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Grand Circle: 10 Sights that will Take Your Breath Away
Apr 9, 2015
If you like your scenery grand and gorgeous and larger than life – no tranquil green fields for you! –...
Arizona: Five Natural Wonders that will Steal Your Breath Away
Feb 9, 2015
The location and climate of Arizona has led to incredible natural formations and supports unique desert flora and fauna. With no earthquakes, tornadoes or floods, the delicate structures that have been carved over the centuries remain intact for visitors to admire.
Arizona:The Grand Canyon State
Oct 5, 2014
The Grand Canyon State is increasingly being recognized as a sophisticated yet unpretentious wine destination, with family-owned vineyards offering award-winning red, white and...
Discover America: The Vines Less Travelled
Sep 3, 2014
By Josephine Matyas Across the spectrum of US wine destinations, California’s Napa and Sonoma certainly grab the most attention, but no matter what part of the country your clients are heading to, they’re sure to find vineyards, tasting rooms and wineries aplenty. For example, Arizona has three main wine trails, including the Willcox...
Take a Walk on the Wild side of the Grand Canyon
Sep 2, 2014
Walking on a balcony 1220 meters above the Colorado River with merely 100 mm of glass between you and floor...
The U.S.A – All Aboard!
Jun 4, 2014
There’s an undeniable romance to riding the rails. Those who choose the train are seduced by the more intimate pace of crossing through – rather than flying over – a landscape. Other features of train travel? Interact with other passengers, seeing the geography change in front of you and accessing more...
Arizona - So Worth It
May 18, 2014
By Anne Shaw Who in their right mind gets up at 4:30 a.m. on their holidays? Well, I never said we were in our right minds. Yes, we had the kids up at 4:30 a.m. to drive to the north side of Phoenix for a Sunrise balloon flight. It was pitch...
United States – A Bird’s Eye View
Apr 8, 2014
The United States has some fabulous observation decks for those of you who like to rise above it all to get a bird’s eye view of the world. Just check out some of the views from these dizzying heights... Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona Looking out over the Grand Canyon is a sight like...
It Feels Oh So Right - Tucson Is A City Of Boundless Possibilities
Mar 29, 2014
By Josephine Matyas Think of Tucson as a place where the freedom to be/think/experiment/try intersects with a world of boundless possibilities. Toss in a little imagination and what flows is a way to play, to work, to relax and to rejuvenate in whatever way fits best for you. It’s like finding...
Arizona & New Mexico – In The Footsteps Of Billy The Kid
Mar 16, 2014
Depending on the story you read, William Henry “Billy the Kid” McCarty was either a hero or an outlaw. The only thing that can be said for certain about him is that he was a young boy, alone, during a violent time of American history. Billy was born late in 1859...
Star-Studded Skies - Four Ways To Get Heavenly In Mesa
Mar 10, 2014
If you thought catching an Arizona sunset was on the must-do list, you need to check out what happens to the sky after the sun goes down…
Hittin’ the Road - Golf Trips Are One Of Life’s Special Pleasures
Feb 17, 2014
Renowned golf course architect, Pete Dye, once stated that “the ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody put a flag stick on it.” Considering the staggering number of people worldwide who embark on repeated golf junkets, perhaps his exaggeration is not too far from the truth. In spite of...
It’s Exploding - The Art & Foodie Scene In Phoenix Is On Fire
Feb 10, 2014
Many times neighbours get along just fine, helping each other out when needed, but at the same time appreciating the ways in which they are different. With cities it can be much the same – and that’s what you’ll find in the Valley of the Sun in central Arizona...
Gateway To Adventure - Young Or Old, Everyone Has A Good Time In Mesa
Jan 4, 2014
Few destinations offer such a rich palette of sights and activities as Mesa, Arizona. Once the little sister in the Valley of the Sun, Mesa has blossomed into its own as a gateway to adventure and unlimited possibilities for visitors to explore...
Desert Play Time - Family Fun In Mesa
Dec 17, 2013
Travelling with tots? Don’t worry, Mesa has you covered. Whether it’s creating a work of art or panning for gold, Mesa offers an enriching experience for every single family member...
I Scream Ice Cream - It’s An Udder Delight In Arizona
Nov 17, 2013
There’s no better way to stay cool under the hot Arizona sun than diving into a delicious, locally-produced ice cream, so when you stumble across a local dairy farmer who produces his own ice cream, you are clearly in for a big treat...
Motown And Meat Dresses - 'Women Who Rock' Exhibition Hits Phoenix
Oct 20, 2013
Created by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the ‘Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power’ exhibition has rock-and-rolled into...
Big City Pleasures - Arizona's Valley Of The Sun Has Absolutely Everything You Want
Oct 17, 2013
If your recent holiday experiences are feeling a bit too much like an extension of your hectic everyday life, it’s time to get yourself to the Valley of the Sun – the aptly-named part of Central Arizona with Phoenix at the hub...
A Place For All Seasons - North Central Arizona Has It All
Oct 14, 2013
Located north of the greater Phoenix area, North Central Arizona is a sprawling area of four distinct seasons. Winter skiing...
Southern Arizona - The Sweet Spot
Oct 12, 2013
True, northern Arizona may boast the Grand Canyon and the middle is infused with the energy of the big city, but as far as the perfect blend of culture and outdoors is concerned, Tucson hits the sweet spot...
Arizona's West Coast - A River Runs By It
Oct 9, 2013
Whether you dress it up with Route 66 memorabilia or zone in on the cooling waters of the Colorado River, Western Arizona has exactly what it takes to turn the first-time visitor into a lifelong enthusiast...
Explore Northern Arizona's Monuments, Canyons & Mesas
Oct 7, 2013
Venturing into Northern Arizona – the Arizona less travelled – be prepared for a mesmerizing land of vast canyons, sculpted red stone mesas and unspoiled backcountry...
Winter's Coming - Where To Go, What To See & What To Do On A Winter Long-Stay Vacation
Oct 6, 2013
When winter hits Canada, some Canadians simply choose to pack their bags and head to somewhere warm. You need not go that far – check out the U.S...
We'll Be Back -- One Night In Sedona Is Just Not Enough
Oct 3, 2013
This year we took the family to Arizona, along with good friends, and travelled the state as a group of eight. And we saw and did so much. We had hot air balloon rides...
Arizona 2013 - The Grand Canyon State
Sep 14, 2013
Butterfly Wonderland is the first phase to come to Odysea in the Desert, a $170 million entertainment complex. Butterfly Wonderland teaches about the life of a butterfly via educational and interactive exhibits that lead to an atrium filled with thousands of butterflies, tropical plants and waterfalls. Salt River Reservation.
Mmm… Mesa -The Desert City's Flourishing Culinary Scene
Sep 9, 2013
Residents and savvy tourists alike have long known that there is plenty of fun to be had in and around...
You Gotta Get Up To Get Down - Up On The Roof In Tucson
Aug 26, 2013
There’s always plenty of fun to be had in Tucson every day at street level, however on the second Saturday...
A Prickly Subject - Have You Ever Tried Cactus?
Aug 18, 2013
At first glance, the prickly cactus does not exactly look like a five star meal... However, most people don't realize...
World Report May 2013
Jul 11, 2013
Pink Jeep Tours is offering the Ultimate Grand Canyon Experience Tour, that allow guests to climb aboard a state-of-the-art Scenic Airlines touring Vistaliner® and fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the majestic Colorado River on their way to the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim. Once on the ground...
Park City - Pure Mountain Luxury In Utah
Jul 2, 2013
Park City is one of the most luxurious mountain destinations in the United States, playing home to some of the country's most lavish spas. Hidden away in the Wasatch Mountains – and just 40 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport – this is an area of pure luxury and recreation.
Bargain Alert - Premium Outlets Offers Phenomenal Savings Around The World
May 29, 2013
The secret is out! Bargain hunters worldwide have discovered where to find top designer labels and brands for less money.
Culture Clash - Discover Tucson's Fascinating Tri-Cultural Heritage
Apr 1, 2013
    By Josephine Matyas   Think about the beauty encircling Tucson – the tranquil desert, the majestic forests of Saguaro cacti, the dramatic mountain ranges – and it makes sense that this would be a place of arts and culture. Mix in a fascinating tri-cultural heritage, blending flavours of Native American, Hispanic and...
A Place Like No Other - A Sampling Of Scottsdale's Sonoran Adventures
Feb 27, 2013
By Josephine Matyas   Just a stone’s throw from Phoenix, Scottsdale fits the bill for active-minded travellers who are energized by outdoor adventures in a pristine desert setting. The city’s backyard opens onto the lush Sonoran Desert, a rough-and-tumble oasis of mountains and parks, home to more than 2,000 native plant species...
Mesa Going Home - Cubs Baseball In Arizona
Feb 11, 2013
  From far and wide, baseball fans flock to Mesa, Arizona each March to enjoy Chicago Cubs Spring Training, not to mention the great weather. With Cactus League Spring Training officially kicking off February 22, would-be travelers should know it is not too late to plan a baseball pilgrimage on a...
The Flavours Of Mesa - Foodies Find Local, Luscious & Completely Accessible Bounty In This Desert City
Dec 28, 2012
By Josephine Matyas   When the snow flies and the temperature plummets, winter weary Canadians cast their gaze to warmer climes. And often that gaze lingers on Mesa, a popular destination in the Valley of the Sun, and a place that is synonymous with the beauty of the Arizona desert, year-round summery...
Desert Contemplation
Nov 21, 2012
To be brutally honest, I began this journey as more spa newbie than spa diva. My spa experiences were confined...
Totally Awesome
Nov 19, 2012
Entering into Arizona’s Grand Canyon from mid air? That’s an adrenaline rush like no other. Our helicopter smoothly lifts off...
An Intruiging Mix
Nov 14, 2012
There are food moments that you never forget. And the cuisines of the Southwest are rich with culinary memories for...
Honky Tonks and History
Nov 8, 2012
The young fellow behind the counter at Gene’s Western Wear and Shoe Hospital in Flagstaff looks and sounds just like...
A Rare Land
Nov 6, 2012
The beat-up Chevy truck has been this way before. At least that’s my take from the groaning of the engine,
Settling In
Nov 1, 2012
  Long-stay vacations in the U.S. provide good options for a host of reasons. While you’re hibernating, oops, chilling out in...
Forever Green
Oct 23, 2012
When Canadian golfers think “golf getaway” it’s natural for them to think of Arizona. Take more than 330 days of...
Cultural Traditions
Sep 19, 2012
A cultural cornerstone for many Native Americans is the intimate bond they share with the land. Traditionally, all things – people, animals, birds, plants, the sun, rain – are sacred and interconnected. The people of Arizona’s 22 tribes still carry on many spiritual traditions of their ancestors.
Exhibit A - World-class Museums Across The United States
Aug 20, 2012
If there is one type of attraction that spans the entire continent, it has to be museums. Every town, city and state – no matter the size – has one, two, three…or dozens.
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Jul 27, 2012
Arizona is a land of wide-open spaces, ranching and mining history and a rich Western heritage of cowboy traditions. The rough ‘n’ tumble landscape attracted those hardy individuals seeking fortunes in the new frontier. Peppered across the state are remnants of mining camps and ghost towns, stagecoach stops, ranches, historic...
Loving It Up - Honeymoon Locations Across The US
Jul 4, 2012
There are as many different honeymoon styles as there are destinations. Casual and laidback (think dude ranch getaway or barefoot beachwalks at sunset), or formal, with all the bells and whistles – hundreds of high-end properties would fit the bill quite nicely.
United States
Jun 15, 2012
Be neighbourly and go big on culture, adventure and scenery whether you are visiting the Big Apple, the Big Island or Big Sur. All states are united in making you want to visit America The Beautiful.
Cheer On The Team! - Baseball Spring Training Happens Here
May 15, 2012
By Josephine Matyas After a long winter, baseball fans are looking for signs that their beloved game will start again soon.
Teed Off In Arizona - Head South For Desert Courses, Endless Sunshine & Great Packages
May 1, 2012
Once upon a time in the early 20th century, when duffers came to southern Arizona for the warm winter sun, they encountered dirt fairways and oiled sand greens.
Ridin' Into Tucson - Saddle Up for Ranch Adventures, Clear Skies & Desert Weddings
Mar 2, 2012
The thing about Tucson is that it seems to do everything well. Ranches and resorts run the gamut from working cattle farms to luxury retreats.
Indulge Yourself - Living The Luxe Life In Scottsdale
Jan 27, 2012
When you think of Scottsdale, think of indulgence. Shopping, golf and spa, great meals and a sizzling nightlife enveloped by the scenic beauty of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert landscape also come to mind.
Only Once - A Year of One-Off Celebrations Across The US
Jan 27, 2012
Everyone loves a celebration. Did you know that 2012 will be a year-long culinary party in Alabama? How about travel to the southwest – with 2012 being the Arizona’s centennial there’s a lot happening in every corner of the state. And there’s more. Just read on and enjoy the party...
Musical Instrument Museum: In Tune With The World
Dec 30, 2011
When it comes to quality educative and entertaining destinations for children, Phoenix, Arizona’s Museum of Musical Instruments takes the cake. Seamlessly blending modern technology with antique instruments and modern music under one roof, this museum is one of the most unique experiences you could offer your child – and you’re...
US Report
Dec 21, 2011
You can now take a boat cruise from Captiva Island to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. The cruise explores the Caloosahatchee River and its cultural and ecological importance and includes lunch at a private club and a tour of the Estates.
Urban Oasis - Phoenix Rises From The Sonoran Desert With Big City Pleasures
Dec 21, 2011
There are few destinations that can match how Phoenix mixes bright lights and big city glitz with the jaw-dropping scenery of rugged mountain ranges and desert. Add picture perfect weather, a packed entertainment calendar and an eclectic mix of museums and attractions and you’ll find there is always something happening...
Here Comes The Sun - Six Sunsational Spring Break Spots
Nov 25, 2011
After a cold Canadian winter, families long to soak up some sun and get busy on the beach. Here are six super spring break suggestions that families will warm up to.
We're Going To Mesa - With History, Deserts & A Whole Lot Of Fun, Mesa Is a Natural Family Hot Spot
Nov 25, 2011
In an ideal world, the family that travels together is open to a world of adventure, shared experiences, happy memories and lifelong bonding. In the real world of family travel, things present more of a challenge (think: cranky toddlers, dining disasters and a lack of appropriate activities). But some destinations...
2011 US Report
Oct 26, 2011
Renting a car at Miami International Airport (MIA) is faster and easier with the MIA Mover, a two-kilometre, elevated people mover system that connects passengers from MIA to the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) and the Miami Rental Car Center (RCC), a four-level facility housing the operations of 16 major rental...
Gone Fishin' - Drop Your Line At Great Fishing Holes Across The US
Oct 26, 2011
Some destinations are blessed with shorelines, rivers and lakes teeming with catch – a magnet for those that love the outdoors, whether spending all day casting a line into the water, or just dabbling in a little catch-and-release while on vacation.
Play Hard
Sep 30, 2011
Active travellers may have a difficult time choosing from Arizona’s long menu of sports and adventure activities. Add to that a dizzying choice of places to stay – from rustic ranches to luxury resorts to charming B&Bs – and it means they can give-it-their-all during the daytime, and tuck in...
Nowhere Else In America
Sep 30, 2011
Arizona. Rugged. Breathtakingly beautiful. A palette of colour. Nowhere else in America are so many different landscapes – desert, pine forests, snow-capped peaks, deep canyons, red mesas – found within the borders of one state. If there is a distinct Arizona style uniting all of these various different landscapes, it...
Desert Drives
Sep 30, 2011
From the mystical red rocks of Sedona down to the famed fairways in Phoenix’s Valley of the Sun, and on to the ponderosa pine lined greens at Williams, Arizona boasts more than 300 golf courses, each with its own unique terrain and challenges. With a climate to be envied –...
Relax & Recharge
Sep 30, 2011
The Grand Canyon State’s gentle side speaks to everyone’s need to relax and recharge by indulging in a little culture or self-care. A wide choice of ranch stays, luxurious spas and well-serviced resorts make great destinations for weddings, honeymoons, romantic getaways, reunions and retreats. And there’s a real culture charge...
Natural Wonders
Sep 30, 2011
An extraordinary mix of desert landscapes, canyon lands, cool pine forests and the power of the Colorado River create a range of ecozones…and a generous sampling of ecoadventures and green travel opportunities. No other region in North America offers the broad spectrum of life zones found in Arizona. It is...
Teed Off In Arizona - From Desert To Mountain, The Golf Is Great In AZ
Mar 25, 2011
It’s always tee-time in Arizona. Whether your game is target or traditional, your budget country club or municipal, your favoured plant prickly pear or pine tree, the state has something to suit your skill level, wallet and landscape preference.
Cultural Crossroads - Tucson Celebrates Its Intriguing Mix Of Immigrant Influences
Feb 24, 2011
In Tucson, the romance of the rough and tumble Wild West intersects with rich Native American culture and the bright lights of a world-class cosmopolitan city. Its rich, cultural roots run deep – first as a Tohono O’odham Indian settlement, then as an outpost for Spanish colonial explorers, and finally...
Designed By The Desert - Art, Architecture & Pure Luxury Are Scottsdale Highlights
Jan 26, 2011
Vibrant, energetic and sophisticated. Three words that perfectly describe Scottsdale – the city in the Valley of the Sun known for resorts and spas that pamper, upscale shopping in malls and boutiques, and pure bliss on a seemingly-endless supply of golf greens.
Water Adventures
Jan 25, 2011
Rather than being a whole lotta beach without any ocean, the Sonoran Desert is dotted with oases, some natural and some man-made. There are not many land-locked states that can claim more than 1,600 kilometres of shoreline. Arizona can, easily. It is widely considered the world’s greenest desert for its...
Only In Arizona
Jan 25, 2011
There are some things that your clients have to come to Arizona to see. Nature had a hand in creating most of them, and all are spectacular. In many ways they define a state that is filled with superlatives. They are unique, they don’t exist anywhere else, they are inimitably...
Things That Make You Go Hmmm
Jan 25, 2011
Bet you didn’t know you can do some of these things in Arizona. The state is full of surprises, some that have been hidden for years, others that seem to pop up on a regular basis to supply new experiences and adventures.
Greens With Envy
Jan 25, 2011
Arizona’s golf courses are legendary. Their amazing diversity includes classic courses, desert target layouts and those that meander among towering pines and craggy and rolling foothills. With more than 300 golf courses throughout the state and an average temperature of 22.5 degrees in which to play them, Arizona is a...
Escapes With The Family In Mind
Jan 25, 2011
Arizona’s amazing demographic diversity means that there is something to capture the imagination of all ages. Kid-friendly attractions and venues with something appealing for adults as well abound in Arizona.
The “Cool” Side Of Arizona
Jan 25, 2011
There’s the kind of cool where soft breezes whisper among the branches of stately pines, and water laps gently at a sandy shoreline. Where lofty altitudes create a naturally cool environment and seasonal snow flurries bring a softness to the terrain. Where chilly nights mean snuggling into a down sleeping...
Laps In Luxury - Phoenix Is Ideal For Those Who Worship Action, Arts & Extreme Comfort
Dec 13, 2010
In the heart of the Valley of the Sun, surrounded by the beauty of a heart-stirring desert and the jagged peaks of several different mountain ranges, lies Phoenix. With roots that stretch back to its early days as a sleepy frontier town, Phoenix is now the fifth largest city in...
Cheers! - Find Local Flavour At Wineries & Microbreweries
Oct 27, 2010
The interest in wine tours and visits to microbreweries has exploded in recent years as travellers have learned to savour the food on their plate and the drink in their glass.
Arizona's Gentle Side
Oct 5, 2010
Who would think a state renowned for hard adventure would also have a gentle side that speaks to everyone’s need to relax and recharge by indulging in a little culture or self-care? From ranch stays to New Age spas, from concerts to guided shopping tours, Arizona fills it all.
Arizona Outdoors
Oct 5, 2010
Arizona’s blessed with a range of ecozones, meaning your clients could easily spend a lifetime sampling the menu of outdoor activities. Add to that a dizzying choice of places to stay – from rustic ranches to luxury resorts – and it means that active and adventuresome travellers can play hard...
Native Arizona
Oct 5, 2010
In Arizona, land and culture are inseparable for the many welcoming Native tribes who call this home. This is the sacred heart of the Southwest – where the people of 22 tribes including the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni still practice the centuries-old traditions of their ancestors.
There's No Place Like Arizona
Oct 5, 2010
Why Arizona? Because an extraordinary mix of desert landscapes, the beauty of the canyon lands, the power of the Colorado River, and the magical ways that Native American and Hispanic cultures intersect, from the adobe architecture to the fiery cuisine, make Arizona a destination like no other.
Arizona Golf
Oct 5, 2010
From the mystical red rocks of Sedona down to the famed fairways in Phoenix’s Valley of the Sun, and on to the ponderosa pine lined greens at Williams, Arizona boasts more than 300 golf courses, each with its own unique terrain and challenges. With a climate to be envied –...
Take The Kids To Tucson -You'll Find Fun, Fun, Fun In The Arizona Sun
Aug 29, 2010
Long weekends, Christmas break, Spring Break – Tucson is just the right spot for kids. Roaming around Tucson on vacation, families can check out interesting museums, exciting theme parks, outdoor adventure and rollicking Wild West action.
The Best Of Native American Tourism - Sell Clients on Culture, Heritage, Shopping & Gaming
Aug 16, 2010
The sights, sounds and events of Native American culture are perfect for the traveller with inquisitive and adventuresome tastes. America is home to hundreds of unique indigenous nations, reservations, pueblos and villages. That’s a gold mine for tourists interested in history, culture and landscape…not to mention shopping and gaming.
Fore! - Top Spots To Tee Off In West Virginia & Arizona
Aug 16, 2010
Golf holidays are as popular as ever. Whether your clients are diehard golfers who want nothing more than top-quality courses or all-rounders looking for a mix of activities, our two featured golf destinations deliver.
Arizona - The Grand Canyon State
Aug 4, 2010
What's New • The Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites: First hotel to be built on Hopi tribal land in 50 years.
If You Think You Know Phoenix You Are In For a Surprise
Jun 28, 2010
If you think you know Phoenix, you are in for a surprise. New construction and massive renovations are transforming the city. The most impactful change will be the METRO light-rail system that is set to open on December 27. The initial 32-kilometre line will link Phoenix to the neighbouring communities...