the best time of your life – and usually at a fraction of the cost. And with so many romantic locations to choose from, your dream wedding is just a plane...
Feast For The Senses - Food, History, Colour & Character In Curacao
Feb 14, 2014
For many, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a blanket of snow on the ground. Then there are those who would prefer a blanket of alabaster sands. If the latter is more your style, Christmas on Curaçao may be an ideal festive selection...
Conch, Conch Everywhere - The National Dish Is More Like A National Obsession In Turks & Caicos
Feb 11, 2014
The buildings are ramshackle. The picnic tables could definitely use a fresh lick of paint. The beach is in need of raking. And the dogs are stray. But, the food at Da Conch Shack and Rum Bar in Turks and Caicos is fresh and delish. The Turk’s Head beer is...
Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort, Tobago, Celebrates Mother's Day, Offers Discounted Rates
Jan 19, 2014
Tobago's Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort (www.MagdalenaGrand.com) is offering mothers the perfect opportunity for relaxation this Mother's Day with weekend rates starting at US$589 per room, inclusive of taxes and full buffet breakfast, May 9 - 11, 2014. Guests of the Magdalena Grand will enjoy supreme "mom" relaxation in their...
Sunset Sips - Jamaica Style
Jan 15, 2014
From sunset sips and late-night shindigs, to cliff jumping, water slides and pelican watch­ing, Jamaica’s beach bars offer travellers a variety of unique experiences. Here are just a few of our favourites...
A Beach Bonanza - Family Travel To The Caribbean Can Be Hassle-Free
Jan 9, 2014
Choosing the right resort for the entire family can be the vacation wild card. Although all offer beds for heads, only a handful make sure the grown-ups don’t need another holiday once they get home. Whether the kids are old enough to show off their new shoes or still learning...
Dig In - Christmas Food Traditions Around The World
Dec 24, 2013
While the roast turkey that Canada enjoys every Christmas may seem pretty common place in a lot of other countries, every country celebrates Christmas a little differently...
Green Sleeps - Rest Your Head At An Eco-Chic Hotel
Dec 15, 2013
In this day and age, it’s chic to be environmentally-conscious. Hotels and destinations around the world are catching on to this trend and offering tempting green options for their guests, as well as doing their part to be eco-friendly while remaining truly luxurious. Below you can find a roundup of...
'Tis The Season To Be Irie - Holiday Traditions In Jamaica
Dec 8, 2013
As we Canadians approach another festive season fraught with frigid temperatures, Jamaica offers visitors a great escape and the ideal winter getaway...
Dominican Passage - A First-Timer Drinks In The Wonders Of The DR
Dec 1, 2013
“Pay no attention to the man with the snakes on his head,” says my tour guide, not something I’d expected to hear in the plateau-rich, forested Dominican Republic, a country where tourism has fast become the new livelihood and where a nest of docile snakes can turn over a buck...
Keeping It Real In Belize
Nov 7, 2013
From Pyramids To Parrot Fish: It’s Great To Get Down To Earth In Belize By Tim Johnson It came exactly as described...
Bon Appetit! Raise Your Glass & Your Fork Throughout The Caribbean
Oct 14, 2013
Everyone goes to the Caribbean for the beaches, right? Well, that and the warm weather and never-ending sunshine. But you have to eat when you’re there and the Caribbean has some of the best food-inspired destinations in the world...
Seduced By St Lucia - 7 Reasons To Fall In Love With St Lucia
Oct 11, 2013
If you have a sweet tooth, prepare to be amazed: October is Chocolate Heritage Month in St Lucia. “Travellers are in for a sweet surprise when they visit St Lucia during Chocolate Heritage Month,” says Tracey Warner-Arnold, deputy director of tourism for St Lucia...
The Bahamas - Everything's Better On A Boat
Oct 10, 2013
Captain Greg Marlo leans back, glass of Shiraz in hand, and declares: “Everything is better on a boat. Food and wine, the scenery, the company, sleep and even sex, especially sex...
US Virgin Islands 2013 - America's Caribbean
Oct 1, 2013
Four of the US Virgin Islands’ beaches have received the prestigious Blue Flag certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Blue Flags have been raised at Lindbergh Bay at the Emerald Beach Resort and Great Bay at The Ritz Carlton on St Thomas, Trunk Bay on St John, and Pelican...
Ya Mon! Rasta Rocks In Jamaica
Sep 21, 2013
Rum and reggae are the makings of a grand vacation in Jamaica, but it’s the Rastafari culture that’s piquing the interest of those Canadian travellers who are curious about more than the ingredients in their cocktail or what’s playing on the juke box...
Island Rhythms - Experience The Rastafari Indigenous Village
Aug 13, 2013
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live life to the beat of a different drum? Then check out...
The Butler Did It - Luxuriating At Sandals Grand Riviera Beach and Villa Golf Resort
Aug 6, 2013
They sure did. They? I actually had two butlers during my stay at Sandals Grand Riviera Beach and Villa Golf Resort in Ocho Rios. A tag-team of sorts who were there to pamper and spoil me throughout my stay.
Authentic Aruba - Sunset Seeking At The Bugaloe Beach Bar
Jul 20, 2013
With its white-sand beaches, cooling trade winds and warm, friendly people, there are numerous reasons why Canadian travellers return to Aruba year after year...
'Tis The Season - Summer In The British Virgin Islands Is A Bonanza Of Dream Deals & Super Savings
Jul 9, 2013
Admittedly the majority of sun-seeking visitors arrive in the British Virgin Islands during winter. However, time does not stand still once the high season is over. In fact, summer visitors have the distinct advantage of special packages and summer savings on everything from resort hotels to vacation villas, boutique properties,
To The Fore - Teeing Up In The Caribbean With Golf Courses & Golf Packages
Jul 4, 2013
“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon,” observed esteemed writer Henry James, “to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” All about lazy summer afternoons, the Caribbean is also a Mecca for golfers who flock to the many courses for a sunny afternoon of play.
It's Easy Being Green - Eco-friendly & “Green” Destinations Across The US
Jul 4, 2013
Travellers are thinking about the environment: the impact of their travel choices, where to go and what to do to leave the smallest footprint. This is where travel professionals come in – a little reading, some research and you’ll be well on your way to making suggestions that are good...
Dance The Night Away - Discover Aruba's Top Nightlife Experiences
Jun 9, 2013
Ever since a friend told me about going to Aruba for his honeymoon, it has been high on my list of places to go. It’s a beautiful little island in the southern Caribbean with amazing weather and a ton of great things to do while you’re there. Not only are...
Beyond The Beach - Adventure Travel Throughout The Caribbean
Jun 5, 2013
When it comes to the quintessential beach vacation, the Caribbean does it right. Although the sun, sand and surf are vacation-perfect, there is more to a holiday in the tropics than taking up space on a sun lounger. Tours galore are the newest cool with a plethora to choose from...
Girls In The Sun - Getaway Ideas From Across The Caribbean
Mar 31, 2013
    By Melanie Reffes   A week away with the ladies is not only a guaranteed crowd pleaser, it’s also big business. Girlfriend Getaways, as they’re known, are offered by just about every resort in the Caribbean worth its sea salt. Whether it’s a gal pal vacay at a swishy seaside resort, an...
Happily Ever After - Take A Vow To Say “I Do” in the Caribbean
Mar 28, 2013
    By Melanie Reffes   Raising the romance bar with lobster dinners, champagne breakfasts and massages pour deux, the Caribbean oozes passion around every palm tree. From weddings and honeymoons to vow renewal celebrations and anniversary trysts, nothing says romance sweeter than a getaway in the tropics. Whether it is a seaside ceremony...
7 Ways To Spend Spring Break In The Bahamas
Mar 10, 2013
    Our clocks may be springing forward allowing for a little extra daylight, but spring temperatures aren't in bloom yet. So if you're looking to get away and hop on a plane to a warmer destination within three hours, The Islands Of The Bahamas is ripe with sunshine and off-the-beaten-path activities.
Into The Blue - Azure Seas, Sapphire Skies, No Wonder Varadero Is Hot, Hot, Hot
Feb 27, 2013
By Sam Ion   Mention Cuba and most people think Varadero. No wonder – this long narrow peninsula has 20 kilometres of broad, clean, fine white sandy beaches, add the turquoise warm water of the sea and the blue of the sky and it makes a picture, that you’ll want to be...
Off The Beaten Path - Dig A Little Deeper to Find Caribbean Surprises
Jan 23, 2013
By Aaron Saunders Despite being one of the most popular itineraries in the world, many Eastern Caribbean cruises seem to offer the same assortment of ports from one cruise line to the next. But if you look closer, there’s a whole world of adventure to be had in these sun-splashed islands;...
Pleasures Of Paradise - Living the Good Life in St. Lucia
Jan 21, 2013
By Melanie Reffes   Simply defined, guilty pleasures are those indulgences that we really like but think twice about getting like that pricey pair of shoes, a brand new car and yes, a luxury vacation in the Caribbean. West of Barbados and south of Martinique, St. Lucia is that kind of guilty...
A New Level Of Luxury - Melia Cuba Hotels Raises The Bar On Luxe Travel To Cuba
Jan 19, 2013
Cuba has become one of the world’s premiere spots for luxury travel, due in no small part to the expansion of Melia Cuba Hotels, a line of luxury hotels and resorts that have helped to define what luxury travel means in the island country.
More Than A Sailing Trip - Shore Excursions Make Memories On A Western Caribbean Itinerary
Jan 17, 2013
By Toby Saltzman   Snorkeling through crystalline waters as the sun’s rays streamed over a kaleidoscopic garden of coral reef, I was living a dream sparked long ago by a film clip of Jacques Cousteau. As tropical fish flashed by, their neon hues glowing in the light, I recalled the French explorer’s...
Hot Fun On The High Seas - Pirate Adventure & Disney Magic In The Caribbean
Jan 16, 2013
By Steve MacNaull All of sudden Jack Sparrow drops from the sky. He battles an endless onslaught of sword-wielding pirates with comic schtick and then sets off a dazzling series of fireworks over the ocean. No, this is not the next installment in the wildly-successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise by Disney...
Kids Fun In The Sun - Family Friendly Fun In The Caribbean
Dec 20, 2012
By Melanie Reffes   A family vacation in the Caribbean means more these days than booking a room with a view, lining up for the breakfast buffet or leaving the kids in the game room. Getting off the beach chair is the new ‘cool’ with Canadian families who want more from a...
Only In Jamaica
Dec 13, 2012
  With an intoxicating cocktail of natural beauty, seaside resorts, vivacious nightlife and friendly locals, Jamaica has earned legions of adoring...
Living La Vida Local
Nov 5, 2012
  There’s the vida loca and there’s the vida local, and you can find a little of both on the islands...
Haute & Spicy - A Culinary Tour Of The Caribbean
Aug 6, 2012
If it’s Saturday, you can bet at least half of Tobago is sitting down to a piping hot bowl of cow heel soup gussied up with dumplings, yam, sweet potatoes and herbs. As tropical as a swig of Carib beer on a hot afternoon, this soupy salute to starch is...
Cuba's Jewels - Explore The Jardines del Rey Archipelago & Discover History, Culture & Amazing Beaches
Jul 23, 2012
With more than 300 beaches along 588 kilometres of Cuba’s coast, sun worshipers seek destinations with solid reputations. Cuba’s premier beach resort Varadero, with 21 kilometres of sparkling white sand, brings vacationers back time and time again. A string of hotels backs onto the flat expanse of beach. At night,
Jul 16, 2012
Life’s a beach. At least it is in the Caribbean. But venture beyond the beach and you’ll find treasures like festive carnivals, spicy cuisine, nature trails, duty free shopping and a warm, no-worries way of life.
There's Something Familiar - Puerto Rico & USVI Are Classically Caribbean & Uniquely American
May 29, 2012
Classically Caribbean and uniquely American, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands are tropical playgrounds where radio stations play American oldies and Caribbean calypso, holidays are toasted with a shot of rum and a Chili Cook Off is as coveted as a Caribbean Food Fair.
Gal-Pal Getaways - Fab Female Fun At A Tropical Resort
May 10, 2012
A diamond may be a girl’s best friend but a women’s-only getaway is the shiniest way to relax, renew and refresh.
Pooling Their Assets - Palace Resorts & Hard Rock Hotels Are Teaming Up To Wow All-Inclusive Travellers
Apr 27, 2012
By Laurie Carter Just when all-inclusive fans think they’ve seen everything, Palace Resorts has teamed up with Hard Rock Hotels to create a new and truly unique experience. Pairing the multi-diamond service and amenities that have long set Palace Resorts apart, with the entertainment-based, rock star feel of Hard Rock Hotels...
Graceful Reminders - Cuba's Colonial Cities Preserve Heritage & Traditions
Mar 7, 2012
Cuba’s major cities have rich histories that reflect their individuality and colonial roots. Whether it’s Spanish, French or indigenous, each city has different flavour. And plenty of sights, sounds and activities, too.
We Did It! - Weddings, Honeymoons Or Just Sparking, The Caribbean Is The Place To Be
Mar 2, 2012
Whether you’re still smitten with an old flame or igniting sparks with a new one, romance runs rampant in the Caribbean. Graced with mountain-rimmed coves and tie-dyed sunsets, finding passion in the Caribbean is breeze.
Ship Ahoy - Discover The Lure Of The English-Speaking Caribbean
Jan 27, 2012
Christopher Columbus, as we all know, got here first, landing in the Bahamas in 1492 looking for trade routes and treasure to take back to his Spanish employers. He was quickly followed by treasure-seekers, or rather takers, of another sort – the buccaneers, marauders and pirates of high seas legends...
Nelson, Betty & Shirley - The Beach Is Just One Of Antigua & Barbuda's Attractions
Jan 20, 2012
Warm steady breezes, hundreds of safe anchorages and a nearly unbroken protective reef attracted the first visitors to Antigua – the British navy. Today these same enticing characteristics attract divers to the underwater wonders of the reef system and all of the rest of us to sandy beaches on quiet,
Head To The Hills - Exploring Cuba Beyond The Beach
Jan 13, 2012
Everyone knows that Cuba is a great place for a beach vacation. There is plenty of sunshine, blue waters, sparkling white sand and a colourful culture to explore. But Cuba is also a great place to discover a unique collection of natural wonders, from the world’s tiniest bird to the...
Caribbean Report - New Flights, Accessible Barbados
Nov 25, 2011
Air Canada will launch weekly, non-stop service to Curaçao International Airport (CUR) from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) on December 24 departing Toronto at 10:05 a.m. and arriving in Curaçao at 4:20 p.m.
A Family Affair - A Survival Guide To Caribbean Travel For All Ages
Nov 25, 2011
With kids in tow, the challenge of a summer vacation lies in maximizing the fun and minimizing the meltdowns. Getting away from chicken fingers on the buffet and swimming pools that look like daycare centres is the true test of a family-friendly holiday and although you can give the kids...
Ya mon - In Jamaica It's All About The Vibe
Oct 26, 2011
It starts with the ya-mon-no-problem mantra of the island’s people and carries through to the luxurious all-inclusive resorts that dot its white sand shores.
Water, Water Everywhere
Aug 22, 2011
An island with spectacular beaches and constant warm temperatures, Cuba is the place to find fun in, on and under the water. Resorts boast all manner of water toys and activities, from pool noodles to parasailing. The sporting menu also includes windsurfing, kite boarding, sea kayking and, of course, swimming...
A Feast For The Senses
Aug 22, 2011
Havana may be physically decaying from decades of isolation and neglect, but Cuba’s feisty capital is anything but crumbling when it comes to nightlife, cuisine and cultural attractions.
Nature At Its Finest
Aug 22, 2011
Nature-lovers love Cuba with its well-preserved ecosystems, amazing array of landscapes and abundance of flora and fauna. Cuba is home to more than 6,700 species of higher plants (about half of which are native), as well as 14,000 species of invertebrates and 650 vertebrates – including 350 bird species.
Captivating Colonial Towns
Aug 22, 2011
Those who think Cuba is all about beaches and mojitos need to think again. True, this finger of an island located in the Caribbean just south of Florida boasts myriad silvery beaches but it is also a virtual outdoor museum of colonial towns and cities. A visit to Cuba should...
It's Always Sunny In Cuba
Aug 22, 2011
Cuba welcomed a record 945,000 Canadian sun seekers in 2010. With many must-do activities across the island, it’s clear why Canadians love Cuba. And after touring historical buildings in Old Havana, sampling cigars along the Route of Tobacco, and hiking in the forests of Pinar del Rio, sun worshippers head...
The Authentic Caribbean
Aug 22, 2011
It doesn’t get any more real than Cuba. An intoxicating blend of culture, cuisine, history, adventure, wildlife, nightlife and, of course, stunning beaches on crystal waters, the country is the place for an authentic Caribbean experience.
We Love The Caribbean - Beaches, Festivals, Sports & Fine Food Keep Drawing Canadians In Record Numbers
Aug 22, 2011
Canadians love the Caribbean. In fact, we like it so much we make up 11% of the visitors to the region. Why? Plenty of reasons. Beaches, sunshine and watersports head the list followed by the diversity of culture celebrated in local cuisines and carnivals. Here’s an island-by-island look at the...
History Lives In Santo Domingo
May 25, 2011
With so many beautiful beaches competing for the attention of tourists, it would be easy to overlook Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. But what a mistake that would be! The path of history has touched Santo Domingo – it is here, in the 500-year-old architecture and...
A Natural Beauty - Cayo Santa Maria Is Cuba's Newest Island Paradise
May 24, 2011
Lying off the north coast of Villa Clara province, 120 kilometres from Santa Clara, Cayo Santa Maria, is Cuba’s newest destination. A small island 13 kilometres long and up to two kilometres wide, Cayo Santa Maria is in the Jardines del Rey (King’s Garden) archipelago, part of the UNESCO Biosphere...
Bermuda Shorts - A Quick Look At What To See & Where To Go
Apr 20, 2011
You have to admire a place that's famous for shorts. That's right – men's short pants. Bermuda – the exotic pink sand island – even features a pair of pink shorts in its official logo. These pink shorts have to be worn in the most fashion-flummoxing way: two inches above...
I Do In The DR
Mar 25, 2011
It’s a wedding trend that’s a definite win-win. More and more couples are voting with their passports – they’re choosing the Dominican Republic for a romantic destination wedding. Getting married or honeymooning in paradise is not only gentle on the budget, but it also is a great stress-buster. Imagine the...
The Sporting DR
Mar 25, 2011
An intriguing hike or an inviting beach is never far away. The diverse island geography includes tropical rainforests, mountain wilderness, mangrove swamps, azure waters and everything in between. Each setting is a playground for the sports nut. And the forgiving climate means it’s always a good time to climb, raft,
Samaná: From The Rainforest To The Coastline
Mar 25, 2011
On the Samaná Peninsula, nature occurs in the drama of green, jungle-draped mountainsides, the sensuous curve of a perfect powder-white beach, the sight of a mother whale and her calf frolicking in the deep ocean waters. These are the images that first-time visitors take home from Samaná, inspiring them to...
The Big Trip: Punta Cana
Mar 25, 2011
Once just a quiet spot on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, the towns of Punta Cana and Bávaro have exploded into a resort zone of all-inclusive properties that cater to honeymooners, families and spring breakers looking for sports by day and exciting nightlife after the sun goes down.
A Puerto Plata Primer
Mar 25, 2011
As planeloads of winter-weary Canadians head south for a mid-winter break, there’s a good chance that they’re headed for the airport at Puerto Plata, one of the budget destination capitals of the Caribbean. To be more precise, they are almost certainly headed for one of the all-inclusive resorts at Playa...
The DR Au Naturel
Mar 25, 2011
The clear waters and dazzling scenery of the Dominican Republic are seductive to those hoping to discover the panorama of life underwater and ashore. One of the more diverse islands of the Caribbean, the landscape covers the spectrum from mountainous highland ranges to cacti-dotted semi-arid deserts, mangroves, lagoons and rivers.
La Romana In A Week
Mar 25, 2011
It’s a little quieter on the south coast of the Dominican Republic. Mass tourism has made its mark; but the sea is a little calmer here, the pace is dialed down a notch and despite making it onto the main tourist radar, the village of La Romana still exudes a...
Cultural Treasures
Mar 25, 2011
The Dominican Republic is known for its natural beauty – the pristine beaches fringed by palm trees, the richness of the rainforest and the sheer wonder of the biodiversity found in the crystal clear waters. But visitors who step away from the beachfront will also find a land rich in...
Delicious DR
Mar 25, 2011
Thanks to a perfect mix of geography and climate, the farmers’ fields of the Dominican Republic spillover year-round with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Small fishing boats bob in the surrounding waters, pulling in fresh catch to supply local restaurants. Fresh ingredients rein here, so be adventuresome. Venture out...
Beaches 101
Mar 25, 2011
A beach is a beach is a beach, right? Not so fast. While northerners love to travel to the warm Dominican Republic to escape the snow and ice, the exact beach destination they choose requires a bit of fine-tuning.
Let's Party - Caribbean Carnivals Are Hot Fun
Feb 24, 2011
From steel pan and jump-ups to pageants and parades, carnivals in the Caribbean are the greatest parties under the tropical sun. With a storied past, the tradition started centuries ago when Italian Catholics hosted costumed balls before the first day of Lent. As meat eating was not allowed during the...
Caribbean Report - February 2011
Feb 24, 2011
The top 25 Jamaica-selling agents from each Canadian Region will celebrate their success at the Jamaica Travel Jamboree, an all-expense paid trip to Montego Bay June 9 to 14. The Jamaica Tourist Board and tour operator partners will select the top Jamaica sellers, with the most bookings between December 2010...
Everything You Could Want - The USVI Offers Three Destinations In One
Jan 26, 2011
Island hopping in the U.S. Virgin Islands offers a taste of three very special islands – cosmopolitan St. Thomas, colourful St. Croix and idyllic St. John for the price of one. It has everything anyone could want in a vacation – compelling history, spectacular beaches, and of course, shopping.
Unspoiled Queen - From Top To Bottom, Saba Is A Caribbean Delight
Jan 26, 2011
Known as the “Unspoiled Queen”, Saba was named the Top Island in the Caribbean in 2010 by Travel + Leisure. A long-dormant volcano dominated by rich rainforest, Saba rises in silent majesty 887 metres above the blue-green sea just south of St. Maarten, boasting lofty mountain peaks, ragged cliffs and...
A Feast For The Senses - Cuba's Feisty Capital Comes Alive After Dark
Jan 25, 2011
Havana may be physically decaying from decades of isolation and neglect, but Cuba’s feisty capital is anything but crumbling when it comes to nightlife, cuisine and cultural attractions. Overwhelmingly Catholic, yet wrapped in a communist straight-jacket, Havana is surprisingly liberal, laid-back and unabashedly sensual. It also has more than its...
Caribbean Report December 2010
Dec 10, 2010
Once You Go, You Know. So go. Or at least send your clients to Jamaica. Here’s a complete update of flights to Jamaica (seasonal departures will vary in start date from November to early January; Halifax and Moncton departures begin in February)
A Blue Sky Holiday - Numbers Don't Lie, Clearly Canadians Love Barbados
Dec 10, 2010
Proud of a record number of visitors to the easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados is extending a warm island welcome to Canadians hankering to escape the winter chill. With frequent flights, expanding array of accommodations, attractions and restaurants and a strong Canadian dollar, Barbados is, indeed, fun in the...
A Voluptuous Beauty - Stunning St. Lucia Offers The Great Caribbean Escape
Nov 23, 2010
West of Barbados and south of Martinique, St. Lucia is celebrated for its voluptuous natural beauty that includes the spectacular twin Piton Mountains, drive-in volcano, black sand beaches and a rainforest that teems with wild orchids and fragrant fruit trees. A five-hour flight from Toronto, the picturesque island is a...
Love Blooms - Jamaica Is Wooing The Romance Market
Oct 27, 2010
The perennial favourite of lovebirds around the world and with easy requirements for Canadians wanting to say “I Do”, Jamaica is wooing the romance market with picturesque venues, resort and hotel wedding planners and an advertising campaign aimed at attracting newlyweds and their families.
Get Happy - Get Away To Anguilla
Oct 26, 2010
Nature gets a standing ovation in Anguilla. Graced with sea grape trees, sun-dappled skies and endless strands of sandy beaches, the tiny island in the Eastern Caribbean rivals the best in the tropics. A seashell away from St. Maarten, eel-shaped Anguilla is the A-list choice for Canadians who covet the...
From Jungle to Reef - Affordable, Educational & Family Oriented Travel in Belize
Oct 5, 2010
By Fawn Brown The English speaking country of Belize is emerging as an affordable and educational destination for family vacations. The country’s unspoiled...
Lovin' The Caribbean - Fun, Friends & Fantastic Getaways Down South
Aug 29, 2010
Canadians love the Caribbean. Why? Plenty of reasons. Beaches, sunshine and water sports head the list. But the crackling mix of cultures makes for great festivals, wonderful food and a special Caribbean ambience that brings Canadians back again and again. Here is a snapshot of each island, and our list...
Canada Numbers Up To Jamaica
Aug 17, 2010
The Jamaica Tourist Board reports significant growth in the number of visitors from Canada for January to June 2009, as 175,365 Canadians visited Jamaica. This is an increase of 28.3 per cent in comparison with the same period in 2008.
CAYMAN ISLANDS Wedding Made Easy
Aug 17, 2010
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has launched a new website, www.caymanvows.ky, designed to showcase its wide range of wedding experiences, connect couples with service providers and inspire them to find their own unique wedding style.
U.S. Virgin Islands - America's Caribbean
Aug 13, 2010
The Westin St. John Resort & Villas: The hotel has converted 186 guestrooms into 94 two- and three-bedroom fractional ownership villas overlooking Great Cruz Bay. Owners and guests enjoy full access to all amenities at The Westin St. John, including the pools, spa, fitness facility, beachside water activities, tennis,
Puerto Rico - Isle of Enchantment
Aug 12, 2010
Verdanza Hotel: Contemporary design with local touches. Features 222 rooms, three restaurants and self-serve business centre. Hotel is committed to responsible business practices – for example, it serves only locally harvested premium coffee and collects rainwater for use in the gardens. Situated steps from the Alambique Beach and close to...
A Beautiful Island Paradise - Bountiful Beaches, Outdoor Fun & Caribbean Culture In The D.R.
Aug 4, 2010
In the heart of an archipelago surrounded by Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean sharing the island of Hispaniola, or Little Spain, with Haiti. Washed by the rugged Atlantic Ocean to the north and the calm Caribbean Sea to the...
Numbers Up In The DR
Jun 28, 2010
The Dominican Republic’s tourism industry roared towards a banner year in 2007, with a record-breaking number of tourists visiting the island. From January through October of 2007, more than three million tourists from around the world travelled to the Dominican, more than any other Caribbean destination, according to the most...
2008 Caribbean Hotels Retreat
Jun 28, 2010
While the economic forecast may not be as sunny as the weather forecast, delegates at the 2008 Caribbean Hotels Retreat in St Kitts remained upbeat about the tourism season ahead. “We could easily become pessimistic about future travel and tourism, however, negative thinking is not an option for our industry...
Take A Break - It's Never Too Early To Sell Spring Break Travel
Jun 28, 2010
SuperClubs Continental Plan package at Rooms on the Beach in Negril gets an A-plus for travellers on a student budget. The 57-room hotel faces the Caribbean from the shores of Negril’s Seven Mile beach, famed for its powdery white sand and spectacular sunsets. Only an hour’s drive from Montego Bay...
Conceptionmooms In Jamaica
Jun 28, 2010
SuperClubs is introducing a new travel concept it expects will become “the next big trend” – the “conceptionmoon.” The company is set to deliver its “Sun, Sand & Stork” package on January 1, 2008. The four-night/five-day package is designed to help “smooth the road to conception by providing a time-out...
CHA Marketplace 2008
Jun 28, 2010
The Caribbean Hotel Association’s (CHA) Marketplace was held January 13 to 15 at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Considered the most important sales and marketing opportunity in the region for Caribbean tourism, the Marketplace attracted more than 300 buyers surpassing registration figures for last year when it was held...
The Popular Ones - Part One Of Our Look At Hot Spots In The Sun
Jun 28, 2010
This month, Canadian Traveller explores some popular sun destinations offered by major tour operators. Costa Rica, several destinations in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are featured. Learn about each destination and which operators sell what product.
Pearl Of The Antilles - Cuba Is More Than Cigars, Rum & Music
Jun 28, 2010
The Gulf of Mexico harbours the Caribbean’s largest island, only 140 kilometres south of Florida. Cuba, also known as the “Pearl of the Antilles”, boasts almost 4,000 islands and islets that are spread across the Caribbean Sea. The tourism industry is the country’s main livelihood, bringing in billions of dollars...
Always Better - New Developments On Barbados
Jun 28, 2010
Affectionately dubbed Little England, Barbados has long been a favourite of winter weary Canadians. The easternmost of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados is framed to the west and south by the Caribbean Sea and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and, as the only island with a Zagat guide and...
Caribbean Round-Up - Part Two Of Our Look At What's New In The Sun
Jun 28, 2010
This month, Canadian Traveller brings you the second half of our two-part series featuring the sun destinations of the Caribbean. Learn more about Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Martin/St. Maarten and the Turks and Caicos. The Caribbean offers Canadians a multitude of...
Spice Of The Southern Caribbean - News & Developments On Grenada
Jun 28, 2010
Perfumed by fragrant spice trees, graced by sandy beaches and speckled with charming towns and sleepy fishing hamlets, Grenada is one of the friendliest islands in the southern Caribbean. Fondly dubbed the Spice Island, this lush volcanic land is a fertile growing area for nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. With...
Caribbean Jewel - Barbados Tops The Hit List For Winter Weary Canadians
Jun 28, 2010
The easternmost of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados is bordered to the west and south by golden sand beaches framing the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and to the east by limestone cliffs that stand guard over the rugged Atlantic Ocean. From spectacular scenery, historic sites and eco-tours to world-class...
Frommer's Top Spots
Jun 28, 2010
The editors at Frommer’s have consulted their many author-experts to come up with the top destinations for 2008. The list of 13 of the best and most beautiful spots the world includes ranges from big-city hotspots to tranquil rural retreats.
Small Island, Big Attractions - Discover St. Lucia's Heritage, Nature & Lively Culture
Jun 28, 2010
One of the Windward Islands, St. Lucia sits halfway down the eastern Caribbean archipelago between Martinique and St. Vincent, with the Atlantic Ocean lapping its the eastern shore and the Caribbean Sea, with the finest beaches, on the west. The island is known for its five-star resorts, rum, culinary traditions...
Smart Stuff
Jun 25, 2010
The St. Maarten/St. Martin Annual Regional Tradeshow (SMART), held at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino in St. Maarten in May, matched buyers, travel agents, wholesalers and on-line booking engines from the Caribbean, Canada, U.S. and Europe with suppliers from St. Maarten and the nearby islands of St. Barths,
First ACTS In The Caribbean
Jun 25, 2010
Finding new ways to succeed in a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging market was the theme at the First Annual Caribbean Tourism Summit (ACTS) held in June at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington D.C. Three hundred and twenty delegates representing the political, tourism and investment sectors focussed...
What's Up Caribbean? - What's New & Surprising In The Caribbean This Winter
Jun 24, 2010
The mercury’s still soaring, but soon snowbirds will be planning the annual migration to their favourite island nests. Time to get ready. Canadian Traveller has the news, the noteworthy and even the little-known bits that may surprise you about some of Canadians’ favourite Caribbean hot spots.
The Essential Havana - Museums, Rumba & UNESCO Heritage Highlight Cuba's Capital
May 1, 2010
For centuries Havana has served as the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. Originally christened La Villa de San Cristóbal de la Habana, the city was the storehouse for treasures that Spanish fleets brought to the New World, before morphing into the centre of trade and commerce between the old...