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Anchors Away - 17 Ferry Rides That Will Leave You Speechless
Nov 15, 2014
Ferries can be more than just a way to get from one location to another - they can often provide the best ways to tour some of the most beautiful and remote locations on Earth. Here are some of our favourites…
Tunisia: The Foodie Guide
Oct 8, 2014
If you like food, you will love Tunisia! The cuisine there combines the best of Middle Eastern, Arabic and Mediterranean styles with a touch of French influence. It tends to be highly flavoured rather than spicy and the rich taste is offset with the lighter flavours of mint, orange blossom...
Following the Herd: Where to Find Elephants in the Wild
Sep 17, 2014
Chobe National Park & Okavango Delta This national park in Botswana has a resident population of around 70,000 elephants, which is the highest concentration anywhere. These are the largest of all elephants and they can be seen in huge groups along the river or foraging near the road. If you have some...
Nairobi: The Luxury Guide
Aug 8, 2014
Nairobi has become a twentieth-century mecca for adventurers and colonials since it sprang from Kenya's swampland. It is a near perfect juxtaposition of skyscrapers and safaris where visitors can often spot the rare black rhino or the protected elephants just outside the modern cityscape in Nairobi National Park. Red robed...
Democratic Republic of Congo: Wildlife Spotting In Virunga
Aug 2, 2014
In 1925 King Albert I of Belgium established Virunga National Park as the first national park in Africa. Its primary purpose was to protect the mountain gorillas in the Virunga Mountains, but the park has since expanded to include the Rwindi Plains, Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains - creating...
Marrakesh: The Etiquette of Shisha
Jul 30, 2014
When visiting another country, engaging in some of the more unique local practices is something you should try out. While in the mystical city of Marrakesh, taking part in a shisha-smoking session will let you experience an ancient communal event and appreciate the culture of Morocco a little better. The Shisha The ‘shisha’...
Underwater Adventure - Meet The Creatures Of The Deep
May 29, 2014
Whether you’re a huge fan of sea life, an avid explorer or someone who just enjoys unique experiences, mingling with the denizens of the deep is an experience that shouldn’t be passed up... Sunlight on Water – Honokohau Harbor, Hawaii, US On the Kona side of the Big Island, Sunlight has been...
Tunisia: Exploring the Bardo Museum
May 24, 2014
The Bardo National Museum is a charming museum in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia. Bardo has the pleasure of boasting the world's largest collection of mosaics from the Roman era out of any museum in the world. Most of these mosaics and artifacts were moved to the museum from...
Botswana – All Eyes On The Okavango Delta
May 6, 2014
When the powers-that-be of the World Heritage Committee meet in Qatar next month to discuss the 2014 nominations for UNESCO World Heritage status, breathtaking Botswana’s Okavango Delta is sure to be on everyone’s lips. World Heritage status would ensure that this untouched region, which is one of the most sought after...
Johannesburg By Phone – The Smart Way To See The Town
Apr 18, 2014
From great walks around the city, eclectic shopping and an ever growing food scene there is an app for everything in the City of Gold... <20MB Johannesburg Maps <20MB Johannesburg Maps is a complete series of maps for the city of Johannesburg's various districts, and they are all of under 20MB in...
Tree House Hotels – Branch Out On Your Next Vacation
Apr 10, 2014
Looking to branch out on your next stay? In the most beautiful forested areas around the world, hotel entrepreneurs are venturing into an area that was once purely the domain of young children: tree houses. These hotels are usually suspended high in the air and offer some breathtaking views while...
Africa - 10 Great Beach Destinations
Apr 5, 2014
1. Lamu Island, Kenya With its endless tropical beaches, tiny villages nestled among mango plantations and quaint medieval old town, Lamu lives life at its own relaxed pace. The old town began life as a 14th century Swahili settlement, but the island has had many influential visitors, including Portuguese explorers,
Johannesburg – The Luxury Guide
Apr 3, 2014
From High Fashion To Flea Markets In Johannesburg, there is no shortage of stylish boutiques for the discerning visitor. The city has a huge high fashion scene. Fashion lovers should head to the Eastgate Centre in the Northern suburbs, where international boutiques like Abigail Keats and Stuttafords International store play host...
Take Five - With Joshua Nyiera, Owner, Acacia Holidays
Jan 29, 2014
1. Welcome to Canada. Why is it important for you to come all the way from Kenya to meet the...
Style & Substance - G Adventures Harnesses The Transformative Power Of Travel To Bring Adventure To The Masses
Jan 27, 2014
Doing It Differently As small group adventure travel pioneers, G Adventures has always liked to do things just a little...
Happy Cable Car Day! - Five Of The World’s Best Cable Car Rides
Jan 17, 2014
I’m not sure if you’re able to handle the excitement, but today is Cable Car Day. Yes, January 17 has been designated to celebrate all matters ‘cable car’, as the date marks that momentous day back in 1871 when Andrew Smith Hallidie received the first patent in relation to the...
Dig In - Christmas Food Traditions Around The World
Dec 24, 2013
While the roast turkey that Canada enjoys every Christmas may seem pretty common place in a lot of other countries, every country celebrates Christmas a little differently...
Can Travel & Tourism Be A Conduit For Peace?
Nov 8, 2013
In a recent keynote speech at Nairobi’s Africa Hotel Investment Forum, World Travel and Tourism Council (WTCC) president and CEO, David Scowsill, had some aspirational words for Kenya’s travel and tourism industry...
INDUSTRY SPY - Did We See You At The Goway Africa Experts Event Last Night?
Sep 24, 2013
Enthusiasm Fills The Air At Goway’s ‘G’Day To Africa’ Event By Vickie Sam Paget “They say that if you’re going to go...
Remembering The Past And Celebrating The Future - Freedom Struggle Sites In South Africa
Sep 23, 2013
South Africa has struggled for 350 years in order to gain equality and justice for all of its diverse people...
Snap Shots - Poo Walks, Downton Abbey Cruise, Hong Kong
Jul 22, 2013
‘Poo’ Walk, Anyone? Animal tracking, crafts and ‘poo walks’…Africa specialist &Beyond is reinventing the family vacation, bush style. Featuring a blend of...
African Surprise - Buffalo, Rhinos & Golf In Kenya
Jul 3, 2013
It had been a very busy safari day, wheeling around the great, green expanse of Nkuru National Park perhaps the best place in all of Africa to spot rhino. I stopped counting after 25, spotting both black and white, in little clusters as well as lone animals cutting a rugged,
Adventure Travel World Summit - Imagine, Inspire and Invest in Namibia
Jun 9, 2013
In the Southwestern reaches of Africa lies the nation of Namibia. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the countries of Botswana, Angola, Zambia and South Africa, its geography is remarkable, wild and free.
World Report - April 2013
May 1, 2013
Together with the Berlin hotel industry, visitBerlin has launched the pink pillow Berlin Collection, the world’s only network of hotels that especially welcome gay, transgender, bisexual and lesbian travellers. Berlin is known for its openness and welcoming atmosphere, making it one of the leading gay travel destinations in the world.
South African Driving Tours
Mar 14, 2013
  Wide-open plains, meandering rivers and lush green covered hills are some of the features of the countryside seen when driving around South Africa. Whether touring the country for the first time, or just looking for a fun way to spend the day, many routes pass pleasant landscape while journeying...
Rapid Relaxation - Ten Exciting River Vacations
Mar 8, 2013
What is it that drives people to conquer the world’s most dangerous environments? Mountain climbers and cave divers put themselves in harm’s way to see heights and depths most of us will never approach, but not ever every nature adventure has to be so dangerous. White water rafting is a...
World Report - January 2013
Feb 28, 2013
  New Fairmont In Dubai The newest addition to the Fairmont portfolio is on the world’s largest man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, and near to many other man-made record holders like Burj Khalifa, the largest free-standing building in the world. Fairmont The Palm is a spacious development with 381 guestrooms and suites, including two...
World Report - Texas, Kenya, Iceland, Japan, Dubai, Vancouver, UK, Florida
Jan 29, 2013
DALLAS NorthPark Center Makes February “Canada Appreciation Month” Canadians take note: NorthPark Center in Dallas, one of the city’s premier shopping destinations, is hosting “Canada Appreciation Month” in February 2013. “We wanted to show our appreciation for [Canadians’] support and make them feel special,” said Tourism director Anthony Wilkinson. The invitation for Canadians...
Snapshots - Winter 2012
Jan 16, 2013
Himalayas Serious Biking Hearing the loud, dominant umpf from a 500cc Bullet Enfield really can awaken the hidden adventurer inside. Head out on the really, really open road with Extreme Bike Tours’ high altitude adventures through the Himalayan mountains. Led by Extreme Bike Tours founder, Zander Combe, bikers experience India on a deep...
World Report - South Africa, Turkey, Cook Islands, Belgium, Oregon, Utah
Jan 2, 2013
South Africa Shy Antelope South Africa may be one of the most developed countries in Africa but it’s still Africa, which means it’s still teeming with opportunities for wildlife excursions. Mountains and jungles are often just a few minutes’ drive from civilization, and the safaris held there rival any in the world.
Snapshots Fall 2012
Nov 21, 2012
  BELIZE Some Things AreWorth It The locavore dining movement has deep roots in Canada, but there are some daily indulgences even those...
10 Destinations For The Nerd In All Of Us - Part 2
Nov 16, 2012
For part 1, click here.   Pythagoras’ achievements may have been entirely his own, or they might have been the compiled findings of his entire order - we really don’t know. What we do know is that the name of Pythagoras was used to publish and popularize some of the most revolutionary...
Elephant Central - Pachyderm Spotting In Botswana With Orient Express
Nov 1, 2012
In The Double Comfort Safari Club, Alexander McCall Smith’s recent novel featuring Precious Ramotswe, the proprietor of Botswana’s No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, there’s a scene where Precious and her assistant journey through Botswana’s Okavango Delta by canoe. They are at an upscale but environmentally correct Eagle Island Camp, surrounded by...
Elephant Central
Oct 15, 2012
  In The Double Comfort Safari Club, Alexander McCall Smith’s recent novel featuring Precious Ramotswe, the proprietor of Botswana’s No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, there’s a scene where Precious and her assistant journey through Botswana’s Okavango Delta by canoe. They are at an upscale but environmentally correct...
World Report
Sep 21, 2012
  Fiji Adventure Ahoy! Fiji seems to have an endless choice of adventures, on land, at sea, and in the sky. Trek mountain trails culminating in a swim under a waterfall, and visit caves to hear stories of great chiefs and tribal wars. Fiji boasts one of the world’s top snorkeling and diving...
The Romance Of The Nile - Slip Back In Time Aboard A Cruise Up Egypt's Lifeline
Aug 27, 2012
Picture this: it’s late afternoon and you’re sitting on the sundeck of a well-appointed river boat sipping hibiscus tea and floating past the villages of rural Egypt’s Upper Nile Valley. Water buffalo take their rest in the shallows, and children play along the bank. Women work around their mud-brick homes,
Headin' To The Masai - A Photo Safari Makes Memories Travellers Live For
Jul 18, 2012
The female leopard and her cub caught a small black-faced monkey. They dragged it onto a fallen tree eating it quickly before disappearing into the bush. My driver, Duncan, told me not to pack my equipment. “She’ll come out of the bush on the game trail just up the track,”...
5 Monumental Attractions
Jun 4, 2012
Some of man's most significant architectural and engineering feats stand witness to our enduring ingenuity. And our love of grandeur.
Wild About Nature - 4 Places To See Wildlife Up Close
May 18, 2012
Come face to face with some of nature’s most incredible inhabitants in the most intimate and the most spectacular settings on earth.
4 Adventures That Say: Do It Now
May 11, 2012
Man’s careless approach to the environment put these experiences on the endangered list. Don’t delay – do it now.
Culture And Kick-Back - A Two-Tiered Vacation Virtually Risk Free
May 2, 2012
Afraid of making that bucket-list trip to Egypt for fear of political unrest or personal security? You might be surprised to learn that Mexico currently shares the same Travel Warning – exercise a high degree of caution – as many tourist areas in the land of the pharaohs.
4 Incredible Journeys
Apr 10, 2012
They always say it’s not the destination that counts but the journey. In these cases it really is the trip that is the adventure.
Feel Good Travel
Apr 10, 2012
Do good and you’ll feel good. Help those around you and you help yourself. We’ve all heard it, now let’s live it. Here’s how.
Canadian Numbers To Kenya Jump Up
Jan 27, 2012
Canadian travel to Kenya increased by 19.5 per cent over 2010 figures with 22,933 of us heading to the east African nation in 2011. This puts us right in line with global market trends as international arrivals to Kenya from January to September were up by 16.9 per...
Unarmed & Curious - I Bagged A Rhino With A Peashooter
Dec 21, 2011
On my first night on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya, I’m finding it too noisy to sleep. Over 2,100 metres above sea level and a two-hour drive from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, the surrounding bush is as noisy as any city intersection during rush hour. The birds and tree...
Once Is Not Enough - Safaris Are Always Repeat Expeditions
Nov 25, 2011
Sa-fa-ri. The word trips off the lips invitingly. A safari is, for many, the trip of a lifetime but it seems that once is not enough. For many, that first trip is a superb taster, and a repeat vacation becomes a passion.
Physical Therapy - Golf, Diving & Sand-Bathing?
Oct 26, 2011
You won’t go far in Egypt without getting into a conversation about soccer, or football as it’s called there. It’s the most popular sport in the nation, and Egypt’s clubs are renowned throughout the Middle East and Africa. They’re long-time champions.
Bright Lights Big Party - Egypt's Sinai Peninsula IS The Red Sea Riviera
Oct 26, 2011
Sharm el-Sheikh, Mount Moses, El Arish, Pharaoh’s Island – these are just a few names familiar to vacationers coming to the Sinai Peninsula for a sun-and-sand vacation in a top-notch beach resort. They flock here from northern Europe, the UK and the Middle East.
Ancient Glory - Luxor & Karnak House Royal Relics In An Open-Air Museum
Oct 26, 2011
See the pyramids along the Nile…the words of the old song evoke strong images, images of a place that has captured people’s imaginations since medieval times. It wasn’t until the early 1800s, though, with the decoding of the Rosetta Stone, that the hieroglyphics adorning Egypt’s pyramids and monuments could be...
Living History - Now Is The Time For Egypt
Oct 26, 2011
While things Egyptian fascinated us long before that famous Egyptologist Howard Carter made his dramatic discovery of Tutankhamen’s intact tomb in 1922 his findings inspired designers of fashion and furniture, Hollywood movie makers, and authors. And the fascination continues.
A Million-Star Hotel - Few Experiences Rival Egypt's Deserts & Oases
Oct 26, 2011
It’s hard to believe that a great inland sea once covered the massive desert west of Cairo, where resident crocodiles were revered in a holy reserve and worshipped in the form of the god Sobek. Even the fossilized remains of whales have been found here, and can be seen in...
So Much History, So Much Life - One Visit To Cairo Is Simply Not Enough
Oct 26, 2011
They call it the City of One Thousand and One Nights for good reason. It is now believed by literary scholars that those ancient tales were told in Cairo over a thousand years ago. Even then Cairo was a major metropolis when other big cities of the world were finding...
A Grand Old Lady - Alexandria Is The Queen Of Egypt's Mediterranean Coast
Oct 26, 2011
Alex, as Alexandria is affectionately known, offers up a different Egypt. The nation’s second largest city (pop. 4.2 million), 225 kilometres from Cairo on the shores of the Mediterranean, offers a distinctive ambience and cultural heritage, with a somewhat cooler climate where summer temperatures are tempered by balmy ocean breezes,
They Said It - Selling Egypt
Oct 26, 2011
First conceived of in 1974 and founded in 1978, Bestway Tours & Safaris is one of the earliest established cultural tour operators around. From the eastern shores of Indochina all across East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East to the continents of Africa and North and South America, we venture...
Pyramid Power Sales Plan - A Timeless Plan To Boost Egyptian Commissions
Oct 26, 2011
Over the centuries Egypt has adapted and changed to almost anything that can happen to a country and its people. Yet again it has proven to be resilient as a country, and as a people the Egyptians are fast tracking their place in the world of most visited countries. They...
Have Faith Will Travel - Tap Into One Of The Fastest Growing Travel Niches
Oct 26, 2011
It is no secret that religious tourism is a fast growing niche in the world of travel. We’re not just talking about the devoted going on pilgrimages but normal folks interested in the history of a destination, which co-incidentally, is also associated with a specific religion. Then, there are the...
Game On - Watching Beast On Beast On Safari In Botswana
Jun 17, 2011
Deep in the heart of Africa, stunning Botswana shines as a top safari destination. The winding waterways, lush grasslands, striking salt pans and vast desert plains attract roaming herds of wild game and exotic birds. Opportunities for wildlife viewing abound in Botswana’s interior. Visitors can jump in a jeep and...
The Top 10
May 24, 2011
Tanzania’s 10 not-to-be-missed attractions : 1. Ngorongoro Crater Herds of zebra and wildebeest graze at the Ngorongoro Crater, while Masai herdsmen...
The Future Looks Good - Egypt's Minister of Tourism Is Confident
Apr 20, 2011
Egypt is optimistic about the future of its tourism market said Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism, at a press conference at ITB Berlin announcing Egypt as the partner country of ITB Berlin 2012.
Africa Report
Feb 24, 2011
The latest phase of the Egyptian Museum Development Project sees the development of a new visitor’s route, extended hours of operation (open until 10 p.m.) and a brand new visitor’s centre that includes a beautiful bookstore, cafeteria, restaurant and a children’s museum. The centre is on the west side of...
Middle East Report December 2010
Dec 13, 2010
Ramada In Sharm El Sheikh. CHI Hotels & Resorts will operate its second hotel in the highly popular Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt – The Ramada Plaza Naama Bay.
Emerging From The Shadows - Cape Town Leads The Way As South Africa Sheds Its Troubled Past
Nov 23, 2010
Of the cities that recently hosted World Cup matches, none symbolizes South Africa’s transformation more vividly than Cape Town, where jaw-dropping beauty is finally emerging from the long shadow of unspeakable cruelty.
Planning Your Kenya Vacation - There Is Something To Suit Everyone In Kenya
Oct 5, 2010
Let’s face it, everyday life often presents us with more than we can handle. To escape the ordinary, try something entirely new, and get away…on a holiday to Kenya. Not just a regular sandals vacation. Rather a real holiday that rejuvenates the body, mind and soul; one that allows you...
Win A Trip For 2 - KTB's Amazing Kenya Adventure
Oct 5, 2010
The Kenya Tourist Board, SITA World Travel and Canadian traveller are offering you the chance to win the trip of a lifetime – a seven-day safari for two to Kenya. “For the first time visitor to Africa, Kenya is the best destination. If someone expects to see game in abundance,
They Said It - Egypt 2010
Aug 29, 2010
GMTours has been around since 1987. We offer tours all over the Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa, East Africa, and Asia (India). Our group size is no more than 20 pax, with the choice to customize tours. Travellers can even combine two or more destinations within one tour.
Featured Africa Products
Aug 29, 2010
GMTours highlights three excursions that feature the quintessential Egypt experiences. The Treasures of Egypt 13-night itinerary includes Nile Cruise, Hugged and Cairo city tours, Pyramids, Memphis, Sakarra and the Egyptian Museum starting at $2,200 for travel September 20 through December 31.
And There Was Light - Constant & Ever-Changing Cairo Is A Wonder To Behold
Aug 29, 2010
On a cue from an Egyptian tourism official, the colossal pyramids were illuminated against the night sky and the lavish outdoor banquet officially began. Now that is an extremely tough act to follow. It served as our opening night in this 5,000-year-old land of mystery, often referred to as the...
Africa Report - August 2010
Aug 29, 2010
Potential visitors no longer have to hop from one tour operator to another looking for quotes on safaris to Kenya. It’s all just a click away at www.katokenya.org/safari_quotation.asp Once there, complete the online form provided and the safari request will be posted to the “Member’s Area” of the Kenya Association...
Kenya Calling - From Sniffing Warthogs To Majestic Masai,1 Kenya Is Indeed Magical
Aug 17, 2010
Two days of beach time on the Indian Ocean was just what the doctor ordered during the halfway point of our Kenyan vacation. Or perhaps Kenyan “adventure” is a better word.
The Journey Matters - Kenya's Masai Mara Offers An 'Out of Africa' Experience
Aug 13, 2010
“The journey not the arrival matters,” T.S. Eliot wrote. Evidently, the great poet never had the opportunity to arrive on an East African grass airstrip in a small plane as warthogs scurry out of the way, massive elephants and towering giraffe graze nearby, and a battle-scarred lion dozes at the...
Going for the Lion's Share - Safari-Savvy Agents Can Bag Big Commissions
Aug 13, 2010
Do you have ‘been there done that’ customers? How about newbie adventurers who want to start their travels with a thrill? Well whoever you have sitting in front of you here’s a type of vacation that is sure to deliver. Let’s explore how you can enter the world of Safari...
More Commissions, Less Emissions - How To Become The Neighbourhood GREEN Machine
Jun 29, 2010
Green. It’s the colour of travel, tourism and yes, commissions. Who knew, eh? Well, actually quite a lot of people did. It really wasn’t a politician who discovered it – but now that those that govern have green-lighted everything that’s green, I guess the chequered flag is up! That means...
Lions & Cheetahs & Elephants, Oh My! - Spotting Two Of The Big Five in Safari In Southern Africa
Jun 28, 2010
By Helena Zukowski In Africa, there is an odd illusion at night in which the velvet darkness seems to gather random sounds into an orchestra, blending and amplifying them until you seem to be sitting right in the string section. In Botswana, I woke up one morning at 3 a.m. from...
Frommer's Top Spots
Jun 28, 2010
The editors at Frommer’s have consulted their many author-experts to come up with the top destinations for 2008. The list of 13 of the best and most beautiful spots the world includes ranges from big-city hotspots to tranquil rural retreats.
Gift Of The Nile - Selling The Golden Age Of The Pharaohs Brings Golden Commissions
Jun 25, 2010
Herodotus, a Greek historian from the fifth century BC said that Egypt is the gift of the Nile and he was right. The world’s second longest river flows past 5,000 years of civilization. The legendary port city of Alexandria shines as the “Pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean”. Cairo boasts 150...
Past & Present - Combine Modern Attractions & Ancient Traditions On An Egyptian Itinerary
Jun 24, 2010
For centuries, indeed millennia, Egypt has attracted visitors to its historic, religious and sybaritic attractions. Monuments to ancient rulers, tempting beaches and centuries of spa traditions are waiting to be discovered. And there are more modern pursuits, too. 4-wheel expeditions to desert oases, shopping for designer fashions and fabulous golf...
June 11: Set The Date
May 1, 2010
First things first. Turn to your diary and block a date and time for me. June 11, 2010 at 11 a.m. Excellent. On that date, at that time you’ll be attending a FREE Canadian Traveller webinar featuring How To Sell Kenya where I’ll present dozens more tips, tools and...
They Said It
May 1, 2010
Recently Canadian Traveller interviewed the leading Canadian tour operators selling Kenya safaris to find out what you should know to sell Kenya effectively. And boy did they talk. From favourite sellers to favourite memories, one thing is clear – Kenya is indeed magical. Find out for yourself:
What's Your KSP? - Develop Your Kenya Sales Plan & Bag More Commissions
May 1, 2010
When it’s time to research an article I usually include a click to National Geographic. There’s always something of interest hiding in the archives or recently added. I typed in Kenya and hey! If I ever did know this I’d forgotten it. Kenya, I found out, was the chosen spot...
Game-Spotting, Kenya Style
May 1, 2010
Think Kenya and safari comes to mind. The word has been synonymous with the country for decades, and for good reason: few African countries come close to offering the multitude of game that Kenya does within its 50-some parks and reserves. Karen Blixen (Out of Africa) and her ilk wouldn’t recognize...
Planning Your Kenya Vacation
May 1, 2010
  Let’s face it, everyday life often presents us with much more than we can handle. To escape the ordinary, why not try something entirely new, and really get away…on a holiday to Kenya. Not just a regular sandals vacation, but a real holiday. One that rejuvenates the body, mind...
Kenya - Trip Of Your Life
May 1, 2010
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, said Chinese sage Lao-Tzu. For Canadians travelling to Kenya, that first step often begins with a vague wish. This is the proverbial trip of a lifetime. You’ll find that a visit to Kenya – its population is about the same...
Where To Go?
May 1, 2010
There’s a reason why Kenya is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s all about the incredible diversity of attractions packed within the borders of a single country. From beaches to mountains, savannah to forest, desert to snow capped mountains – in terms of landscapes, wildlife, people, culture and...
Beyond A Safari
May 1, 2010
It’s good to know that, while a safari is almost certainly your main reason to visit Kenya, many fascinating options exist to round out your vacation.
Exotik Tours' 2010 Winter Worldbook
Nov 1, 2009
Exotik Tours’ 2010 Winter Worldbook is now available, and full of options for clients looking to get off the beaten path and explore some of the world’s most interesting destinations. Some new additions this year include the Riu Bellevue Park in Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia; Jordan and Egypt are...
The Beautiful Game - Nine South African Cities Host The 2010 FIFA World Cup
Nov 1, 2009
The 2010 FIFA World Cup promises thousands of soccer fans from around the world an unforgettable soccer experience. Ten stadiums are readying for action and the nine host cities are upgrading infrastructure to ensure smooth running of the soccer spectacular. The 2010 FIFA World Cup, taking place from June 11...