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Howdy, welcome to Portland
Why should you be selling Portland to your client this summer?
What's in a name?
Are you a travel agent? Travel advisor? Trip designer? And why does it matter?
A closer look at Air Canada’s Europe service this summer
This year, Air Canada is introducing a number of new routes and destinations worldwide, including throughout Europe.

Industry Updates

Air Transat unveils its winter 2016-17 flight program
  Air Transat has unveiled its winter 2016-17 flight program, which offers 34...
Ford moves to Lion World, Contiki Canada appoints new president
Brad Ford is moving on from his post as president of Contiki...
Agents get 10x Bonbon rewards with Transat's Super Early Booking promo
  Transat has introduced a Super Early Booking mega promotion, inviting Canadians to...
Rail Europe offers France, Spain at a discount
  Between May 17 and June 15, 2016, clients can receive $25 USD...
Avalon waives single supplement on Europe sailings
  Select 2016 sailings onboard Avalon Waterways are being offered with no single supplement...

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