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Saving Sea Turtles in Malaysian Borneo
Jan 9, 2015
Forty-two kilometres offshore of Sandakan, in northwestern Malaysian Borneo — and five kilometres from Filipino waters — our group arrives via speedboat...
Seoul: The Shopaholic’s Guide
Dec 3, 2014
Seoul is a shopper's paradise. It hosts luxury brands, the latest in international and domestic fashion, cosmetics, souvenirs and other oddities unique to Korea. Those who have a serious knack for shopping will not want for choice in Seoul, but the problem lies in where to start. So where should...
Thailand: Seven Iconic Temples
Dec 3, 2014
With over 40,000 temples in the country, Thailand has more temples than even the most fanatical temple tourist could hope to visit in a lifetime. No matter what town visitors end up in, they are never far from a fantastic temple. Those short of enough time to see every temple...
Tokyo: The Bar Fly Guide
Nov 26, 2014
Although Tokyo is bustling during the day, when the sun sets and the entire metropolis lights up, that is really when Tokyo comes to life. The average working Joe gets off the clock and heads to were everybody's knows their name and fun times are had--the local bar, of course!
Anchors Away - 17 Ferry Rides That Will Leave You Speechless
Nov 15, 2014
Ferries can be more than just a way to get from one location to another - they can often provide the best ways to tour some of the most beautiful and remote locations on Earth. Here are some of our favourites…
Japan: Five Places to Find Peace in Kyoto
Oct 6, 2014
In days long past, Kyoto was the capital of the many states of Japan and the seat of their monarch, the Emperor, making it a target for violence and bloodshed among feudal lords. However, those days are gone, the emperor has become a figurehead of a constitutional monarchy, the capital...
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Were You at the Malaysia Tourism Event?
Sep 22, 2014
More than just a few tears were shed by friends and associates of Tourism Malaysia aboard the Royal Vancouver I this week. An exclusive group of trade and media professionals were welcomed onboard the Canadian-themed Vancouver harbour cruise on Thursday evening to say farewell to Kausar Kassim, who has completed her...
Dancing Feet: Five Cities That Will Get You Up and Moving
Sep 21, 2014
Music is both universal and regional, with certain styles calling to mind specific countries and cities. Who doesn’t think of the mysteries of Turkey and Persia when they hear belly-dancing music? Or the United Kingdom when watching the curiously elaborate Morris Dancing? Music colours our perception of a place just...
Following the Herd: Where to Find Elephants in the Wild
Sep 17, 2014
Chobe National Park & Okavango Delta This national park in Botswana has a resident population of around 70,000 elephants, which is the highest concentration anywhere. These are the largest of all elephants and they can be seen in huge groups along the river or foraging near the road. If you have some...
Mumbai: The Luxury Guide
Sep 11, 2014
No one goes to Mumbai for a vacation full of rest and relaxation. Mumbai is a city of chaos and glamour with a certain duality between its people. It is one of the very few places in the world where visitors can be wowed by staggering wealth one minute before...
A Coffee with a View: The World’s Most Picturesque Coffee Shops
Sep 8, 2014
For many, the search for a quality cup of coffee is endless. Just when they think they have found the best, another brew piques their interest. However, after awhile a palatable cup of coffee just isn't enough, suddenly the atmosphere and decor of the coffee shop needs to enhance the...
Big Screen Bars: Silver Screen Stars
Aug 19, 2014
Ever wish you could find that intriguing bar that you saw in the movies? While many of them exist only in the minds of the film makers, some are actual places that are fun to visit if you have the chance. New York Bar, Park Hyatt, Tokyo It looks like a great...
All Aboard: Dragon Boat Festivals
Aug 17, 2014
Dragon boats found their start some 2,000 year ago in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. They were of the family of traditional paddlecraft boats used in the area, but were more lavishly decorated and used in folk rituals in the region. However, this ancient folk custom soon transformed into...
Seoul: The Luxury Guide
Aug 14, 2014
For centuries as the centre for Korean politics, business and art have made Seoul abuzz with energy and enterprise. From palaces like Gyeongbokgung to the fine art that fills the galleries in the Samcheongdong district, Seoul is a traveller's paradise. However, this isn't some ancient town, Seoul's younger residents love...
Thailand: Five Places to Fall in Love
Aug 13, 2014
Thailand is the place to go to lose yourself because it is an exotic destination as romantic as that idea. However, aside from the lost individuals that go to disappear into the folds of Bangkok, Thailand is a land for lovers. The sun-soaked beaches, green cliffs jutting out from the...
Hong Kong: The Foodie’s Guide To Quarry Bay
Aug 13, 2014
From the quarry and the dockyards of years past, the Quarry Bay district in Hong Kong has come a long way. Like the city itself which started as a small fishing village, Quarry Bay has grown from humble beginnings into a massive business centre. While more and more commercial buildings...
Nairobi: The Luxury Guide
Aug 8, 2014
Nairobi has become a twentieth-century mecca for adventurers and colonials since it sprang from Kenya's swampland. It is a near perfect juxtaposition of skyscrapers and safaris where visitors can often spot the rare black rhino or the protected elephants just outside the modern cityscape in Nairobi National Park. Red robed...
Delhi: The Smart Way to See the Town
Aug 8, 2014
Delhi is an ancient city that served as the capital for Islamic India, but much like the rest of India, the city has gone through a modern transformation. Delhi is one of the major hubs of the technological revolution going on within the country. A lot of mobile app developers...
Tokyo: Eight Great Cat Cafes
Aug 5, 2014
Once considered a passing fad, ‘neko’ (cat) cafés are now extremely popular in Japan. Customers pay for the time they spend with the kitties, while caring staff make sure everyone gets along. Fees are similar across the city and longer packages (three hours or more) are usually a better deal. For...
Singapore: The Penny Pincher’s Guide
Aug 5, 2014
With the third highest GDP per capita in the world, million dollar Ferraris and Lamborghinis being driven through the streets and the extravagant multi-million dollar buildings all around town, Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in Southeastern Asia. Generally, visitors have to pay through the ears and nose...
Tokyo - The Luxury Guide
Jun 30, 2014
Between Tokyo's kaleidoscopic lights and the 13 million people that live, work and play in the city, it can be a little daunting to visitors. Tokyo's maze of neighborhoods offers up everything from the serene cherry blossom groves and temples from traditional Japan to the inventively modern bullet trains and...
India – Exploring Karnataka
Jun 21, 2014
Karnataka has a charm and unique history all its own in South India. However, the region is often overlooked in favour of the more popular regions like Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. For those that do visit Karnataka's wonders they will be rewarded with a memorable mix of nature, history...
Singpore – Sipping The Sling
Jun 18, 2014
The story goes that sometime around 1915 a bartender working at the Raffles Hotel Singapore mixed up the perfect drink to serve British visitors. A shot of gin, some Benedictine, cherry Heering and a splash of fruit juice became one of the most popular drinks in Asia, and it’s still one...
14 Great Train Rides in Asia
May 30, 2014
Train travel is the fastest way of getting from point to point on the ground in almost every country. Sure, flying is always faster, but taking the train affords a much more romantic and memorable experience for tourists to the area. In Asia, speed is prized in its trains, but...
Hanoi – The Luxury Guide
May 22, 2014
Hanoi isn't one of those cities that people often think of when it comes to a luxurious stay. However, from the beautiful architecture of the French Quarter to the endless coastline and strong culinary traditions, there is a lot to see and do in the city. And although Hanoi is...
Seoul By Phone – The Smart Way To See The Town
May 16, 2014
Technology is everywhere in South Korea. In Seoul, the population is so jacked in that even the subway has WiFi these days. This massive metropolis has an app for everything, from travel guides to translators. If you don't have a smart phone attached to your hand, you will be the...
Thailand – Seven Great Spas
May 11, 2014
Thailand has a longstanding tradition of wellness techniques. The country’s $40 billion wellness industry attracts countless travellers every year, who are tempted by lower costs, shorter wait times, and levels of expertise that they cannot find at home. Thai wellness specialties include an array of traditional treatments that make the country’s spas and...
Malaysia – UNESCO World Heritage Sites To Behold
May 7, 2014
From one of the world’s oldest skeletons to the largest known cave chamber on the face of the planet, Malaysia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are sure to take your breath away... Gunung Mulu National Park: Inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 According to UNESCO, ‘heritage is our legacy from...
Korea – Temples Of Tranquility
Apr 19, 2014
Temple Stay is a cultural experience program that was designed to enhance the foreign travellers’ knowledge of Korean Buddhism. Visitors are welcome to stay at Buddhist temples regardless of their religious belief. A typical temple stay program allows for an overnight stay at a Buddhist temple with participation in Buddhist...
Tokyo – Where To Feed The Wee Ones
Apr 16, 2014
Where do you go to eat when you have kids in tow with your in Tokyo? Grab some chopsticks and try these places... Baby King Kitchen As the sign outside suggests, Baby King Kitchen caters equally to kids, so visitors looking for a kid-friendly restaurant instantly get the feeling they have arrived...
Singapore – The ‘Smart’ Way To See The Town
Apr 11, 2014
With the sheer number of iPhones everywhere in Singapore, it is not a big leap to say that residents of this city love their apps. Singapore has been having a love affair with technology for awhile now; the country has even become home to the world's youngest app developer, a...
Tree House Hotels – Branch Out On Your Next Vacation
Apr 10, 2014
Looking to branch out on your next stay? In the most beautiful forested areas around the world, hotel entrepreneurs are venturing into an area that was once purely the domain of young children: tree houses. These hotels are usually suspended high in the air and offer some breathtaking views while...
Tokyo - The Hottest Sake Spots
Apr 6, 2014
Sake is to Japan what wine is to France; you just can't visit this country without trying some of its signature alcohol. Sake is a variety of wine made from the Japanese staple of rice. Like wine, sake can have a variety of complex flavours, but it is higher in...
Comfortably Exotic
Apr 3, 2014
  Tradition at every turn: a glimpse of geisha in Kyoto. "Japan is definitely hot," explained Bronwyn Hodge, Goway Travel's Asia product and marketing co-ordinator. "Our sales have tripled since 2011. Being an island, it has maintained a very distinct culture. The people are so friendly and it's very safe. For example, when...
A Healthy Partnership
Apr 3, 2014
Alexandre de Juniac, Chairman and Managing Director of Air France-KLM, and Andre Viljoen, Chief Executive Officer of Air Mauritius, signed an agreement on January 24 that reinforces the existing collaboration between the two airlines. The agreement provides for the continuity of the joint Air Mauritius - Air France code share operations...
And They’re Off - Amazing Horse Races Around The World
Apr 2, 2014
There are few things more adrenaline-inducing than the thrill of a horse race. For those looking to indulge in this age-old tradition, ready your bets as they canter down to these iconic horse race meetings... Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky, United States There is no more famous horse race in the United States...
The Beach Bum Guide - 11 Beautiful Beaches In Southeast Asia
Feb 26, 2014
Due to the sheer number of tiny secluded islands and endless stretches of coastline, finding an isolated piece of sun-soaked paradise in southeast Asia is easy. Here are 11 that travelling beach bums simply cannot miss.
ASEAN Remains Attractive
Feb 25, 2014
By Beatrice Ang Over 1,600 delegates congregated in Borneo for the 33rd edition of the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) recently. ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) comprises of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Countries take turns to host ATF in alphabetical order. This year’s theme was ‘ASEAN...
The Long And Winding Road - Eight Destinations Where You Can Relive Beatlemania
Feb 16, 2014
It has been 50 years since Beatlemania kicked off with the band's journey across the pond. Over the subsequent years, The Beatles blazed around the world and created some of their most memorable music. Following that trail takes Beatle-junkies not only to a slew of locations that were immortalized in...
Be Still My Beating Heart - Five Romantic Places To Pop The Question
Feb 13, 2014
The moment you pop the question should be completely unforgettable and awe-inspiring. So why not combine the trip of a...
A Culinary Paradise - A Vancouver Writer Explores Hong Kong’s Gastronomic Obsessions
Feb 10, 2014
From A Hot And Spicy Beef Curry To Spring Onion Infused With Lime Juice And Topped With Ginger ‘Snow’, The Flavours Of Hong Kong Can Be Heavenly...
Past Perfect - Discover Vietnam’s Culture & History At Halong Bay, Hue & Hoi An
Feb 9, 2014
Vietnam is appearing on a growing number of tour operators’ offerings and with very good reason. The country appeals to foodies (Vietnamese cuisine has elements of Chinese, French and Cambodian traditions), history buffs (thousands of years of dynastic rule), war historians (IndoChina War, Vietnam War), cruisers (Mekong River, Halong Bay),
Off The Beaten Track - Canadians Take The Road Less Travelled In China
Feb 3, 2014
There are direct flights operating from Vancouver and Toronto, some on a daily basis, from Air China, Air Canada, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines. And on top of that, China has just introduced a 72-hour visa waiver program, which allows for quick jaunts into Beijing and...
Style & Substance - G Adventures Harnesses The Transformative Power Of Travel To Bring Adventure To The Masses
Jan 27, 2014
Doing It Differently As small group adventure travel pioneers, G Adventures has always liked to do things just a little...
Beatles On Tour - What Are The Fab Four Doing In Hong Kong?
Jan 27, 2014
To celebrate the 50th anniversary release of the band’s first album, Please Please Me, the Fab Four’s Madame Tussauds figures are currently on a world tour, greeting local fans with their fresh look...
Happy Cable Car Day! - Five Of The World’s Best Cable Car Rides
Jan 17, 2014
I’m not sure if you’re able to handle the excitement, but today is Cable Car Day. Yes, January 17 has been designated to celebrate all matters ‘cable car’, as the date marks that momentous day back in 1871 when Andrew Smith Hallidie received the first patent in relation to the...
Dig In - Christmas Food Traditions Around The World
Dec 24, 2013
While the roast turkey that Canada enjoys every Christmas may seem pretty common place in a lot of other countries, every country celebrates Christmas a little differently...
Joy To The Whole World - 22 Tinsel-tastic Christmas Escapes
Dec 20, 2013
While Christmas is a time to spend with family, the allure of the many unique ways that different cultures celebrate the holiday is often too much to resist. Whether you crave dashing through the snow in a horse-drawn sleigh or making your friends jealous by getting a tan on the...
Calling All Shopaholics - Malyasia’s Year-End Sale Is Back
Dec 10, 2013
From trendy malls to open-air markets, Malaysia is a fabulous destination for holiday shopping. And the good news is that the ‘1Malaysia Year-End Sale (1MYES) is back – bigger and better than ever before...
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas - Top Five Holiday Trips for Wildlife Lovers
Dec 9, 2013
A wildlife vacation is inspirational and it can impact how people move through life long after they have returned home. So forget about the computer games and cell phones – international travel can be the best possible gift that you can give a child of any age. Here are five...
Ice, Ice Baby - 12 Of The World’s Coolest Ice Hotels
Dec 6, 2013
Looking for a cool place to lay your head? Then you can’t go wrong with an ice hotel. Here are some of our favourites...
October 2013 - World Report Round-Up
Dec 3, 2013
Universal Orlando Resort is offering Canadians an exclusive 40-per cent hotel discount on a 4-night or longer stay at one of Universal Orlando’s three AAA Four Diamond on-site hotels...
Thailand - Selling The Land Of Smiles
Dec 2, 2013
Blessed with energy, culture and natural beauty by the bucket load, Thailand remains Southeast Asia’s most popular destination. In fact, the Global Destination Cities Index named Bangkok the world’s most visited city in 2013...
Hit The Ice - The Best Outdoor Ice Rinks In The World
Dec 1, 2013
Augustaplatz in Baden-Baden, Germany During the summer months, Augustaplatz is a shallow pond with a massive fountain in front of the...
Art In The Park – 16 Of The World’s Best Sculpture Parks
Nov 22, 2013
1. Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway While most sculpture parks pluck fine pieces from a variety of artists, Vigeland Park features...
A World Of Fear - Halloween Traditions From Around The Globe
Oct 31, 2013
The idea of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celts and the festival of Samhain. Two thousand years ago, November 1 marked the end of summer and the beginning of the new year. As the dark and cold of winter came on, people believed that the dead...
Hot Sales Tip - With Bronwyn Hodge, Asia Product & Marketing, Goway Travel
Oct 30, 2013
“If a client asks about a flight and hotel vacation to Thailand, for example, don’t hesitate to put together the...
Kickin' It 10 Times - India's Landmark Bucket List
Oct 25, 2013
India is an enormous country with approximately 1.2 billion citizens, a long and storied history and a plethora of fascinating landmarks to discover...
Snapshots - Japan, Mexico, Florida, Cruising & Canada
Oct 16, 2013
Japan: The Way Of Tea Context Travel expands its program in Kyoto with The Way of Tea, a new history and...
World Report - Malaysia, Florida And Cruising
Oct 15, 2013
Visitors to Malaysia can download a free application for their smartphones that puts a complete guide of Malaysia in the palm of their hand. The “Malaysia Trip Planner,” gives travellers personalized and practical information on Malaysia, and all there is to see and do...
Easy Rider - Taiwan's Public Transport System Is Simple And Stylish
Oct 13, 2013
Taiwan is one of the world’s hottest budget travel destinations. Why? Well, the island’s incredible public transport system may have something to do with it...
INDUSTRY SPY - Did We See You At The Visit Malaysia Event Last Night?
Oct 11, 2013
Cultural dancers, henna artists, authentic cuisine, caricature artists, fortune tellers... Visit Malaysia certainly pulled out all the stops at the launch of its ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2014’ showcase in Vancouver last night...
The Yellow Dragon - Hanging In The Huanglong Valley
Sep 22, 2013
The Huanglong Valley is a scenic and historical area located north west of Chengdu – the capital city of China’s Sichuan province...
A Wealth Of Treasures - 17 UNESCO Heritage Sites In Japan
Aug 30, 2013
Mount Fuji (2013) Sitting at 3,776 metres above sea level, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. There are some...
Village People - Make Yourself Right At Home In Malaysia
Aug 8, 2013
If you’re looking for an affordable, one-of-a-kind travel experience, look no further than Malaysia’s award-winning Homestay Program.  The winner of the...
A Feast For The Senses - Dining At Malaysia's Ramadan Bazaars
Jul 23, 2013
Ramadan is a time of fasting – and feasting – in Islamic tradition, and with more than half of Malaysia’s population practicing the Muslim faith, Ramadan bazaars are a familiar sight from mid-July to ‘Hari Raya Puasa’, the end of Ramadan in August.
Snap Shots - Poo Walks, Downton Abbey Cruise, Hong Kong
Jul 22, 2013
‘Poo’ Walk, Anyone? Animal tracking, crafts and ‘poo walks’…Africa specialist &Beyond is reinventing the family vacation, bush style. Featuring a blend of...
Snap Shots - Dracula Tours, A Walk In Seoul, A Night At The Museum
Jul 15, 2013
Something Wicked This Way Comes Scare yourself stupid in Romania this Halloween by following in the footsteps of Vlad the Impaler. Quest...
Amazing, Awesome, Inspiring India - Two First-Timers Share Their Favourite Sights, Sounds & Places
Jul 6, 2013
Veteran travellers Mike and Rosemary Carter know how to seize an opportunity. When offered the chance to join what eventually became a group of 54 Vancouver area people on a 15-day land/river journey through Cambodia and Vietnam, they jumped on board. But Mike also harboured a long-standing desire to visit...
Future Of Beauty Only In Seattle
Jul 1, 2013
The revolutionary world of Japanese fashion is centre stage at one of the most recognized museums in America. Showcasing garments, films and conceptual visions, “Future of Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” showcases the work of Japan’s most avant-garde and inspirational designers.
West Vancouver's Travel Concepts and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises Build Wells, Support Cambodian School
Jun 28, 2013
It wasn’t what they planned to do in Cambodia, but when a group travelling with West Vancouver’s Travel Concepts left Cambodia this spring, they left behind enough money to build 21 wells, buy whiteboards for an entire school, and contributed $1000 to a solar power system for the school.
Arts & Crafts - Shopping For Indian Treasures
May 17, 2013
In India the shopping is fabulous. Every region has its specialized crafts and arts, from exotic silks, sparkling gems, and gleaming brassware to colourful cottons, leatherwork, rugs, furniture and pottery. Here’s what to buy and where to buy it.
Tengu Traditions - Discover The Real Japan On Tokyo's Mount Takao
May 1, 2013
    Tokyo When we talk about good places to “see” Tokyo, generally we refer to spots inside the city that provide a good cross-section of its features and character. However, the true scope of a city like Tokyo, sprawling and densely packed with...
Modern-Day Treasure Hunters - 7 Specialty Retail Destinations
Apr 12, 2013
Some cities are well suited to being modern cities, packed with big-box stores and chain restaurants. Some cities, though, hold on to their small-town pasts, their unique sensibilities, or just their quirky identities, with surprising energy. These cities tend to spawn all kinds of shops and markets for the purpose...
How Bazaar - Shopping On The Streets Of India
Mar 26, 2013
    Fashion tourism in India will vary greatly based on whether you are A) A man, B) A woman, or C) A group with some combination of both. However, when it comes to buying clothing in India, the country is an open bazaar only too eager to accommodate travellers’ taste for...
The Spirit of Japan - Religion In The Land Of The Rising Sun
Mar 11, 2013
    Japan is a country with a rich spiritual history. Many religions call this country home but some have been practiced on this island longer than others. Most off these religions have their own special places or shrines around which pilgrims or adherents can gather. Shintoism It is hard to classify Shintoism...
Rapid Relaxation - Ten Exciting River Vacations
Mar 8, 2013
What is it that drives people to conquer the world’s most dangerous environments? Mountain climbers and cave divers put themselves in harm’s way to see heights and depths most of us will never approach, but not ever every nature adventure has to be so dangerous. White water rafting is a...
China's Shopping Centre - Beijing Is A Buyer's Paradise
Mar 7, 2013
Shopping in Beijing can be an exhilarating experience – if you know where to shop. Central Beijing is filled with upscale stores and shopping malls, much like those found in any big city. Shoppers who are looking for a truly unique and adventuresome experience shouldn’t miss Panjiayuan, Beijing’s famous flea...
Rye On The Road - Ten Essential Stops For Whiskey Tourists
Mar 1, 2013
Many of the finer things in life are acquired tastes, but once people get over the hurdles of taste most find that the more unorthodox foods, from cured roe eggs to fermented grape juice, are some of the best in the world. Nowhere is this more true than with whiskey.
World Report - January 2013
Feb 28, 2013
  New Fairmont In Dubai The newest addition to the Fairmont portfolio is on the world’s largest man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, and near to many other man-made record holders like Burj Khalifa, the largest free-standing building in the world. Fairmont The Palm is a spacious development with 381 guestrooms and suites, including two...
The Edifice Complex - 10 Structures For Architecture Fanatics
Feb 15, 2013
Much of the tourism industry focuses on displaying natural wonder, and any housing you encounter is purely in service to the panorama it supports. Sometimes, however, the structures themselves become the attraction, huge or detailed or in some way unique constructions of human imagination and skill. Below are ten must-see...
World Report - Texas, Kenya, Iceland, Japan, Dubai, Vancouver, UK, Florida
Jan 29, 2013
DALLAS NorthPark Center Makes February “Canada Appreciation Month” Canadians take note: NorthPark Center in Dallas, one of the city’s premier shopping destinations, is hosting “Canada Appreciation Month” in February 2013. “We wanted to show our appreciation for [Canadians’] support and make them feel special,” said Tourism director Anthony Wilkinson. The invitation for Canadians...
Snapshots - Winter 2012
Jan 16, 2013
Himalayas Serious Biking Hearing the loud, dominant umpf from a 500cc Bullet Enfield really can awaken the hidden adventurer inside. Head out on the really, really open road with Extreme Bike Tours’ high altitude adventures through the Himalayan mountains. Led by Extreme Bike Tours founder, Zander Combe, bikers experience India on a deep...
Asia's Best Beaches - Fine Sand, Azure Waters, Drinks, Palm Trees, Even Massages - You Want It We've Found It
Jan 11, 2013
  By Tim Johnson Asia is a vast continent – a place with hundreds of thousands of kilometres of coastline, thousands of islands, and more beautiful, blue water than you can imagine. With such an amazing array of beaches, it’s definitely tough to choose the best – but we’ve given it our...
10 Cities For Nightlife Fanatics
Jan 4, 2013
Travel is supposed to be relaxing, right? The golden rays of sunlight on a stretched (and impeccably toned) beach body, that’s what we all long for. But what happens after five hours of relaxation, after dinner and dessert? Here are 10 cities that have a tiring and inspiring answer to...
Ten Weird and Wonderful Christmas Traditions From Around The World
Dec 21, 2012
Christmas is one of the oldest traditions still active in the world today, and it has pervaded the cultures of countless countries throughout history. As a result, it has been changed - sometimes unintentionally - in some truly astonishing ways. In Austria, Christmas is not all fun and games. Canadians have...
Ten Spots For Music-Lovers (Part 1)
Dec 14, 2012
This one hardly needs an introduction, being the best-known rock destination in the world. However, the museum’s rapidly rotating menu of exhibits and special events make it a stop worth adding. Cliché or not, no self-respecting rock aficionado could pass up a chance to see special exhibits on everything from...
World Report - October 2012
Nov 27, 2012
  HONG KONG Visiting Asia’s World City Since it was reclaimed by China in 1997, Hong Kong has only become more important to Chinese-Western trade, making it a crucial bridge between cultures and one of the premier hubs for world travel. Any world-class metropolis will inevitably develop world-class attractions, and Hong Kong is...
Snapshots Fall 2012
Nov 21, 2012
  BELIZE Some Things AreWorth It The locavore dining movement has deep roots in Canada, but there are some daily indulgences even those...
10 Destinations For The Nerd In All Of Us - Part 2
Nov 16, 2012
For part 1, click here.   Pythagoras’ achievements may have been entirely his own, or they might have been the compiled findings of his entire order - we really don’t know. What we do know is that the name of Pythagoras was used to publish and popularize some of the most revolutionary...
Cruising By Rail - Korea's Newest Train Excursion Showcases The Wonders Of The East Coast
Oct 8, 2012
Wearing a blue and gold livery that instantly reminds you of luxury rail icons like the Blue Train and Rocky Mountaineer, Korea’s crisply modern Haerang takes rail touring in a different direction. While most train excursions focus on the journey rather than the destination, Haerang bills itself as a rail...
World Report
Sep 21, 2012
  Fiji Adventure Ahoy! Fiji seems to have an endless choice of adventures, on land, at sea, and in the sky. Trek mountain trails culminating in a swim under a waterfall, and visit caves to hear stories of great chiefs and tribal wars. Fiji boasts one of the world’s top snorkeling and diving...
Chicago Shopping Spree - Retail Therapy Here Includes Luxe, Fetish & Everything Inbetween
Sep 12, 2012
Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, has been called “Paris on the Prairie” in reference to its wide boulevards, abundance of green space, and proximity to water. Lakeview, the area referred to as Boystown has been the heart of Chicago’s thriving LGBT community since the 1970s, and...
Chasing The Past - Putting The Spotlight On Traditional Japan
Jul 16, 2012
Our trip to Japan was fast, so it was very focused. We wanted to see, and experience, traditional Japanese culture. Our journey back in time began with a flight from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Noto Airport in Ishikawa Prefecture and ended in Gifu Prefecture with a high-speed train ride...
6 Great World Cities
Jun 8, 2012
Bright lights, big personalities. These cities are proud, loud and absolutely must-see destinations. Venice Ahh, Venice. City of romance, city of...
5 Monumental Attractions
Jun 4, 2012
Some of man's most significant architectural and engineering feats stand witness to our enduring ingenuity. And our love of grandeur.
6 Places To Explore - Culturally Speaking
May 25, 2012
We are not all alike. Never have been and never will be. Let’s celebrate our differences. Mardi Gras Leave the inhibitions and...
Wild About Nature - 4 Places To See Wildlife Up Close
May 18, 2012
Come face to face with some of nature’s most incredible inhabitants in the most intimate and the most spectacular settings on earth.
6 Places Savvy Travellers Have On The Radar
May 4, 2012
Once a destination gets too popular certain travellers move on to the next best thing. Here’s where they’re going.
6 Ways To Rekindle The Romance - Thailand The Place To Ignite Old Passions Or Spark New Ones
Apr 27, 2012
Thailand is an idyllic tropical paradise with forested mountains descending to breathtaking white-sand beaches, colourful time-honoured traditions, sumptuous spas and modern accommodation. In fact, the country’s arresting scenery and lush surroundings set the stage to celebrate undying love and togetherness, whether you’re igniting old passions or solidifying new ones.
5 Places To Experience Local Flavour
Apr 27, 2012
What better way to experience other cultures than to do as the locals do? Worship, taste, listen and watch. You’ll be surprised what you can learn.
4 Incredible Journeys
Apr 10, 2012
They always say it’s not the destination that counts but the journey. In these cases it really is the trip that is the adventure.
Taj Times Two - Two of India's Best Hotels, In Two Of India's Best Cities
Mar 2, 2012
Just the word – Taj – conjures up a whole constellation of images, scenes of exotic luxury – of emperor Shah Jahan’s famous Taj Mahal and its white marble and flowing fountains and lovely open spaces.
Here & There
Dec 21, 2011
Halong Bay in Vietnam has been named as one of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature”. The dramatic bay studded with nearly 2,000 limestone karst islands over a 1,500-square kilometer expanse, won a coveted spot on the list, besting the likes of the Grand Canyon, the Maldives and Mt. Kilimanjaro.
The Other Side - Rural Wilderness In Hong Kong's Concrete Jungle
Oct 26, 2011
Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to this cosmopolitan city than tall buildings, great cuisine and shopping malls. With over 200 islands, more than 70 per cent of Hong Kong’s total land area remains undeveloped and includes rolling hills, coastal plains and rock formations.
Now's The Time For Korea - Shopping, Temples, Beaches, Festivals - There's So Much To Do
Aug 22, 2011
The Visit Korea Year Campaign, running through 2012, welcomes the world with a full calendar of events, fascinating cultural events, its rich culinary traditions, world-class shopping, soothing spas, tranquil temple stays and the warmth of its people.
Asia Now
May 24, 2011
“Asia is one of the hottest regions,” says Michael Lim of the group Asia Now. “It has one of the largest percentages of growth and has such a huge array of products, whether it’s culture, cuisine, beach or adventure, there is something for everyone.”
Green Is The Way For Malaysia
May 24, 2011
Malaysia is undertaking a number of conservation/sustainable tourism initiatives, focusing on how travellers can help to give back to the rainforests and sea, aid in the rehabilitation of wildlife, and sustain and improve rural villages within the country. The country offers a range of activities that allows for a full...
Time Out In Seoul
May 24, 2011
Korea is a great place to see ancient cultures, try intriguing foods and shop the local markets – even if you are on a limited schedule. Don’t have much time, but still want to see the sights? Here are 10 places you don’t want to miss on a stopover:
Hong Kong Living Culture
May 24, 2011
Nowhere on earth combines traditional customs with modern lifestyles as well as Hong Kong – Asia’s world city. A major commercial centre in Asia, the city is a fabulous mix of 21st-century amenities and Chinese traditions that date back thousands of years. And this fascinating blend is celebrated in festivals...
Captivating China
May 24, 2011
This is the year to tour, taste and experience Chinese culture from ancient tribal customs (hanging funeral boats), philosophies (Confucianism) and imperial majesty, to the creation of soccer and world famous beer.
Always Amazing
May 24, 2011
With more than 60 per cent of Canadians visiting Thailand for a second, third, even a fourth time, it is easy to fall into the “been there, done that” trap. Don’t do that. Thailand, as the slogan says, is always amazing, and has more attractions, adventures and cultural experiences than...
Make The Most Of Five Dragons - It's Easy To Sell Asia Now & Build Exotic Commissions
May 24, 2011
Where can your culture vulture customers go and actually be close to as many languages, races, religions, dialects, sights and sounds as Asia? Not too many places, or continents, that’s for sure. China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailaind – so close, yet so different. The Grand Tour of these five...
They Said It - Asia
May 24, 2011
Air Canada is one of the leading North American carriers flying to five cities in Asia, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo, from three Canadian cities, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, with a total of 61 flights a week.
Seamless Travel - ASEAN Nations Are More Connected Than Ever
Apr 20, 2011
It is going to get even easier to connect to destinations within the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) countries. Work is underway on a 480-metre bridge connecting Bokeo province in Laos to Chiang Khong in northern Thailand's Chiang...
A Gift Of The Gods - Indian Food Is Indescribable & Incredible
Jan 25, 2011
Indian food is indescribable. With no unified cuisine – just a vast array of regional specialties based on local climate and agriculture – the diversity of Indian food is what makes it so exciting. Spices provide the link. No self respecting cook is ever without her/his blend of spices (masala)...
The King & EYE - Hop Aboard The Royal Wedding Bandwagon & Earn
Jan 13, 2011
Yes it’s true. I’ve been keeping an eye on the future King William and of course the other eye is on Kate! If you don’t like Royalty I’m sure you love royalties – so read on. Now is the time to start planning your wedding and honeymoon strategy. Why not?
They Said It - India
Jan 11, 2011
Recently Canadian Traveller interviewed leading Canadian tour operators to find out about their best selling India products and get their take on winning ways to sell India. Find out why this destination is unique and get tips on best India experiences.
Asia Report November 2010
Nov 23, 2010
Access to both Narita and Tokyo International (Haneda) airports is more convenient than ever with the introduction of two new rail links.
Islands In Paradise - The Joys Of Thailand's Off-Shore Beaches
Nov 23, 2010
Thailand offers up a feast for the senses with its ornate Buddhist temples, deeply ingrained and compelling culture, delectable food, and extreme natural beauty – including some of the best beaches in Asia. Many feature silky sand, jade-coloured water and visually stunning scenery.
Asia Report - August 2010
Aug 29, 2010
The luxurious 303-room Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok has a special opening rate of US $239 per room per night for either single or double occupancy in its deluxe rooms. Guests who stay two consecutive nights will enjoy the third night free. The Hotel Bangkok is also offering 15 per cent...
Conserving Korea's Culture - Discover Korea's UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Aug 29, 2010
Korea produces some of the most forward-thinking technologies in the world while preserving the traditions and culture of its 5,000 years of history in a significant collection of palaces, temples and relics. But, when it comes to universal treasures of cultural and physical significance, this small country looms large, boasting...
Korea Launches Gaeseong, North Korea Tours
Aug 25, 2010
The Korea Tourism Organization, in partnership with Hyundai Asan, has launched one-day cultural tours to the North Korean city of Gaeseong, just north of the demilitarized zone.
City Of Many Faces - A Quick Look At Singapore's Many Charms
Aug 25, 2010
‘Cosmopolitan’ is an understatement when it comes to Singapore. This city of close to four million is a tapestry of cultures with Chinese, Malay and Indian being the main nationalities along with a meld of dozens of others.
China's Victoria Jenna World's Biggest
Aug 17, 2010
China’s Victoria Jenna World’s Biggest Victoria Cruises has launched the Victoria Jenna, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced luxury river...
Let The Games Begin - Dehli Gets Ready To Welcome The World
Aug 16, 2010
Dehli will host the 2010 Commonwealth Games October 3 to 14, 2010, in what is the largest multi-sport event ever conducted in India, with an expected two million international travellers and 3.5 million domestic travellers. But all travellers, games-bound or not, will benefit from the upgrades and new building the...
Multi-Faceted China - Exotic, Mysterious, & Booming
Aug 4, 2010
There’s a Starbucks inside Beijing’s Forbidden City. This was my focal point in a kaleidoscope of images illustrating the booming modernization of The People’s Republic of China over the past 15 years.
More Commissions, Less Emissions - How To Become The Neighbourhood GREEN Machine
Jun 29, 2010
Green. It’s the colour of travel, tourism and yes, commissions. Who knew, eh? Well, actually quite a lot of people did. It really wasn’t a politician who discovered it – but now that those that govern have green-lighted everything that’s green, I guess the chequered flag is up! That means...
Ticket To Buy - A Strong Loonie Makes Destination Shopping Better Than Ever
Jun 29, 2010
Most travellers spend at least some time shopping while on holiday, if only for the ubiquitous t-shirt for the grandkids or a few postcards for friends stuck at home. Then there’s another group altogether, one that is growing as steadily as the loonie: travellers who plan to devote significant time...
Frommer's Top Spots
Jun 28, 2010
The editors at Frommer’s have consulted their many author-experts to come up with the top destinations for 2008. The list of 13 of the best and most beautiful spots the world includes ranges from big-city hotspots to tranquil rural retreats.
The Doctor Is In - Korea Is Moving Into The Medical Tourism Market
Jun 25, 2010
Korea is after a piece of the medical travel market and has cleared the way for state-licensed clinics and hospitals to directly seek foreign patients as part of the country’s efforts to become Asia’s new medical tourism hub.
You Gotta Go - Korea's New Campaign Offers Great Deals & International Events
May 1, 2010
Korea has launched a brand new campaign that offers an introduction to the elegance and flavour of the country and a two-year calendar of international events. Visit Korea Year 2010-2012 also offers a discount program for long-stay visitors, Korea Grand Sale and a tourist coupon service.
French JTS Launched
Apr 1, 2010
JNTO Toronto has launched its French language Japan Travel Specialist online certification program. The new French version allows francophone travel agents to get the most important information on Japan efficiently and effectively.
Legendary Okinawa - UNESCO Sites Housed Gods & Kings
Apr 1, 2010
Okinawa’s history is steeped in legend while its UNESCO World Heritage sites offer a glimpse of its majestic bygone days. According to local folklore, the Ryukyu Islands in southern Okinawa, were formed by Amamikiyo, a mythical creator figure, as sacred homes for gods. At Sefa-utaki, in Chinen Village, huge rocks and...
ASEAN Goes Green
Mar 1, 2010
Borneo, home to pristine rainforests and exotic wildlife...an excellent place to host a conference themed, \"ASEAN, the Heart of Green: 10 destinations, One Conversation Vision\". True to expectations, this year's ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in Brunei Darussalam had a green focus.
3 Days In Beijing - A Flying Trip Through China's Capital
Mar 1, 2010
Beijing has new swagger. Sure, the city has been the Chinese capital in one form or another for 2,500 years. But most recently the megatropolis of 17 million showed its economic prowess while the rest of the world experienced financial meltdown.
Blast From The Past - India's UNESCO Temples & Palaces
Feb 1, 2010
With its great religious, cultural and political history is it any wonder that India is home to 27 sites that have been included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites? From Mughal monuments to military might and lovers to protected enclaves for rhinos, elephants, tigers and birds; from architecturally...
A Rare State - Gujarat Features Rare Wildlife In Diverse Habitats
Feb 1, 2010
Lions, leopards, elephants, camels, the list of India’s exotic wildlife goes on and on. India cares about its wildlife and has developed a network of 70 national parks and about 400 wildlife sanctuaries that harbours endangered species as well as those that are plentiful.
Trekking The Top - See The Himalayas The Natural Way
Feb 1, 2010
India is the ultimate destination for a trekking holiday, offering everything from short, easy excursions to the long challenges of major expeditions. The key to a successful trek is to do your homework and prepare for your experience. Trekking alone is not encouraged, but other options include hiring a porter...
Rural Delights - Head Out Of Town & Discover The Other India
Feb 1, 2010
India’s many great and historic cities are the draw for most visitors. But the sights, sounds, cultures, cuisine and monuments can sometimes overload the senses of unwary tourists. Sure you can spend time in a spa retreat, head to the hills for a trekking excursion, or flop on the beach,
Tiny Rails - Explore India's Hill Resorts By Toy Train
Feb 1, 2010
One of the truly unique ways to see India is aboard the “toy” trains, narrow gauge railways that chug up to the hill resorts of Shimla, Ooty (Udhagamandalam), Darjeeling and Matheran. Settle in and enjoy the views of terraced fields and small villages and the panoramas from breathtaking bridges.
Trip Of A Lifetime - Medical Tourism On The Rise
Feb 1, 2010
Medical tourism will experience “explosive growth” over the next five years, perhaps increasing to six million by 2010 and creating a $100 billion industry. So says a 2008 report based on an online survey of 3,000 Americans conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, a sector of Deloitte LLP...
It's Incredible - India Is A Destination Of A Lifetime
Feb 1, 2010
Fifty years. That’s how long Indiatourism, Toronto has been in Canada promoting travel to this wonderfully fascinating place. That is 50 years of helping Canadians on trip-of-a-lifetime travel, spiritual travel, adventure travel, history-based travel, wildlife-viewing travel, shopping travel, and the newest reason to visit – medical travel.
Let The Games Begin - Delhi Gets Ready To Host The World
Feb 1, 2010
Delhi will host the 2010 Commonwealth Games October 3 to 14 in what is the largest multi-sport event ever conducted in India, with an expected two million international travellers and 3.5 million domestic travellers. But all travellers, games-bound or not, will benefit from the upgrades and new building the city...
Fast Facts - Important India Travel Info
Feb 1, 2010
Air India: offers daily service between Toronto and India via Heathrow aboard state-of-the-art 342-seat Boeing 777-300ER air craft, with four flights to Amritsar in Punjab and three flights to Delhi. The four 1-2-1 first class seats offer premium comfort and privacy, while the 35 2-3-2 executive class seats have a...
Two From MyEscapades
Feb 1, 2010
Two of MyEscapades’ most popular tours to India include royal residences, spiritual sites and plenty of opportunity for clients to immerse themselves in local culture. The Indian Kaleidoscope is a 13-day/12-night journey through the India subcontinent from Delhi to Kathamandu, in Nepal.
From Khiva to Kashgar
Jan 1, 2010
Trace the steps of ancient traders and merchants that along the mysterious Silk Road with World Heritage Tours’ 18-day “Silk Road: From Khiva to Kashgar” tour. The journey starts in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and follows the Silk routes to the ancient towns of Khiva, Bukhara, Shakhrisyabz, all UNESCO World Heritage sites,
Medical Tourism On The Rise
Dec 1, 2009
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Department of Export Promotion (DEP) have estimated two million medical tourists will arrive in Thailand for health care services in 2010, an annual growth rate of 14 per cent for the sector, ahead of the country’s GDP. Research and Markets reported in...
Exotik Tours' 2010 Winter Worldbook
Nov 1, 2009
Exotik Tours’ 2010 Winter Worldbook is now available, and full of options for clients looking to get off the beaten path and explore some of the world’s most interesting destinations. Some new additions this year include the Riu Bellevue Park in Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia; Jordan and Egypt are...
Cruisin' Kerala - Discovering Southern India's Magical Backwaters
Nov 1, 2009
his is preposterous. Just a few moments ago we were wide-eyed in terror on a highway free-for-all, narrowly missing a series of head-on collisions with trucks, buses, motorized rickshaws, pedestrians and cows. Now, less than 100 metres away, we are on a houseboat in what seems to be a gigantic...